For Sale 2014 Jeff Beck Surf Green Custom Shop Stratocaster


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Dec 8, 2022
Los Angeles
Re-listing to correct some misunderstandings in my original listing.

Up for sale is a 2014 Custom Shop (not the cheaper artist series) SURF green Jeff Beck Stratocaster with OHSC and case candy (no case key though :(). Guitar is in pristine condition, no cracks in the neck pocket or finish.

The decals on the headstock are Fender's "Type C" decals. The outline of Type C decals can be seen in certain lighting from certain angles. I have corresponded with Fender directly about this, and they assured me that a small amount of flaking is normal for this type of decal. An excerpt from my e-mails with Fender is also attached.

The guitar's serial number matches the COA and the hang tag that will be provided with the sale.

I'm looking for $3,000 USD, with negotiated shipping. Price is flexible for those able to do a local pickup in Los Angeles.

Happy to get on the phone/take more pictures for serious buyers.


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