1. N

    Help identifying my Strat pls

    Hello, please halp for I am a small brained drummer that knows not about the ways of the guitar... Anyway, I bought an E-series MIJ Strat a few years ago. She is in great condition, but alas, my small brain doesn't allow me to play her. I've done so much searching on the web and haven't been...
  2. I

    2005-06 USA Strat deluxe 60th anniversary question

    Hey everyone, I recently acquired this Strat and have a question about it. When I started looking at it everything points to it being legit. There’s only one thing that is throwing me off about it and I hope someone has an answer. When looking at the back of the headstock the serial number and...
  3. C

    Could someone here help with Double Tap wiring?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and registered just to get an opinion on wiring up a stratocaster. I know nothing, but would greatly appreciate any input on this issue. I recently purchased Fender’s Double Tap humbucker and tried to match the wiring on the American Professional II HSS...
  4. Breadman

    Squier Bullet Odd Serial Number

    Hey everybody, first time posting on the site. I've been looking out for an Arctic White Squier Stratocaster on the second hand market and will probably end up with a bullet until I can afford a classic vibe etc. Arctic white body, maple fretboard and H/S/S pickup config would have been first...
  5. Razhad

    fret buzzing on 1 string

    it happen today. yesterday i was playing just fine. it happen only on A string and on 11th fret up. what do i need to do to fix this?
  6. n9sse

    Any help identifying japanese strat body?

    Recently bought this strat body, but the owner didn’t know anything about who made it or what model it’s from, only that it is japanese and built sometime in the 80s-90s (according to him). Any help figuring out if it’s any good? Got it quite cheap and i’m planning on building a partscaster...
  7. A

    Fake or authentic Custom Shop Stratocaster? Please help!

    For my first time here, I salute you all and respect every guitarist in here. My english is not the best so i'll be straight to the point. PLEASE, help me! A guy in my country sells this stratocaster for only 450$. I am not an expert so i cant know if it is a legit custom shop strat or a fake...
  8. C


    I am 4 real struggling with what this guitar 🎸 is called any help identifying it would be fab. It has no pick guard has a Humberbucker at bridge and x2 single coils. Someone pleaaase help. Thank uxx
  9. K

    I Got My First Strat and Metal Shards is Coming Out of the Whammy Bar Hole

    So, I got a fender player Strat, and when I took the whammy bar out, I saw metal shards, so I looked in the hole with a light and saw more. When I looked at the whammy bar i saw extra pieces of metal that are might not supposed to be there and I was wondering if that I might need to get a new...
  10. Daptraveler

    How do i fix this wiring problem

    So I just got a new tex mex loaded pickguard from fender to put in my squier strat. My dad and I hooked up the wires, and I plugged it in. I tested the pickups with a screw driver and all the positions worked. I put on some strings and the sound was coming through but it wasn't very loud. i...
  11. E

    Fender Champion 100 Amp Electric Shcematic

    Hello, I have a fender champion100 amp, I am having a problem with the electrical circuit. I need to access the amp's electrical diagram. Please help me.
  12. M

    Help me fix my strat pls

    Hi guys, I recently repainted my strat's body and I noticed some changes. When I try to tune it, the bridge goes up and the strings get tighter and tighter as I tune. I'm using the same old stings, so it is not the gauge. I'm kind of a beginner so I'm not sure what to do, I'd love some help ;)
  13. S

    Squire Deluxe Stratocaster 2018 bridge pickup tone pot mod help

    Hello everyone, new here. I'm trying to mod a squire strat to connect the bridge pickup to a tone pot, but none of the diagrams I've found here have matched my 5 way switch. Wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look and potentially help me out. I attached a couple photos and I'm...
  14. G

    Telecaster date questions

    Hey guys, admittedly I'm a bit of a novice with vintage fender so I could use some help. I got this tele body at an estate sale from a guy who roadied pretty heavily in the 60s-80's, and lived about 5 miles from the original fender workshop. There was a table of maybe 8 bodies and 12 necks...
  15. E

    Help! overpriced 90s usa fender strat?

    hi, i saw recently a 90s fender usa strat in my city,( where i live you rarely see high end guitars for sale, you mostly see entry level instruments) and wanted to buy it, the price seems a bit high tho, they want 1200 euros for it (roughly 1300$),(not sure if it classifies as a vintage guitar...
  16. Berve

    Help: Is this strat legit?

    Yesterday I found this Stratocaster for sale very cheap. Owner told me he sells it as he needs the money. (500usd, I’m from Uruguay, here this is the price for a good squire) I’m having doubts if it’s an original fender Stratocaster or if it’s fake. Here are the photos that I have of the guitar.
  17. D

    Are these parts still sellable?

    Could i still sell these parts for anything worth while? Big chunk of neck missing, and yes the body is cracked all the way down even in the back. I do still have the saddle (good condition) and everything for trem. All american standard parts
  18. D

    This is not a strat, but I was hoping you guys could still help me here, as it’s to help fund my newly bought strat.

    I have this very old guitar, my true first guitar when I was very young. I would like to sell it, but I have no clue as to what I have or what it may be worth. Is there anyone who knows much about ESP LTD guitars? Also, the guitar is pretty beat up, and needs a new pickup switch, as two of the...
  19. S

    Advice on MIJ Domestic Model

    Hi all Current Strat I recently was gifted a MIM HSS 2000-2001. It was my first strat and I'm really enjoying the playability. As I live in Japan and have heard info in the past about MIJ strats, it piqued my interest. I've never bought used and want to compare quality to my current strat. The...
  20. C

    Replacing the nut

    Hey guy! So Im building a partscaster. I ended up with buying a fender soft V 7.5 neck off of the fender website and it came with a synthetic nut. I popped the nut out and replaced it with a bone nut. I shaved it down with sand paper on the sides to get the perfect fit. It slipped into the slot...
  21. V

    Sharp notes after 2nd Fret

    Ok... so this problem has been going on since i had this taken to a luthier to do some work (new bridge, tuners, and some wiring work that i did that i now needed the guitar set up correctly). This guy was the "strat" guy. He did a set up and adjust neck and fixed my bone nut. but I CANNOT use a...
  22. C

    Advice needed for missing Floyd Rose part on Fender Strat

    I’ve got a Fender Strat with a Kahler Floyd Rose fitted. I recently lost a piece when changing a string during a gig and can’t find a replacement online anyway! Not even sure what the part would be called? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. G

    Gator GW-Electric Locks - Problem? Help!

    Hi, I bought a GW-ELECTRIC case and the locks are a little out of alignment. Is this normal?
  24. Zetryan

    Wiring Help - S1 Switch, Super Switch

    Greetings everyone! I own an American Deluxe Strat which underwent a lot of tinkering. I swapped all of the fancy electronics to regular ones, changed pickups and such. Years later I got my hands on a Custom Shop Strat and I was considering wiring the Deluxe back to something that resembles its...
  25. U

    HELP: Mini Strat Mods

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so I apologize if I've miscategorized this thread. I'm looking into getting a Mini Strat, modding it and replacing essentially all of the hardware and electronics. I've already decided on new tuners, saddles, and replacing the pickups with the Lace...