1. dogletnoir

    Bagatelles For Two Guitars

  2. Strat-Slinger

    There's No "Lo"... Like "Lo-Fi"

  3. Strat-Slinger

    A Mind Of It's Own

    For real...
  4. MoreGain

    Let me start the weekend with a new video published :-)

    Hey folks, weekend time :-) But still no band time :-( Anyway, in the meantime I keep making these videos in hope that you will get some new ideas for your solo playing? Cause that's how I do it, I watch people playing solos and hope I'll be able to steal some licks from them :D. The difficult...
  5. Guitar Solo over Sad Powerful Ballad

    Guitar Solo over Sad Powerful Ballad

    Hey Guitar Mates ✌, What I like to do in order to get some new inspiration in terms of soloing is... watching talented dudes on YouTube while they are sitting in their living room and play some cool guitar solo stuff. This video is for YOU. Get inspired, be creative :-)
  6. S


    I hope this will be a nice resource to help your jazz vocabulary in your playing. 1. How Insensitive 2. Blue Bossa 3. Autumn Leaves 4. All The Things You Are 5. Days of Wine and Roses 6. Solar 7. There Will Never Be Another You
  7. oriolmusic

    6 Easy Pentatonic Licks in Am (with TAB)

    Hello everybody! After a brief break in my videos I upload this video with 6 licks with the pentatonic of La minor. In this video I have also added tablatures and I play it at different speeds to practice. I hope it serves you and you like it. The Like, the sub and blablabla are appreciated...
  8. alainvey

    Weekly Challenge #208 - Donna Lee - Slow!

    Hi folks, Sorry it's a bit late this week. Here we have the tune "Donna Lee" by Charlie Parker, as suggested by @Thrup'ny Bit. Yes, you read that correctly: in spite of rumours to the contrary, @Thrup'ny Bit likes some tunes! Now, don't get your knickers in a twist - this version of the tune...
  9. alainvey

    Challenge #207 - Fast Curtis Mayfield Style Funk

    Hi folks, The track for this week is a suggestion by @montemerrick, and is 'based' on Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up". The YT vid has some performance notes, and I will add some of my own to this post shortly (in spoiler tags for those who prefer to work alone :) ) Enjoy!
  10. alainvey

    New Album Release on bandcamp (alainvey & dogletnoir)

    Hi everyone, 6 months ago today I asked fellow strat-talker @dogletnoir aka frostyjr2 if they would be interested in collaborating on a tune or two. To date, we have collaborated on no fewer than 60 distinct tunes, with 2 or 3 more in the pipeline. To mark this occasion we thought we would...
  11. Mellencaster

    Weekly Jam #26

    Here's this weekly jam track in the key Em I also recommend checking out the remixes at wikiloops for different versions. This is an open thread to all to post their own track and not a challenge against others but only to challenge...
  12. N

    What do YOU play over a 1-4-5 blues?

    I've been experimenting with different scale types over a 1-4-5 blues in A-Major (A7, D7 & E7 chords) I've played around with the minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, a-blues and a mixolydian scales sometimes with weird results and sometimes OK. My question to you guys is: What scale do YOU play...
  13. C

    Cool Arrangements

    I've recently been shown a couple of really cool arrangements of two 'pop' songs in the charts. The arrangements are by "Tim Akers and The Smoking Section," a group from Tennessee I think, who do some really cool s**t, and are of Shake it off by Taylor Swift, and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars/Mark...