1. A

    Fender American Professional Strat with interesting fretboard.

    Hello, I have just become a Fender Stratocaster owner. It is Fender American Professional Strat. When I got it I was surprised by its fretboard, it's quite unique. Does anyone has something like this?
  2. Noodle

    Can I steel wool off a signature on a headstock?

    I have my eye on a 60s reissue Robert Cray signature neck.. It's rosewood with 9.5 radius/medium jumbo frets... and I think nitro? anyway specs are almost exactly what I want and wondering if it'd be easy to use 000 steel wool to rub off his signature. super not into signatures. ALSO - If...
  3. Master Caster

    Fender ModShop and Guitar Specs

    I'm looking to get a guitar off the modshop and I'm wondering if any of you have ordered a guitar from it. Since there is no 'try before you buy' or any return policy when it comes to this, I figured forums are the way to go! Main question here is, I like the feel of thinner necks (like the...
  4. Noodle

    Daphne Blue Stratocaster

    You guys - check this out. I have the same 2014 FSR 60s strat in daphne blue with what was *supposed to be a matching headstock - but I swear my headstock is surf green. I took a picture without flash for the entire guitar, then 2 with flash on the body and neck. I've been trying to figure out...
  5. Noodle

    Good Stratocaster bridge pups with bite?

    making another forum cause I still need help.. I've got CS69's in my Strat right now. I like the neck. Very clean, stratty, spanky. Middle is whatever for me. (thinking of getting a hotter wound lipstick) Bridge is too thin sounding. (Does that mean vintage output?) I want a bridge that...
  6. TheDudeMan

    String radius

    What radius do you run for your setup? I just changed mine to 7.25 but I'm pretty sure it was at 9.5 before, it played great but had some fretting out issues when bending, as well as fret rattle...
  7. gjohnson441496

    NGD - Fender Sixty Six

    About 2pm it arrived. It came with 9's. Played it a while then decided to replace the 9's with NYXL 10's, which also came today around noon via Amazon. While I was changing strings, a guitarist friend of mine txt'd me and asked if I wanted to jam... Right on time! Only thing I forgot that...
  8. gofmusic

    NGD - My 1st MIA

    I've had the chance to play a lot of strats in my life. However, I could never afford an American strat till now. Thanks to @vid1900 for the heads up on the Adorama deal, I finally got a hold of this beautiful guitar and I couldnt be happier with it. Its a Lake Placid Blue American Professional...
  9. Noodle

    Curtis Novak or Seymour Duncan Strat lipstick?

    Hey guys - I was on here a while back inquiring about lipsticks but need some more help. I've got CS69's in my Strat right now. Good pups and are a good clean canvas for my pedals but not quite what I'm going for. I dig the fullness of the neck, but I'm looking for something jangly in the...
  10. declxn

    Help Identifying A Late 1980's MIJ Strat

    Hello! This is my first post, but I saw others had luck here in the past. I am looking to purchase my first MIJ Strat, and found this one (attached) seemingly from 1989. While it plays beautifully, and has aged well, I am not certain where the price on this should be (as I'm not sure if it's...
  11. Z

    Real or Fake 1995 MIJ Strat ?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, so i'm glad to join the strat family ! (and sorry for my bad english) ;) I saw recently a stratocaster on my local craigslist and on the head of the guitar, there is only the fender logo without the word stratocaster as the standard models (picture...
  12. StrategicOG

    Well.. What pickups are in my CS '57 hardtail strat?

    First of all, about the guitar - as the title suggests - it is indeed a FCS 1957 closet classic hardtail strat, which i bought from a big local music store that had said guitar come in second hand from a known collector, who more or less kept it stored away in its case all its life. So, it's...
  13. Royal Orso

    My Fender Stratocaster ( 1982 ) fullerton

    Same year I was born. Been my main guitar since i was young Eddie
  14. BluesMannus

    Superstrat out of a So-Cal strat

    Hi guys, haven't built since my Monty project, if anybody remembers from 2 years ago. Me and my dad decided to try to make a superstrat out od his 2005 So-Cal strat, unfortunately I don't have footage of the process, just the end result, but wanted to share with you anyway, maybe someone likes...
  15. R

    2019 MIJ Aerodyne Strat - Sunburst & Crimson

    Hi everyone - Lurker turned member! I was hoping to get your opinions on the Aerodyne series guitars. (I can't post a link as this is my first post... go to Fender's website and search "Aerodyne"). Maybe someone else can post the link? :) My local shop just got two of these, one of each...
  16. R

    Fender Stratocaster, originality and price check

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, so please go easy on me ;) I’m buying my first Strat, and I think it’s legit. However, being a complete novice I would really like a second (or more) opinion on the matter :) The seller is charging roughly $825 (converted from Danish Krone), including a...
  17. MrYeats

    The FireCaster

    This is the one and only true FireCaster out there, that I know of....
  18. Guy Named Sue

    SRV Tokai Signature Stratocaster - Mystery Solved

    I can't for the life of me find where I read this so any knowledge about this would be appreciated. What I remember is reading that just before he died Stevie was in contact with Tokai and they were having discussions about a signature series of Stratocaster. And I remember seeing a couple of...
  19. badi

    HSS Strat tone?!

    I have a MIM Player Strat and I'm not completely satisfied with the tone! The bridge pickup is a SD Pearly Gates. There is a difference in volume between the single coils and the bridge but I don't necessarily mind that. I like the bridge pickup to be a bit more aggressive for thick rhythm and...
  20. Noodle

    Diverse Stratocaster pickup advice

    Hey all - I currently have CS69 pickups in my Strat. They're nice, however they're not entirely what I'm looking for. Going for full classic full strat neck, lipstick middle for jangly 80's vibes, and something hotter in the bridge for early Radiohead. I'm actually a fan of the CS69 neck but...