1. PawFurro

    First proper strat upgrade/mod

    So I completed my first upgrade on my SSS Player strat that required more commitment than replacing string trees and plastics last night and now have a Tom deLonge inspired strat which takes me back to when I was in high school in the late 90's! I say inspired as I used an Invader neck...
  2. IMMusicRulz

    Bob Welch played a Fender Stratocaster in Fleetwood Mac

    As the lead guitarist in Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974, Bob Welch served as the transition from their humbly skilled blues rock sound, to the pop rock/soft rock sound of their albums Rumours and Tusk. Welch was also the first American member to join Fleetwood Mac, having been born in...
  3. S

    Custom Shop 69 pups

    Hello all. I currently own a Player series and would like to upgrade the pups. I got trigger happy and already bought a loaded 69 pickgaurd but haven’t opened. I’ve been getting mixed review with no real good vids on YouTube. I play through a John frusciante / Hendrix inspired pedal board into...
  4. S

    Classic Vibe 50s - Pickup recommendations

    Hi all, I have a Classic Vibe 50s Strat in Fiesta Red; I think there is an issue with the pickups in that they are gone microphonic, especially noticeable on the bridge pickup. e.g. if I tap on the trem bar in a high gain setting (I have a Fender Mustang V2 amp), I can hear the tap through the...
  5. M

    For Sale 2014 Jeff Beck Surf Green Custom Shop Stratocaster

    Re-listing to correct some misunderstandings in my original listing. Up for sale is a 2014 Custom Shop (not the cheaper artist series) SURF green Jeff Beck Stratocaster with OHSC and case candy (no case key though :(). Guitar is in pristine condition, no cracks in the neck pocket or finish...
  6. B

    Hughie Thomasson guitar tone with new "Lynyrd Skynyrd"?

    So I found this video of the new "Skynyrd" from 1997 and I absolutely love the guitar tone. Almost sounds like a harpsichord in a way. From what I can find this is a custom Tele style guitar, with Strat pickups, paired to a Fender Super Twin. Would it be possible to get close to this tone with a...
  7. A

    Fake or authentic Custom Shop Stratocaster? Please help!

    For my first time here, I salute you all and respect every guitarist in here. My english is not the best so i'll be straight to the point. PLEASE, help me! A guy in my country sells this stratocaster for only 450$. I am not an expert so i cant know if it is a legit custom shop strat or a fake...
  8. S

    Fender Player Plus Stratocaster - Nut buzz on open low E

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I've recently bought a Mexican Fender Player Plus Stratocaster (SSS) and love it. The guitar arrived in great shape and it is mechanically sound. I've given it a few weeks and then done a complete setup (neck relief, action, intonation pickup height) since it...
  9. B

    Squier Strat - 2005 Standard Series with Ibanez wiring

    I liked the look and feel of this translucent red Strat. Worth doing a number of tram, train, and bus rides to obtain it. Originally I had made a "David Gilmour" 7-way circuit (as per the first picture), but some new member here came asking for the Ibanez wiring. I like single coils in series...
  10. 7

    70s Strat trem arm question

    Hi, all. I have a 77 Stratocaster that I bought new. I know folks like to bag on 70s strats, and while mine is not without faults, it plays and sounds great (non-original pickups). Within the first year of ownership, the trem arm hole threads became stripped out. Whenever someone asked to try...
  11. colaiza1965

    "Don't Use Metal Picks"

    What I have: Warmoth strat (SSS) with Kinman pups, 10"-16" radius roasted maple neck with Sperzel locking tuners, 6100SS frets, bone nut and a Vegatrem tremolo. This is not a cheap DIY but it's made with care & love. Problem: My guitar will not stay in tune through a song. Low E, G, and others...
  12. TobyT

    Squier Strat Identification Help

    My wife "found" this Squire at a local pawn shop and purchased it for $50.00. We've done a lot of research, and needless to say, we cannot pin down any manufacturing data. Just a lot of side roads that give a definite maybe it's (fill in the blank). There is no serial #; the neck plate...
  13. M

    Is this Squier a FAKE?

    Hi there! How are you? I'm a newbie here and I'm looking to buy a guitar and hopefully get back on the stage. Thing is... I'm not really up to date with guitars, while researching I found this one here and it's selling for a jolly good price but given that I can't seem to find a serial number...
  14. Knightrich

    Did Fender Underestimate Demand for the AV II ‘61 Stratocaster?

    I preordered a fiesta red and don’t really have any idea when it will come in (maybe 2023). I’ve noticed that there are plenty of other ‘57s in the wild as well as the other models. I think there don’t seem to be too many ‘77 telecaster customs either. I’m just impatient lol.
  15. S

    Wanted Villex Mid Boost jack for strat wanted

    Hi Folks, Im looking to purchase a villex mid boost jack, same as pictured below. Any one have one they'd like to sell? (Id also require postage to Australia (4077).
  16. C


    I am 4 real struggling with what this guitar 🎸 is called any help identifying it would be fab. It has no pick guard has a Humberbucker at bridge and x2 single coils. Someone pleaaase help. Thank uxx
  17. S

    1982 AVRI Strat-No Date on Neck Heel?

    Hello, I am trying to ID when the neck was built for my 1982 AVRI strat. There is no hand-written date on the neck heel under the finish. Here is the data that have. 1982 AVRI-Fullerton Strat (V001707), Red Bottom Pots (21-28-82), Neck Pocket has Fender white label Serial Number V001707 with...
  18. TrogdorBurninator

    Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Terror Dark

    Hey all. I was considering getting one of the orange "lunchbox" micro tube amplifiers, and I realized that they have a "dark" edition. It seems the dark edition has more gain and an effects loop. I play classic rock (Gun n Roses) as well as alternative/grunge (Alice in chains, Silverchair, ect)...
  19. B

    Squier Strat - 2005 Affinity Build with P90s "Noventa" (CII IC Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2005 Affinity Strat neck. I found the neck at a music store, then went away with getting my own "Noventa" Strat going. Features: Gotoh SG381 tuners alder surf green ST-body Wilkinson WOV08 tremolo with roller saddles Alegree P90s (budget A5 grade) WD Music...
  20. stratospherical

    Does anyone recognize this body stamp "FNL" ?

    89 AVRI '57
  21. captjoner

    Lefty Japanese Strat "E-series" help?

    Hi all! I am a brand new member here, but have been scouring the forums recently in preparation of possibly purchasing a Japanese Strat. From what I can tell the serial number is E945995. The things that worry me are that from the pictures they have posted, I do not see a "Made in Japan" or...
  22. B

    Squier Strat - 2021 Bullet Build with Nighthawk p'up (CII ICS Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2021 Bullet Strat neck. This became the second guitar I owned (which infected me with GAS). I built this as a standard SSS Strat late 2021, but as time went on I started getting crazy ideas. I tried combining two different selector switch setups (the...
  23. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I’m itching to get an American strat in daphne blue with a rosewood board. It’s looking like this is a difficult find. Anybody know if the upcoming offerings will include daphne blue? I can’t do MOD shop either because they don’t ship to Canada.
  24. A

    93-94 CIJ Strat 62' reissue under neck specs question

    Hi everybody, I just bought a 93-94 62 CIJ Strat and it's amazing! The dealer told me that this model has an alder body and American pickups. Is there anyway to know the spec level (low, premium etc.) from the letters that are under the neck? It reads H ST-62 Y. I'm attaching a pic. Thanks!
  25. G

    Adding 7 way switch mod to HSS American Pro II strat

    Hey y'all, first time poster here. I'm an amateur at soldering and wiring in general so I was wondering if i could get help on a mod for my HSS American Pro II strat. It's got some weird stuff I haven't seen on other 7 way switch mod schematics such as the 250k/500k dual pot, the treble bleeds...