1. bdrcaster

    Hardtail Bridge Options

    Hi all, I ordered this beautiful mahogany hardtail a while ago and are planning to start the build. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a good quality 2 7/32 vintage spacing bridge for strats? Here is my current shortlist. 1. FENDER® 6-SADDLE HARDTAIL CLASSIC/STANDARD SERIES...
  2. P

    Replacement neck for Fender Srat Highway One

    Hello. I bought my maple neck HW1 back in 2009 and the frets are looking pretty bad at this point. I considered both fret job and complete refret, but I noticed that a new neck would not cost much more than that and it sounds like a safer option. What the luthier told me didin't convince me much...
  3. R

    For Sale 1972-73 Greco SE-430

    Hello, I have a vintage made in Japan Greco "Gneco" labelled SE-430 Stratocaster copy in 3 tone Sunburst. This guitar was made at the famous Matsumoku factory. The truss rod cover suggests 1972 but the Maxon silvers pickup serial numbers state they are a 1973 prototype. Makes me wonder if it's...
  4. crankmeister

    Quist plays a Strat

    This guy is a good teacher, has really nice (and didactic) jam tracks, and pretty much always plays his good ol’ white Strat. It’s kinda interesting, too, how the big YT teachers have gotten to know each other, collaborating on lessons and whatnot.
  5. I

    2005-06 USA Strat deluxe 60th anniversary question

    Hey everyone, I recently acquired this Strat and have a question about it. When I started looking at it everything points to it being legit. There’s only one thing that is throwing me off about it and I hope someone has an answer. When looking at the back of the headstock the serial number and...
  6. C

    Which sleeping beauty is this?

    Hey all of you lovely Fender-Nerds out there, :-) just a short introduction: I am Johannes and am living in Denmark. I have a Japan Fender from the 1980's with the serial number E709513 and I don't have any idea about what this is. So, maybe can you help me out with getting closer to the...
  7. Breadman

    Squier Bullet Odd Serial Number

    Hey everybody, first time posting on the site. I've been looking out for an Arctic White Squier Stratocaster on the second hand market and will probably end up with a bullet until I can afford a classic vibe etc. Arctic white body, maple fretboard and H/S/S pickup config would have been first...
  8. T

    Help identifying mystery noname Strat

    Have decided to make a project of my first guitar – a noname Strat bought for around £100 in around 2006. Despite the price, it's actually a pretty amazing guitar – holds up really well against my 1983 JV Squier (side-by-side image for physical comparison as well) and in many ways I prefer how...
  9. drugo

    can I know which fender strap is it?

    Hi i'm not sure it's the right subforum , but i did not found a better place is this an old fender strap or is it a custom shop fender strap or better a nore sold strap just because I really love it , I have searched for fender and other brands without luck seeing he does play a custom shop...
  10. G

    Does this look fake to you..

    Hi everyone i hope you are doing good. I'm trying to trade my ibanez rg 3550 mz for a fender stratocaster.. i'm in love with the bluesy sound of it and i think it will fit forever in my hands but i'm not able to afford one recently. The only option that i have is to trade it with my ibanez...
  11. G

    Is this totally fake fender, i'm new to the strat world can you help!!!!

    Hi everyone.. i'm checking to buy this strat in my town but to me this looks fake. Does anyone know the parts of it.. as it didn't have any serial number.
  12. M

    Current value of Custom Shop Classic Stratocaster ?

    First of all hello to everyone ( new here ). Been "consulting" the forum for a long time indirectly through reading it but now it's time to ask a direct ? Been playing for longish time ( 17 odd years ) and had like many bunch of guitars ( and gear in general of course ) but out of all that gear...
  13. lilregister

    SRV "Lenny" Strat Refinish

    Hey guys, I was planning to refinish my strat but have no idea how to achieve that type of finish thats on SRV's Lenny Strat. Can anyone help me out? Thx
  14. Tone Brothers

    NGD: 1958 Fender Stratocaster (Mary Kaye Blonde)!

    Hey Guys, Haven’t posted in a while (FYI I just changed my username from “GuitarTalk”) here’s my new baby, a 28th birthday gift to myself this year (in exchange for both of my kidneys haha); a 100% original, very early 1958 Fender Stratocaster (“Mary Kaye” Blonde with nickel hardware)...
  15. M

    '61 Strat Knobs

    Hello all! I have a 1961 AV II Fiesta Red Stratocaster and would like to change the control knobs from the modern large numbers to the more period correct small numbers. I've tried to find some online, but I'm not having much luck. Can anyone recommend an online store where I could buy some...
  16. cgstrat

    Finally own an American Strat!

    I'm usually not too caught up in where a guitar is made or the brand, but ever since I started playing I've wanted an American Strat. I ended up being in a position to buy a used 2008 American Standard HSS last night and it is a dream come true. It plays like nothing I've ever played and is in...
  17. H

    why does my strat act so different than my Gretsch w gain stage pedals?

    So strange... I am running my guitar into a superchamp xd combo (w ragin cajun 10" speaker) then out of the line out into a Quilter superblock and then to a speaker cabinet w another Ragin Cajun 10" as well as a Celestion Vintage 8 8" speaker. It sounds fantastic but I have a question. For...
  18. Emilio Olivas

    Dave Murray 57 replica. Iron Maiden.

    Can’t afford the Dave Murray USA strat from a few years ago so the next best thing was to just make my own replica 🤣 got a used fender American original 50s neck that was slightly beat up and aged it a bit more. Had a custom USA guitar mill relic body made All fender AVRI USA hardware Dimarzio...
  19. B

    Investigation - Mulder, please help ID possibly alien pickups (Strat)

    Re-living childhood, just started the 2nd season of XFiles. Stratocaster pickups, came as a part of the deal. Black fiber bobbins, Formvar (?) wire, black and yellow cloth. Potted. Neck reads 5.76 -middle 5.74 - bridge 5.73. Middle PU non RWRP. No markings, zero, nada. Non-bevelled magnets. I...
  20. dmrogers

    Squier 40th Anniversary Vintage Edition

    A little back story. I’ve been a bassist for years. I did play guitar back in my younger years. Recently, I got an invitation to join a Monday night jam with some really nice folks. They have a bass player, so I pulled out my guitar gear and joined them. Loving it! I’ve got some good amps and...
  21. drugo

    problems with my strats sss with the mixer Live performance ,volume is too low or high and no more strat "sound" only after the mixer

    Hi I guess it's not new but in the past days i have played my strat with my pedals"stompboxes" (Eq -Wah , compressor - overdrive) and in loop (riverb -delay) and fender blues deluxe or hotroad devile (that's one with an amzing clean soun) and i have played with a floor pedalboard like boss...
  22. d0sk3y

    NGD American Special Stratocaster, some questions

    Hi everyone, Now this is a guitar I have wanted for a loooooong time, it's a Fender American Special Stratocaster :) The unique combination of neck finish, jumbo frets and Texas Specials was always VERY appealing to me. It does have one flaw: the previous owner changed the neckplate for a...
  23. Emilio Olivas

    My Heavy relic Dave Murray 1957 Stratocaster replica

    A few close up detail shots of my Dave Murray 57 inspired strat. 2020 American original 50s neck With a 2 piece guitar mill body All Fender hardware hardware with dimarzio humbuckers and a 89 HM strat neck pickup in the middle.
  24. N

    Bad frets on new strat

    Hello everyone, I've just purchased a Vintera Road Worn 50's Strat HSS SBL in new condition (with stickers) from a second-hand store (with good return policy) for a steal price (750$). The guitar is stunning, very lightweight, and has a neck profile that I love. The only problem is that the...
  25. G

    Need a new strap for my Mod Shop

    Hey guys and gals, help me pick out a strap for my new Mod Shop Strat. Choices at the Qualtrics link below. [EDIT] Be sure to hit the arrow at the bottom of the poll to record your results!