1. M

    Fender American deluxe 2005 help

    hi, I’m new here. I recently purchased the above strat at an amazing price, the last owner liked super low action. He was note a bender, I am. It did have the familiar silky smooth vibrato above the 7 th fret. Below that, it was choking in most places when bending. I couldn’t play hard anywhere...
  2. Yves


    Good vibes!
  3. colaiza1965

    Help me select new amp

    Hello Sage people, I currently own an Egnater Rebel 30, which I am pretty happy with for the last 10 years or so. I am looking for something new, portable, tube, and durable. I play mostly DIY strats with humbuckers & single coils. I play classic rock (rhythm & lead) and gig about once a month...
  4. R

    NGD Squier Affinity with EMG Gilmour set

    I came across this baby a couple of weeks ago and saw the EMGs. I thought that looks like the Gilmour prewired pickguard and turns out I was right. I'm from NZ and the pickguard costs $599(about $405 USD) new over here I got this baby for $199(about $135 USD) all up so happy I found it
  5. Royal Orso

    My Fender Stratocaster ( 1982 ) fullerton

    Same year I was born. Been my main guitar since i was young Eddie
  6. mazzolar59

    Sound cutting out on stratocaster

    When I use an aggressive pick attack on my Strat, my pickups cut out. It happens with all three pickups. When I play normally, I have no problem. Any suggestions?
  7. HighwayStar106

    Partscaster Finished + New Amp

    The guitar first... I've had this one on the go since last year. I had a thread on here about it, but for those who haven't seen that, here's a brief summary: I originally bought it to put the neck on my other partscaster. As I'm sure many people will know, a spare Strat body, covered in...
  8. MaxHerold

    Hey all! I don’t know what year my strat is!

    A little backstory on this guitar. I bought it off of reverb from a guy who told me he didn’t know much about it, as it was his late friend’s guitar. The body and neck are both american, but the neck is a fender replacement neck. I’m having trouble deciphering which mark or stamp to read on the...
  9. Chris310rendon

    Can someone help me value this strat?!

    Good morning! I received this strat when I was younger, probably 8 years old, from my mom's old co-worker and that's when I began playing guitar! I'm now 22 and have always wondered what this guitar is valued at? Not to sell as it's still my favorite guitar but just out of curiosity. It has a...
  10. colaiza1965

    String Size for Warmoth 7/8 Strat 24.75"

    I am just about to start another Warmoth build. It is a 7/8 strat with a 24.75" scale neck. I purchased a 6 hole Vega Trem for this too. So I guess my question for all the pros out there: I normally use 9-42 strings (D'Addario) and I realize that the tension on the 24.75" neck might be...
  11. G

    Is this strat legit?

    This is something I’m looking to buy second hand. It has tele knobs Instead of the usual strat knobs. I know there’s an MIM model in that style but I can’t really find anything about any MIJ ones.
  12. qjenks23

    GFS Jimi pickups?

    I just traded in my 66 reissue G400 SG for a Deluxe Squier Strat and i was gonna upgrade it with some aftermarket parts. Does anyone know if GFS pickups are good, I’m really interested in the “Jimi” pickups, or just low output single coils in general. Anyone know if they sound nice? I don’t...
  13. mistermikev

    haven't been here in a while... but thought I'd revisit and share my latest project strat(s)...

    I kind of 'forgot' about this forum... but it occurred to me that this place might be a great place to share my progress on my current project. I've been wanted to build a 4 pickup strat for a long time... finally dove in. Hopefully you'll forgive the fairly unconventional aspects! Here are...
  14. HighwayStar106

    Player Series - Am I The Only One?

    This may be a controversial thread, but here goes... The have been a few threads on the MIM Player series recently, with people saying how much they loved their new Player Strats, and everyone agreeing they're the pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. But when I tried one out in...
  15. y2kcurran

    NGD 2008 Am Std (+ a hello!)

    Hi all, Long time creeper here with my first post. I recently picked up my first US Standard. I have a black 2003 MIM which I really do love but I've always wanted an Olympic White MIA. This one popped up relatively locally and I got it for £575 with the original hard case which seemed like a...
  16. L

    1954 Reissue Stratocaster - ID Issue - Made in X? Aloha All. I’m hoping someone can assist me with the markings on this neck. It feels like a Fender US Reissue neck with a V Shape. Guitar is pre-1997. Refinished Pink so no dates or marks on body. The Neck is just stamped *54 in the bottom right with...
  17. qjenks23

    I need help deciding...

    Okay, so I’ve been on the site for awhile now and I’m finally asking something. I need help deciding which strat to get from my parents as my high school graduation present, I’ve never had a guitar over $400 since I’ve bought all of mine from work, and never had an actual fender (only a classic...
  18. cmnoty

    Fender 60s Blackout made in Japan!

    What's up with these new MIJ 60s blackouts? They look awesome! Do you think they're any good? I kinda want one or two. They run about $800-$900.
  19. cmnoty

    Looking for my first Fenders (strat & tele)

    Greetings everyone. I am broadening my sound and looking for my first Fender guitar(s). I'm typically a Les Paul guy and am probably somewhat above intermediate as a player. Just tryin to branch out. I've been searching online for MIAs but was wondering if I should just go for MIMs...
  20. JamesE

    We just haven't got a clue what to do!

    So my personal Christmas present was a mexican Strat. It had had the misfortune of an attempted relic creation. Thanks to help from this forum I have removed the plastic (I don't feel like calling it paint), and now have a very nice piece of wood. My problem is this: Should I repaint it as close...
  21. peter90

    Low E and A buzz through the amp, especially first 6 frets

    hi there, apologize if my english isn't good enough :) i've got a chevy strat 98' korea and it's a great guitar (compared with sienna strat USA and still sound great) here's the setup: low e - about 2,2 mm neck relief - about 0,35 mm fret leveling done by luthier pickups height are ok and...
  22. D

    First Guitar Build. HSH. Need HELP wiring

    Hello, I am new to this forum stuff. This is officially my first post (or thread??) ever, which is sad considering I've been on computers for over 20 years. I am in the process of a Stratocaster build and I figured I could handle it up until the wiring process. I cant seem to find anything...
  23. Buzzgrowl

    What's fair price for a '93 MIA Strat Plus?

    Hey strat dudez! What's a fair price for a '93 MIA Strat Plus? There is one on offer near me at the local pawnshop. Very good condition. Original hard case. Maple neck. Green-ish. Has the old pre lsr metal roller nut. Lace sensors. Plays really nice. How much would you pay? Anything in...