1. L

    Advice on JV Squire '82/3

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a JV but am having trouble identifying the neck pocket stamp it reads "S11" or possibly "ST1? Any ideas?
  2. H

    Help identify this Squire neck?

    Hi, I bought this Squire neck a while back for a project but have only just taken a proper look at it. It had some bad fret board damage which is easily handled with a re-profile but It struck me as a unusual serial number. Unfortunately all that is left is the 'shadow' looks like CAL00405611...
  3. B

    Concerned whether this is a squire body or not

    I just got this stratocaster off of ebay, Im a little concerned with it. Everything seems like its just a used Fender Strat but I cant tell if the seller put a fender neck on a squire body or, something like that.
  4. F

    Help identify

    Can someone please help me identify which model squire this is? The person selling told me it's a Bulletstrat but it doesn't look like one to me.
  5. emersongray

    83 JV Strat original or fake

    Not sure what I have here, I bought this guitar on craigslist as a 1983 JV ST-57 strat, after I took it apart I started questioning if all parts are original. I'm thinking I have a SST-45 but r not sure. The wormhole in the body where the bridge pickup is makes me think its a none original body...
  6. F

    Wood crack from bridge screw hole?

    So I picked up a used Squire SE and figured it would be a great guitar to learn to mod and play around with and make it into something much nicer. I was replacing the bridge when I realized I was screwing the trem back plate screws into it (they're a tad thicker) and I believe I cracked the...
  7. PowerShot-x

    Help identify Fender electronic?

    This used Squier Stratocaster SE by Fender, built in year 2000 in China. Heard it is especially good to mod this guitar because because of it's 4.4 cm wide body. The seller said this guitar had upgraded the electronic to USA standard and pickups. S/N number start with CAE 00. This guitar have 22...
  8. I

    Affinity and Bullet type Strats - Prices/how good are they?

    Can anyone tell me where models like the Squire Affinity Stratocaster and Squire Bullet Stratocaster rank in terms of how good they are amongst Squires? What is the difference between these two models and other Squire models? Reason I ask is here in the UK the price of these sorts of models...