1. PawFurro

    First proper strat upgrade/mod

    So I completed my first upgrade on my SSS Player strat that required more commitment than replacing string trees and plastics last night and now have a Tom deLonge inspired strat which takes me back to when I was in high school in the late 90's! I say inspired as I used an Invader neck...
  2. O

    Any Delonge Fans?

    New strat day yesterday and I had a nice little single bridge pickup red tort pickguard begging me to use it on something so I took the neck and middle pickups and all the wiring out, threw in a push pull with coil split and here we go.. Before: And after: The middle pickup wasn't...
  3. sirjeremy

    GFS Crunchy Rails

    Hey guys. Just got to try out my modded Affinity Strat in the studio with a lone GFS Crunchy Rails in the bridge. I've read some pretty decent things about GFS pickups in general (for the price, anyway), and I was going to get an Invader but figured I'd give this a shot for half the price (plus...
  4. bickleyt

    Hi from Birmingham, UK!

    Hi All, I'm Tom from Birmingham in the UK. Been looking around the forums for a while but I have only very recently joined! Thought it was about time i started sharing the knowledge :) Own a couple of Strats: Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 1959 Dealer Select for GuitarGuitar Birmingham &...