A tree fell on my Mustang GT about an hour ago


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Jun 5, 2021
Palm Coast, FL
That sucks for the car.

That's one of the 1st things I did when I bought this house, I cut back tree limbs that even remotely looked like they were going to ever have a chance at falling on the roof of the house. I spent several hours Friday & Saturday cutting back all the palm tree branches at the back of the property too. Everything is in order on this property. TS Ian was projected to hit Tampa, FL and come out the Atlantic side of FL next week, just keeps moving West towards Central America though.

As for the tree line behind the house, it basically has endured 2016 & 2017 hurricanes, not to mention decades as Palm Coast, FL is a 1960's city that popped up as a I-95 fill in prosperity town between St Augustine & Daytona Beach. Anyway, I don't know why the developer left them there, because there is another same year built home on the other side. They usually clear the lots completely to the property lines. They've built another 25+ duplexes & single dwellings in the last year. Traffic sucks now, they found me again & keep growing the community to me. Urban sprawl is now rural sprawl.
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