1. B

    Squier Strat - 2021 Bullet Build with Nighthawk p'up (CII ICS Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2021 Bullet Strat neck. This became the second guitar I owned (which infected me with GAS). I built this as a standard SSS Strat late 2021, but as time went on I started getting crazy ideas. I tried combining two different selector switch setups (the...
  2. Della Street

    Look what I did to this $99 tele knock-off.

    Just last month I've discovered the magic that is ultra-cheap chinese telecasters and this one is my go-to instrument now. I've never owned a tele before and I just love the feeling of not having to be careful with it - aside from how generally decent it is. Telecaster-like product is my jam, as...
  3. TayWilsonMusic

    It’s snowing here…

    Hey everybody, Northern MN checking in. And yes, it IS snowing here. Proud owner of a Gibson ES 135, Fender American Tele, and a Warmoth body/Fender USA neck Strat. Still learning the ins and outs of what each will do best in certain settings, and hope to pick up some insight from you all-...
  4. IMMusicRulz

    Taylor Swift likes to play Telecaster

    Taylor is an impressive guitarist, and I decided to post Telecaster images with her in them. Taylor playing a paisley Telecaster with maple neck and a Candy Apple Red Telecaster I hope you guys enjoy this thread and want to reply. I hold Taylor Swift in high regard
  5. Lakeshow

    NGD! Custom Build finally finished!

    So I posted about this guitar years ago, back when I was first trying to put it together and was having soldering issues. Ended up selling off the SD pickups and USA electronics and left the neck and body(w bridge) sitting on my guitar rack for the past 8 or so years. After some recent...
  6. D

    Legitimate custom shop guitar or fake?

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a Telecaster which is advertised as a Custom Shop model. I was wondering if, from the photos attached, whether anyone could advise whether it looks legitimate as a custom shop or not - I've never owned a Custom model before and don't know what to look out for, either...
  7. drugo

    Recently pao ferro fretboard ,is it so light brown ? why?

    Hi i have seeing many strat and tele with pao ferro fretboard , and they are so light light brown (the color) i remember when Fender did introduce pao ferro fretboard on mim standard ,on brand new strats and tele was so beautiful with "streaks" lighter and darker ,fretobard dark almost like...
  8. Scott Baxendale

    Bring Me The Head Of Little Jack Frost

    Here is another track from the album “Bones In The Desert” A few weeks ago I posted a song called “Bending Iron”. This tune evolved from that tune when I collaborated with Jack Logan and he put words to it. This track also features several members of the Drive-by Truckers including Patterson...
  9. Ratylird

    What colour is this?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts on this. I’ve decided I want to build myself a tele in sunburst and came across this You see instead of the black it’s got a chocolate brown hue? What would you say is the actual colour? Is that just the plain vintage blackish brown they used to...
  10. drugo

    telecaster classic '50 bridge question ,does it look damage even on the brand new?

    Hi i like the old telecaster classic mexican , really beutiful guitars they miss only a biding to be WOW could be a very silly question ,but i haven't found an answer just gave a look to thomann , sell original spare parts and i have seen the bridge exacly like mine ,it looks damaged like...
  11. O

    Opinions on these 2012 American Standards

    Hey all, What do we make of these 2012 American standards in Jade metallic. Does anyone have any idea of the market value for both?
  12. mistermikev

    Tele for my friend...

    so, have a long time friend has asked a few times if I'd build him something and so here we are. He wants a tele that will twang. so this is what I came up with... will be a thinline tele... with a 'bell shaped' drop top. basically a transition between a 16" and 24" radius. this...
  13. thislittleamp

    Any advice for a new comer to the youtube scene?

  14. thislittleamp

    Thin Line Tele Build Pickup Suggestions?

    Hi, So I built this tele the other week and chose to go with some off brand hot pickups I had gotten from eBay a while back, nothing too special sound pretty chimey but Im looking for something fuller with a rounder tone if that makes sense, I do a lot of looping and layering and work as a...
  15. thislittleamp

    New Loop Channel From a Partscaster Builder

    Ive been debating this for a while but the after chatting with the guys from casino guitars I got talked into it bit and I'm having fun. Would love some feedback!
  16. R

    Is this a legit tele??

    Hi! Could you tell me if this is a real Squier? Is there a fender version of this? Is there a copy/fake version of this? How much would it be worth? Thanks so much p.s this is the only picture uploaded by seller, I asked for more photos Another photo he uploaded was a photo of a list of info
  17. Scott Baxendale

    Technical Difficulties by Scott Baxendale and Jack Logan

    This is a tune, I just uploaded to YouTube. Technical Difficulties is from the 2013 album “Bones in the Desert“ by Scott Baxendale and Jack Logan. Recorded at the Mysterious Blue Diamond Room in Athens Ga. It’s mostly me trading 8’s between my B-Bender Tele and a 50’s era Danelectro on slide...
  18. jbaile07

    I like big frets and I cant lie

    Hello! Just a man in his 40's finding love for guitars again. I've been playing a lot. A strong change a week. Working from home might be a curse and a blessing! ha ha ha Any recommendations on threads? Cheers! 2015 Texas deluxe strat (ghost graty/rosewood) 2016 Players Strat (polar...
  19. FrieAsABird

    NGD: CV Tele from 2009

    Hey folks, a few weeks ago, I did what any sane person would be doing during quarantine and checked the local websites, lookin for a fix as always, when something caught my eye- a price that I could not ignore. The ad had been posted literally four minutes before I messaged the seller and I...
  20. Neilybob

    NGD - Fernandes The Revival 80's MIJ White Tele

    Today is big for me! I'm 40! Wonderful wife wanted to get me something to mark the occasion and what better way to add to my collection of MIJ lawsuit Fernandes strats and Burny LP's than a traditional Fernandes telecaster. This is a RTE-60 based on a '59 telecaster. Believe this to be...
  21. Baelzebub

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    Seems to fit the category of "other". Specific questions are WHY would someone do this to a guitar? And what exactly would make anyone think this is worth that kind of money?
  22. sssstratsss

    Almost NGD

    Well, I was not at all expecting to buy another guitar for my birthday (yesterday). I ended up getting some cash, and I got a 20% off coupon for guitar center via email. Ordered this for 157 after tax. My sister has the seafoam green one, which I was very surprised by. This blue with the mint...
  23. N

    Can anyone tell me is it alder or ash body?

  24. N

    Is this am std 2012 tele legit?

    Hello guys, i’m wondering if this 2012 american standard tele is legit...
  25. MangoUnchained

    Strelecaster??? Tatocaster??

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I've joined because I've had an idea and I'd like genuine input and advice. Long time tele player though I'm predominantly a strat player. I've posted this on TDPRI as well but I'd like to get both sides involved so to speak. I've always loved the idea of a nashville...

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