1. PawFurro

    Rosewood, pau ferro etc more temp sensitive than 1-piece maple?

    Out of curiousity, does anyone else find that their necks with a composite fretboard wood construction are more temperature sensitive than a 1-piece maple neck? Here at the southern end of the Australian mainland it's starting to get cold and I had to adjust the truss rod on both my rosewood...
  2. PawFurro

    NGD - 2004 Fender MIJ ST-43 Stratocaster in CAR

    Well I couldn't get this old CAR strat out of my head since I tried it back in Jan - even though I eventually picked up a new American Performer! I didn't go with it the first time as my head said it's got a chunkier neck than I've been playing with a gloss back (I'm used to satin), vintage...
  3. Noodle

    Any difference between 1976 hardtail and a 1979?

    Hey guys - interested in getting an old 70s hardtail. Are any years between '75 and '80 any better? Also - does a maple vs rosewood neck make as much of a difference on a hardtail? Wondering what board I should go for. I like how rosewood looks but I like how maple sounds... Thanks!
  4. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I’m itching to get an American strat in daphne blue with a rosewood board. It’s looking like this is a difficult find. Anybody know if the upcoming offerings will include daphne blue? I can’t do MOD shop either because they don’t ship to Canada.
  5. A

    NGD! A Little Wing Pearl.

    I've never really liked rosewood fretboards on Strats. It felt like the dark color clashed with the body's paint instead of complementing it. That's why I chose a maple fretboard on my newer American Pro II Strat in Miami Blue. But I've been watching a particular YouTuber that does weekly...
  6. Davono

    I prefer Pau Ferro. For this guitar anyhow

    For this guitar anyhow. I like the way it looks with the Capri: Now on my sunburst jazz (below)'s rosewood and I think it's better than Pau Ferro on a burst, but Pau Ferro gets plenty of stick. It's growing on me now quite a lot. In Ireland people are looking for €500+ for a player or...
  7. J

    Wanted WTB 62 AVRI Neck

    Just bought a Shell Pink American Original Strat and am wanting to put a 62 neck on it. If anyone has a AVRI 62 neck from ANY year please let me know :)
  8. FrieAsABird

    Anybody know when exactly Gretsch (Korea) stopped using Rosewood?

    I have been eyeballing a Gretsch for quite a while. Based on serial number, it’s a model from early 2018, made in Korea, all legit. It sure looks like rosewood on the pics, but I can’t tell for certain. Does anybody somehow know if they have like an official date from which on they started using...
  9. H

    Color of Clay dots

    Hi I’ve got a beautiful sonic blue 59 reissue 2013 Stratocaster. I really adore this guitar, but the only thing bothering me is the color of the clay dots. In specific the side dots. In low light they are nearly invisible as they are almost the same color as the rosewood fretboard. Yep the...
  10. bam-boozle

    Squier Build pt.2

    The body has a couple more weeks of curing before it gets polished up. The headstock had the waterslide applied. Neck is getting a new nut and tuners. Tusq just because that’s all I know to use. I was back and forth between mint and parchment but I’m going with all parchment plastic I think. The...
  11. J

    Tuner hole size in Fender headstock

    Hey guys! I’ve recently just bought a 2008 Fender Stratocaster rosewood neck (it’s on its way from the USA so will be another couple of weeks before I get my hands on it). I just wanted to know if anyone knows the hole size for the tuner slots? I want to get them ordered before the neck...
  12. Clickitysplit

    Mod Shop Updates

    Roasted Maple out, solid Rosewood in, and other changes. The 3D visualizer actually works now…
  13. biffnix

    First new Strat purchase in 31 years!

    So, the last time I bought a new Stratocaster was in 1990, when I graduated college. It was a gift to myself, and I bought a Frost Red 1990 Strat Plus. I still have it, and it's a fantastic American made guitar. But yesterday, I received a new Fender American Ultra stratocaster in Red Plasma...
  14. O

    Fender Pawnshop 72

    Hey all! I know these are controversial models. But I picked up a Pawnshop 72 is surf green yesterday and it’s an absolute beauty. It was purchased by a friend for there son years ago but he never played it. Therefore it’s in wonderful condition apart from a dry rosewood board. First thing I...
  15. L

    1994 AS Strat Scale Thickness

    Hi there, I recently bought a 1994 American Standard and I have the impression that it's scale (in rosewood) is just too thin. As of right now it's less than 3mm thick. And because of that the bridge is WAY down and can't go lower. I've asked some luthiers about it and had different answers with...
  16. RobZ69

    Exibit V (steam powered)

    Inspired by a recent thread which centred around two minor blemishes on a brand new guitar, one of which was a tiny impression on a rose wood neck, I thought I'd turn the ST spotlight (and magnifying glass) to the below. Shock! Horror! :eek:o_O:( Not quite the V-shape one hopes for, right...
  17. Triplem99

    1997 Fender Squier Strat Fretboard material

    Does anyone have information on the type of Rosewood used in manufacturing the fretboard for this Korean made Squier Strat? I am shipping the guitar to a buyer in Chile and I want to be sure that it is not Brazilian Rosewood. It is most likely a species of Asian Rosewood. Picture attached Thanks...
  18. RobZ69

    A really dark sharktooth tale...

    In the NGD thread on my recently acquired all black LP copy, someone (sorry forgot who, I will look it up later. It was @rze99 in this thread suggested to darken the fretboard. I have been thinking for some time about doing that to some...
  19. cookieq

    Don Grosh S-type

    Back in 2015, Don Grosh, a terrific custom builder in Colorado, built me this monster Retro Classic with a Brazilian Rosewood slab board neck. It's a fabulous guitar that is attracting its own wear. I think he's one of the better custom NOS builders.
  20. Colestrat

    What strat is this?

    I’ve been listening to the band Chicano Batman lately and I fell in love with Carlos Arévalo’s playing especially in the song cycles of existential rhyme, he uses a early 60s based black strat and the tones are perfect to me and what I want to emulate. Does anyone know what model it is? My...
  21. FrieAsABird

    Belated NGD- Second attempt!

    Hey Folks, I tried posting this thread already but it crashed my browser, so again: Found this on a local selling market used and saw it advertised only a few km from my house so I Messaged the guy: He acted kinda funny and by the second message, he called me by my first name, which I never use...
  22. G

    Rosewood Neck + Ash body?? Sizzle??

    Hi everyone! I have seen alot of maple + ash body but less for rosewood + ash body? I heard before that rosewood + ash combination is not ideal, makes a "sizzle'' sound. I do not have access to shops so I cannot a-b test them. I heard from some Youtube that rosewood+ash sound different...
  23. jbaile07

    I like big frets and I cant lie

    Hello! Just a man in his 40's finding love for guitars again. I've been playing a lot. A strong change a week. Working from home might be a curse and a blessing! ha ha ha Any recommendations on threads? Cheers! 2015 Texas deluxe strat (ghost graty/rosewood) 2016 Players Strat (polar...
  24. markpilip

    NGD: '59 Custom Shop Relic

    I got weak looking at sunburst custom shop guitars recently and was able to get a good price on this one. Looks a 2020 build of a 2019-year '59 Relic. The build sheet is interesting because it asks for to relic between relic and heavy relic. Came out looking pretty good to me, and not overly...
  25. C

    Peel on rosewood fretboard for 1998 mexican stratocaster

    Hello, i am about to purchase a 1998 mexican strat with rosewood. It looks like there is a peel on the fretboard near the neck joint, it doesn't look like a crack. Please see attached photos. Can anyone advise if this is a reason for concern? Thanks.