2020 Stratocaster Ultra HSS - problems


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Jan 2, 2016
It is IMPOSSIBLE for a humbucker to be the same volume in full and in split/single coil mode......physics dictates this cannot be true, you have different resistance and outputs.....

Fender has warranty REPAIR centers, but any Fender dealer can return a guitar due to a defect.....

Fender has a 2 year warranty covering anything faulty - you can get a FULL refund even outside the return window......or have it repaired for free at an AUTHORIZED repair center....

You have to contact Fender consumer relations yourself DIRECTLY..... [email protected] with proof of purchase, photos of your receipt of purchase etc if possible, description of the problem.....


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Sep 8, 2022
Had this issue on a tele with humbuckers shipped internationally. It worked fine when it arrived, split it and it started working intermittently. Jiggled it a bit and could trigger the problem. Knocked it hard and it stopped working. Opened it up and one of the solder points had failed on the push/push pot. Super simple fix.

Another issue to check in the output jack. The old design is guaranteed to fail, just a matter of time with the one bent tab. The newer protone jacks with 4 tabs gripping cable are basically fail-proof. Ymmv. Congrats on getting them to swap!
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