1 hour long "Maggot Brain" backing track


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Jan 23, 2020
Thanks! One of my favorite albums, one of my favorites groups.

You're welcome! Yea, the song immediately jumped to the top of my favorites list the first time I heard it. Which, TBH, was only a week or so ago. I was searching for vids of one of my favorite guitar players, Joseph Bythewood aka JB Money, who Ive posted about here, and came across him doing a cover of it.

I only just learned who Joe was, as well. I knew I liked a specific song but never knew who played on it until this year...23+ years after it came out. Turns out that it was Joseph Bythewood playing on it. Sadly, he was murdered in 2015 by his grown son. Taken far, far too soon.


Sep 1, 2020
Great!! Thanks for that – I LOVE this song :thumb: !

This is also a good one, for anybody that's interested...

It's from John Frusciante – and was inspired by Maggot Brain, if I'm not mistaken :) !!