daphne blue

  1. TobyT

    Squier Strat Identification Help

    My wife "found" this Squire at a local pawn shop and purchased it for $50.00. We've done a lot of research, and needless to say, we cannot pin down any manufacturing data. Just a lot of side roads that give a definite maybe it's (fill in the blank). There is no serial #; the neck plate...
  2. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I’m itching to get an American strat in daphne blue with a rosewood board. It’s looking like this is a difficult find. Anybody know if the upcoming offerings will include daphne blue? I can’t do MOD shop either because they don’t ship to Canada.
  3. Proliferant

    Is this a legit reason not to buy an otherwise perfect Tele?

    I've been checking out Teles for a couple of weeks, looking for "the one" with the right tone, neck, fingerboard, fit and finish, etc.. I've tried five or six recently, and today found myself playing one which checks almost all the boxes. It's a Fender Vintera 50s Modified Tele, MIM. It's been...
  4. O

    FSR 60’s lacquer strat

    Hey, I just purchased a 60’s lacquer strat FSR on eBay for an amazing price. The specs are perfect, exactly what I have been looking for. Undecided on the headstock. But overall a pretty neat guitar. Let me know your thoughts. And if anyone has had any experience playing one. Fire away!
  5. Noodle

    Daphne Blue Stratocaster

    You guys - check this out. I have the same 2014 FSR 60s strat in daphne blue with what was *supposed to be a matching headstock - but I swear my headstock is surf green. I took a picture without flash for the entire guitar, then 2 with flash on the body and neck. I've been trying to figure out...
  6. Noodle

    I need advice on getting a custom licensed Fender Neck!

    Hey dudes (and dudets?) I've got a Fender MIM "Special 60s strat" with what's supposed to be a matching headstock but it came out of the factory with a Daphne body and an apparent Surf Green headstock... Anyway I'm over the mis-matching headstock and 7.25 vintage radius (cause i'm buzzing and...
  7. JesseX

    NGD: Fender Professional Strat

    Hey everyone!, new to the forum, I posted an intro aswell! So I was originally in the market for an sg. They only had 4 in the whole store for a while, and I live in a semi rural area so unless I’m going far out of town I only have one or two stores to choose from, so patience is key. I played...
  8. P

    Newbie Bullet Strat Daphne Blue Question

    I picked up a Bullet Strat by Squier. Can’t seem to find date or where it was made. I believe it’s an older model with a maple fretboard. I’m a newbie in the electric world. Would appreciate information and perhaps approximate value. Plays well. Everything works. Just a few little dings here...
  9. Tim Watson

    Daphne blue partscaster build diary

    Hi all, I've just joined the forum. I'm from Yorkshire, England and am about to order the first parts for a new partscaster strat project. It's going to have an Allparts swamp ash body, Allparts large headstock maple neck and have a reliced Daphne blue nitro finish, with Custom Shop '69 pickups...
  10. DannyHescock

    Sonic Blue Build - CAUTION, slight relic inside...

    My Father is a musician and bought me a black MIM Strat when I was 16 (Thanks Dad!) I did what a lot of teenagers do...under-appreciated it, took it apart and sanded it down. Well, what do YOU think I found under those 400 coats of black paint and clear? Was it amazing looking grain? Was it a...
  11. Jazzant85

    Automobile colored strats

    I read somewhere about how at a time, stratocaster color options were developed based on popular cars. I see them all the time as custom made guitars, and vintage remake types and whatnot. But has anyone actually ever seen pictures from back in the day of people playing shell pink, daphne blue...
  12. Jazzant85

    I need help choosing!!

    Ok, I FINALLY got the go ahead from the wife to get another strat! I'm really digging the 50's classic series. They sound great and really capture that old school vibe. But I'm having a heck of a time trying to pick between the Daphne Blue, Fiesta Red and Surf Green. The main problem is...
  13. DannyHescock

    Daphne Blue Strat Assembly

    Hey Everybody! New to the site, but have lurked without an account for years! I have assembled a few guitars over the last few years and had a blast...this one I assembled last week. I am still learning a ton from the forums here, and appreciate you all sharing your knowledge on this site...