1. C

    Need help wiring dual tone pot with humbucker if possible

    Hello all, I am having a little bit of difficulty figuring this one out and am realizing this may not be possible with my current setup. I have an HSS stratocaster I am trying to setup with a regular 5 way control switch. I wired the pickguard exactly the same as the wiring diagram for the...
  2. S

    Upgrading Pickups on Squier Bullet HSS Hardtail

    Hey, y’all! So I recently was given a Squier Bullet HSS Hardtail. The craftsmanship on it is nearly as good as an American Professional a friend of mine has, with a couple issues: 1, the frets are a bit sharp, but that I’m going to just smooth over (carpenter by trade). 2, the biggest thing...
  3. C

    Which sleeping beauty is this?

    Hey all of you lovely Fender-Nerds out there, :-) just a short introduction: I am Johannes and am living in Denmark. I have a Japan Fender from the 1980's with the serial number E709513 and I don't have any idea about what this is. So, maybe can you help me out with getting closer to the...
  4. B

    Squier Strat - 2021 Bullet Build with Nighthawk p'up (CII ICS Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2021 Bullet Strat neck. This became the second guitar I owned (which infected me with GAS). I built this as a standard SSS Strat late 2021, but as time went on I started getting crazy ideas. I tried combining two different selector switch setups (the...
  5. G

    Adding 7 way switch mod to HSS American Pro II strat

    Hey y'all, first time poster here. I'm an amateur at soldering and wiring in general so I was wondering if i could get help on a mod for my HSS American Pro II strat. It's got some weird stuff I haven't seen on other 7 way switch mod schematics such as the 250k/500k dual pot, the treble bleeds...
  6. roy9066

    Solution for hotter bridge tone. Single Coil or Humbucker?

    Hello! I wasn't sure if this will belong to the pickup discussion, but since I felt like this is more of an general strat usage question (not asking for a specific pickup) I will try here first. I am coming from a super strat and les paul world, all HH. Recently got in love with neck single...
  7. B

    NGD Squier Strat 96-97 (MIC NC6 Serial)

    I couldn't pass off the opportunity to buy this axe after deciding on getting another guitar for a new project. Yes, there are some dings and rusted screws to deal with, and some of the electronics leave a lot to be desired, however the neck and action is quite nice and has 22 frets to boot. And...
  8. A

    HSS tone pot configuration question.

    Hi all. So I have received my Humbucker Pickup to convert my SSS to HSS. Now I am completely confused with the tone pot config. The SSS setup had 250k volume and 250k for both tone pots with a .47 cap. I have bought a 500k pot for the volume, but now I have so much conflicting info on the...
  9. H

    HSS Fender American Special with Double Tap Humbucker, Push Pull, 500k Pots and potential tears

    Hi all, I have just installed a Fender Double Tap in my American Special Strat. I have used a 500k push pull pot for the Humbucker tone pot, and all mostly works fine, the bridge splits ok when the push pull pot is pulled. One issue I do have is that in position 2 (middle pup and bridge) it...
  10. J

    HSS Half Blender and Series Switch

    I've got a 2015 USA Pro HSS with an S-1 switch for coil splitting on the bridge I'm looking to add a half blender with a 250k no-load pot and use a push-pull pot to add a series switch for the two single coils Anyone have any experience with this? In all my searching, I have yet to find...
  11. D

    Reccomend me a replacement?

    I have a 1600 dollar gibson sg special and i have a martin 000 but my mexican fender is and seems like it always will by my number 1 girl. I've swapped pickups quite a few times and earlier in 2021 I put an obsidian wire kit in to convert to hss. (With the 7 way mod.) Currently I have an...
  12. Davono

    A slightly better than novice review of the player series strat

    Hi all. Said I would put this here. Got a Capri PF HSS Strat from the good old M, E & xico. I am a novice guitars, but a bass player to the level of studio work, touring original musician and also have completed a BA Hons in music, so while I am novice at guitar, I know how an instrument should...
  13. S

    Best HSS Replacement Pickups

    Need some recommendations for pickups for a HSS guitar. I don't like weaker pickups such as the Klein Jazzy Cats, but still need something that's not super mid-rangey. Examples will look like this: Lollar Blackface Neck & Middle with a Lollar Imperial in the bridge.
  14. Dani G

    Red Bobbin PICKUPS on a 1986 MIJ Squier ST-336

    Hi guys!! So happy to be here. I just want to know if I have anything special here, or those 2 single coil pickups are just regular japanese "SQ-3 PU", as they call it on the spec charts of that time. My HSS Squier ST-336 had 2 dark copper / red fiber single pickups and a dragster. Dragster...
  15. M

    Versatile HSS wiring needed!

    :thumbd: I’m looking for an HSS/3knob wiring were: 1) Bridge HB sees Vol Pot as 500k 2) Bridge HB split coil PARALLEL with Midd* 3)Bridge HB split coil PARALLEL with Neck* 4) Midd PARALLEL with Neck* 5) Neck* (*= pickups sees Vol Pot as 250k) im thinking of utilising the 2 tones as a Bass &...
  16. S

    What pickguard is compatible with Fender Player Plus Strat HSS?

    Hi. I would like to change the pickguard on my Fender Player Plus Strat HSS (Fender's 2021 MIM line of player strats). What pickguard is compatible with this HSS strat? I have not come across any yet being sold online. Thank you
  17. fleezinator

    Neck + tapped bridge on HSS Performer?

    I’ve got a loaded fender performer HSS pickguard from stratosphere on the way. I’m really digging the tones I’ve heard in demos for the double tap humbucker and I previously had a Yosemite SSS set so I’m familiar with the neck and middle pups. I’m hoping this HSS set is versatile for my needs...
  18. CosmicBlack

    Strat HH pickguard and backplate 1:1 blueprint in .cad .dxf .swg .cdr etc

    Hey, strat builders! I'm going to make an aluminium HH pickguard for my american standard strat using a cnc machine, so I need 1:1 HH or HSS pickguard and backplate models in any format like .cad, .dxf, .swg or .cdr Does anyone knows where can I get it? Thanks.
  19. LeSim

    HSS wiring with 1 vol, 1 tone and 1 blend?

    Hello everyone, I'm a very beginner when it comes to electronics and wiring. I've done a couple of partcasters with basic wiring so far and it was pretty much working as expected! My new project is a HSS partcaster for which I'll be happy to share pictures of when it's gonna be finished :D...
  20. S

    Pickup level balance between bridge humbucker and neck/middle?

    I upgraded my Strat pickups to fender ultra noiseless, which I really like for the neck and middle. But I then further replaced my bridge with a Seymour Duncan Lil 59'er humbucker. I am really liking the combination. My question is about the bridge output level. The humbucker is...
  21. J

    Wiring Diagram for MIJ Squier Contemporary E-Series?

    So, I'm quite new to wiring guitars. As of recently, I have purchased many "broken" guitars on the cheap and got them fixed with much success. Some of them include a 1960's Harmony acoustic and a late-90's Epiphone, but I digress. I have only wired two guitars before including a normal...
  22. S

    Player HSS Hsize and Pup Recommendations

    Hi everyone! I am getting a player HSS that I initially plan to use to play classic rock and punk rock. I am excited to grow into the instrument and use its more versatile sounds. I was initially thinking of replacing the HB with a SD JB to get some Green Day tones, but not dead set on that. A...
  23. S

    HSS with just 2 pot controls?

    Hey all, I posted earlier but I ended up just running into more questions so here goes: How can I wire an HSS to a master tone and master volume and also get an auto coil tap in the 2nd position? A diagram would be amazing but the ones I've found are slightly off from what I'm looking for...
  24. S

    HSS wiring help

    Hey all, I'm trying my first mod/build and want to do an HSS set up, turns out it's kind of complicated due to the cap and pot values being mismatched. From what I understand, my options are either 1 - wire the pups using resistors so the sc's see 250k, hb sees 500k 2 - get overwound sc's so I...
  25. Rails40

    Help Please! Can anyone identify the model of this Mexican Strat

    So far I have gathered that it’s a Mexican made model from around 2008/09, not sure if it’s a player series or what, it has the HSS pickups. Trying to appraise it to trade for a similar value Tele. Any info is appreciated:) thanks!