1. n9sse

    Any help identifying japanese strat body?

    Recently bought this strat body, but the owner didn’t know anything about who made it or what model it’s from, only that it is japanese and built sometime in the 80s-90s (according to him). Any help figuring out if it’s any good? Got it quite cheap and i’m planning on building a partscaster...
  2. TobyT

    Squier Strat Identification Help

    My wife "found" this Squire at a local pawn shop and purchased it for $50.00. We've done a lot of research, and needless to say, we cannot pin down any manufacturing data. Just a lot of side roads that give a definite maybe it's (fill in the blank). There is no serial #; the neck plate...
  3. C


    I am 4 real struggling with what this guitar 🎸 is called any help identifying it would be fab. It has no pick guard has a Humberbucker at bridge and x2 single coils. Someone pleaaase help. Thank uxx
  4. caug

    Neck ID Help

    Hi, I got a couple of Strat-style baritone conversion necks a while ago with a couple of bodies. Both bodies had issues-- one had a too large neck pocket, the other had wood tearing out under the bride...I'm still working out a fix for that). Anyway, both necks are nice 1 piece maple necks with...
  5. T

    90s mij body verification

    Hi, I purchased the guitar in the pictures as a 93-95 mij st-54ex strat and I'm hoping someone can help me determine if this is the original body and whether it's alder or basswood. The serial # on the neck is for a 93-94 fujigen guitar but I haven't seen many mij export models in sonic blue...
  6. T

    Help Identify this Strat Model

    Hello everyone, There's a Strat locally that's listed as a 60's strat. Obviously a Squier, but because of the fact that they removed the decals it's hard to sort this out. They gave a faded read on the serial # as 041104247, which does not come up as a valid Squier serial. When I asked for...
  7. Nekosjin

    Aria Legend Vintage Quality and Performance

    Hi everybody, (first poster here:) ) I have recently got a heavily dirty guitar, the brand on the head "Legend Vintage Quality and Performance" i have never heard of, expecting it to be a cheap chinese strat copy. While cleaning it up today, i thought i might look into that brand. I did some...
  8. V

    I require assistance in identifying this Fender neck

    It has an SE serial number which leads me to believe it is an 80s signature, but it has the original contour body sticker which is not from that time. It has a fender Corona california neck plate and there isnt any signatures or other decals. It is Made In America.
  9. B

    What model is this heavily damaged/reworked strat?

    Hi, I found this strat in the classifieds that was supposedly in a house fire and then stripped from its red paint. Is it at all possible to say what year or model this is? I've never seen a headstock logo like that in particular. The seller claims "1968" is written on the neck and body...
  10. Hollywood_Knight

    Correctly Identified MIM strat?

    Hello everyone. I am building a custom Strat (my own personal signature series). I bought this loaded body on OfferUp for $100. Seller said it was a 2001/2002 Made in Mexico Strat. Can anyone confirm this? The reason I ask: I will be ordering a new neck from Warmoth, on the Warmoth site they...
  11. K

    I need help identifying a replacement neck

    Hey there! My fender strat needs a new neck since the old one went bad, and I don't have much choice, unfortunately. Shipping fees to Russia on reverb are mostly as much as the neck itself, so I can not order straight from there. I've found a neck here in Russia and I wonder if it is an original...
  12. PaJaC

    Is this the original 1994 MIJ Stratocaster?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to buy a left-handed Strat from Japan from 1994 (info from the serial number). I've always wanted a FujiGen factory-made stratocaster, but I'm a bit concerned about the logo. I cannot find a picture of a Japanese stratocaster from this period with such a sticker on the...
  13. E

    Squire Affinity pots identification |>S<|

    Can someone help me identify the pots in my squire affinity Strat? They have a symbol stamped on the base that look like this: |>S<| What looks like a letter S with two triangular shapes coming out of the centre of the S. Thank you!
  14. ibb808

    Identification - E4##### Made In USA Fender Stratocaster with 'stop' at 5 in top tone knob

    Hi all! First time on here. I have a Fender Stratocaster that I've been told is from the 80s, though I'm not sure exactly which year. The thing that makes it stand out is a 'stop' or a 'bump' in the top tone knob at the 5 position. I was told by the previous owner that 1-5 is for a more bluesy...
  15. jcasey

    Please Help Identify!

    Hey All, I found a strat I am going to buy tomorrow off Craigslist. We are meeting in a public safe place. The seller claims it's a 1984 from her father, but doesn't know much else. I'd prefer to get some more info before I go get it, as it's going to be a 2hr round trip drive to pick it up...
  16. eddie21j

    Help identifying this Strat neck, please!

    New member here but long time strat lover! I bought this Frankenstein guitar about a year ago. The body is a Squire Jazzmaster but the neck seems to be an authentic Fender Strat neck. Pic of the guitar below. IMG_0025 by eddie21j posted Nov 6, 2019 at 1:05 PM I own 2 other MIM Strats, but...
  17. EVH_5150

    Help with identifying metallic black body!

    Can anyone confirm whether or not this is a Squier body? ...or give any helpful insight before I proceed with building it up. It was a loaded body I found online so I want to make sure I have the right specs before upgrading the hardware, etc. What's throwing me off is all of the examples of...
  18. Theblues15

    Need help identifying my new 1988 57’ reissue strat

    First time post here on strat talk. I just bought and wanted to discuss what’s presumed until proven innocent, an awesome, well played, 1988 57 RI that I just won on eBay. The seller I bought it from breaks down guitars and sells the parts for an ultimately a higher price than he would get for...
  19. N

    Identifying an old refinished Stratocaster neck

    Acquired the neck from a friend in a trade (he had a 70s Strat body with it but it was too heavy for my tastes). I think its old but its impossible for me to tell so I want to get some opinions on it. My observations The guitar came with a brass nut so the nut slot was slightly more enlarged...
  20. 6

    Help Identify This Strat!

    Can anyone help figure out when/where this Strat was made? Got it a few years ago and just replaced the bridge pickup.
  21. D

    Single coil identification

    Hello. I bought these pickups few years ago. Seller told me they are texas specials but I just noticed that they are not. Could anybody help me?
  22. R

    Identifying a Squier Strat with no serial number.

    Hi all, I know, yet another help me identify my Squier post – but I’ve read through the other posts and I’m still not sure. I was hoping for a little help if possible in identifying a Squier Strat that doesn’t have a serial number. Having read through the forum I suspect it may be an SE model...
  23. S

    I need help with this 2014 American standard stratocaster

    hi guys i have the chance of buying this strat. its a 2014 American standard my only concern apart from the very cheap price is that it doesn't have the 60th anniversary neck plate. I was of the understanding that all 2014 guitars coming from the Corona factory had it. nothing else sticks out to...
  24. K

    Neck finish Identification and Maintenance

    Greetings! I recently acquired my first Stratocaster! A 1995, Made in USA, Red, Rosewood neck. I like it very much! I am looking to give it a nice tune-up, as it is in sub-standard condition. In the past, I have used Old English Lemon Oil (OELO) on my guitars, but I wanted to confirm this...
  25. Williamwolka

    What is this Strat?

    I have a MIJ E7 serial number Strat that I am having a hard time identifying. Looks like a contemporary neck because of the four holes above the nut, but the body has no posts drilled for a system 1 trem. It looks like it has always had a vintage trem. It also has the micro tilt. Frankenstrat...