1. TobyT

    Squier Strat Identification Help

    My wife "found" this Squire at a local pawn shop and purchased it for $50.00. We've done a lot of research, and needless to say, we cannot pin down any manufacturing data. Just a lot of side roads that give a definite maybe it's (fill in the blank). There is no serial #; the neck plate...
  2. leispat

    20 year guitar hiatus: Budget guitar build

    I used to play guitar 20 years ago and finally decided to get back into playing. I purchased a new Squire Affinity for $150 and a Bugera V5 amp. My plans so far are to install a Alnico V loaded pickguard from eBay I got for $35 Tusq xl string trees for $15 New strings from D’Addario...
  3. T

    Tone Knobs seem to not be working

    Hey all! I just recently bought a Squire Classic Vibe (60's edition) Stratocaster and I absolutely am in love with it! The only issue is that whenever I try to use any of the positions from 2-4 (middle pickups really), the tone sounds really rolled back and muddy, even though the tone knobs are...
  4. U

    HELP: Mini Strat Mods

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so I apologize if I've miscategorized this thread. I'm looking into getting a Mini Strat, modding it and replacing essentially all of the hardware and electronics. I've already decided on new tuners, saddles, and replacing the pickups with the Lace...
  5. M

    Squire Mini rebuild, single pickup suggestion?

    Hello, I'm in the process of looking for guitar parts to build out a squire mini. I've stripped the existing body of all the hardware. My plan is to install a single pickup, disable the toggle switch, and buy a custom design/cut pick guard. Questions: What position would you install a...
  6. U

    Squire Partscaster

    This thread is dedicated to Squire-based partscasters. I bought a used Squire for $150 as a beater but the body was so resonant I decided to upgrade the neck to a Mighty Mite and the guitar was greatly improved. I read somewhere Jeff Beck's guitar tech said "Thank God for Mighty Mite" or...
  7. K

    Looking for matching saddles MIK CN3

    Hi all! I am currently working on a made in Korea lefty Squire Series Stratocaster with a SN of CN317591. Intonation of the low E string kept slipping till I realized the intonation screw hole was stripped. I've been looking for a matching replacement, but I can't quite seem to find a matching...
  8. illmcchickens

    I have the first ever produced 1986 squire e series bullet with a 000001 serial,

    Thinking about selling this but don’t know how to price it
  9. E

    Squire Affinity pots identification |>S<|

    Can someone help me identify the pots in my squire affinity Strat? They have a symbol stamped on the base that look like this: |>S<| What looks like a letter S with two triangular shapes coming out of the centre of the S. Thank you!
  10. C

    1994 NC bullet squire Strat

    Hi, I am new to this thread, but I’ve been reading a lot of comments on this website, because I’ve been trying to learn about good Squires. I recently purchased a 2002 Telecaster double fat deluxe for basically nothing and loved it, and learned that I can get good guitars for little money...
  11. S

    Newbie here....

    Hello everyone. My name is Rob. I came across this cool forum while looking for wiring info. I have been rebuilding a 2002 20th anniversary Squire Strat and added new pots and .22uf resistor. My middle pot is actung as a volume rather than tone. Can someone help out with my wire job. I have...
  12. O

    Is this Squier fake?

    Hey guys, im a newbie to guitar and just got my first Electric guitar yesterday. Its a Squier affinity stratocaster in beautiful surf green, Made in Indonesia. After coming home I found out that the logo in the headstock says “Stratocaster” after the Squier logo. Where as all the images i saw in...
  13. S

    Probably my favorite guitar!

    Link to a recent video recorded the last few days. Incredibly all the guitar heard on this is recorded on a 12 yr old squire. Compared to the other equipment used (Nord stage 2, DW drums) it holds it’s own I think. Funnily the bass on this is also a Squire
  14. C

    Can anyone identify this squire bullet by fender

    Hi everyone I’m new here had this guitar for a while now got given it for free by my friend who had it for years and had got it from a charity shop somewhere. I have never seen any photos of a Strat that looks like this one! It has a 9 hole pick guard?! Varnished neck and headstock and an e9...
  15. Martymulligan

    Tru Oil as finish over hand painting done with acrylics?

    As title says really, I’ve sanded back a squire that I absolutely fell in love with to the bare wood and applied a few coats of tru oil. I know the grain on the cheaper guitars isn’t the nicest, but I like it a little shiny - it’s just a bit of a fun project during lockdown! the design is...
  16. M

    Tremolo Arm thread size?

    Hi all. New forum member here. I lost my whammy bar many years back and decided to get a new one. I ordered one on Amazon that was listed as size 10-24 thread. It was an official made by fender one. It did not fit, it was too large to screw into the hole on the bridge. It's a 1998 China made...
  17. D

    Rare Strat?

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me out. I bought a squire strat recently and although I can find them in the same color as mine I can't find any at all with this same quilted top. Wondering if anybody knows anything. It's made in Indonesia. I've had it apart and the body and neck both say...
  18. T

    Squire vm strat volume pot replacement?

    My vm squire strat has a strange wiring configuration. I have a sss and the volume pot needs replacing how ever it looks odd and I don’t know what I need to buy. Can anyone tell me what this is? Ps I had a little 59 humbucking single coil sized pick up on the bridge years ago. I didn’t install...
  19. sssstratsss

    Original Instagram/Youtube videos

    I've decided I'm going to try to start doing more videos of random music I try to make. I'll start posting them here to maybe get some feedback or whatever. I'm not very good at mixing, but maybe one of you could give me pointers. Here I'm using a Squire bullet with guitar fetish pups &...
  20. T

    Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Tuning Machine Replacement

    So the other day the high E tuner broke on my 2016 Squier Deluxe Stratocaster. I researched a bit and realized that not all tuners will fit it, since I was planning on getting the fender locking tuner set. I don't wish to drill or expand the existing holes. Which tuners would you recommend...
  21. T

    Fender Squire JV SQ mystery.Please help.

    Hello ladies and gents, My name is Nathan and I'm from rainy Manchester England. I'm in need of some expertise on identifying a guitar I have recently acquired. I believe it to be an SQ code Squire from 83-84. The only thing that is a mystery is that it has a fender logo headstock. The neck...
  22. 0isez

    New to Strat-Talk

    Just wanted to say Hello. I am new to this forum although I have owned many Fenders in the past. Mexican, Squires and USA's. Seems, I keep letting them go and picking them up again. Lately I was an avowed G&L monk of the first order and would not dream of replacing a G&L Legacy Tribute with a...
  23. JamesE

    USA, Mexico and Squire - just different prices?

    Apologies for being a Noob, but so far I've come to this conclusion: Fender USA - top price Fender Mexico - lower price Squire - very low price What about the quality? I've just been reading the PMT webpage (pmtonline.co.uk) where they describe the squire bullet as if it was aimed at children...
  24. Bodderrz

    MIJ Mystery

    Hi guys, cheers for reading... I recently have purchased a MIJ squire strat while I am working/travelling Australia, and am stuck finding any information about it, I know there's heaps of threads on the internet but someone has to have a few answers for me! Haha Alright, so let's start with...
  25. S

    Squire Fender Bullet Strat ICS Serial number

    Dear Friends, I could appreciate if you could please assist me regarding this guitar which i am having difficulties finding out information about it. Squire Fender Bullet Stratocaster Serial Number: ICS14073444 Crafted in Indonesia. What is this color? (Pinky red) What wood is the body? What...