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  1. L


    Hi my name is Jason and I'm an owner of a a 1984 Candy Red Start and a 2017 Wood Grain strat. Both USA made and play like butter! I wanted to join this group to become more familiar with Fender USA made strats and what the key notes to look for when making a fender purchase.
  2. S

    Custom Shop 69 pups

    Hello all. I currently own a Player series and would like to upgrade the pups. I got trigger happy and already bought a loaded 69 pickgaurd but haven’t opened. I’ve been getting mixed review with no real good vids on YouTube. I play through a John frusciante / Hendrix inspired pedal board into...
  3. M

    For Sale 2014 Jeff Beck Surf Green Custom Shop Stratocaster

    Re-listing to correct some misunderstandings in my original listing. Up for sale is a 2014 Custom Shop (not the cheaper artist series) SURF green Jeff Beck Stratocaster with OHSC and case candy (no case key though :(). Guitar is in pristine condition, no cracks in the neck pocket or finish...
  4. G

    1996 50th Anniversary Relic Stratocaster LE - reliced by Cunetto Creative Resources

    I think this is an interesting and historical Fender Custom Shop Strat. I've not played one though unfortunately. What do you think and do you have one of these? Photo below. The alder body of the 1996 50th Anniversary Relic Stratocaster Limited Edition is finished in Aztec Gold, and it has...
  5. G

    What a beautiful pair!

    A few folks will no doubt find something not to like about these, but for my part I think this pair of Thinline Strats is simply stunning. A couple more new master builders have joined the Fender Custom Shop since Austin got his promotion to master builder fairly recently, and I for one enjoy...
  6. B

    Help Identifying Custom Shop Strat Pickups

    Hey, I bought a 40th Anniversary MIJ Strat yesterday. It has Custom shop pickups in it which I suspect aren't original as these came with ST-vintage USA pickups and don't have the 'red dot' to denote a TX guitar. My research suggests that these are Custom Shop Fat 50s due to the reverse wound...
  7. santiagoelie

    Best neck for Custom Shop

    Hi there, I am in a market trying to find the best Fender Strat Custom Shop this is my first CS and want to get some ideas what neck is the best comfortable to play with, I'm thinking for 62/63/64 Journeyman. Thanks in advance for the advice. More power!
  8. A

    Help identify Custom Shop(?) Strat

  9. smokernarb

    Mystery Fender Custom Shop Strat Identification... 90s?

    Hey all, I just woke up to an eBay alert for a new item that was listed as "Fender fender guitar left handed custom shop", with no additional information, for about $1400 shipped. So, naturally, I took a quick look at the pictures and bought it before someone else could. Now, I do somewhat know...
  10. I

    Fender Stratocaster, apparently Custom Shop 1998, help me out!

    Hello, I recently spotted a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop from 1998 and I have some questions about its authenticity. Here are some pics I got from the seller, check it out! What do you think?

    Custom Shop 2 of a Kind

    2 were made I believe Fender owns the other and displayed it at the 1995 NAMM show.This guitar was gifted to me on my 57th birthday from Larry Sifel's wife Jean and son Ben. This is known as the "Tree of Life". It was produced in 1994 by J.W. Black and my cousin Larry of Pearlworks.
  12. thegrasshopper

    Helping legit a 2015 Custom Shop 1970 Relic

    I've purchased a 2015 Custom Shop 1970 Strtocaster Relic (urethane finish). I think it is legit, but I'll post the pics of the guitar anyway, aksing for the communitie's opinion. I think these kind of threads will help a lot of people in the future. Also, if the community thinks it is not...
  13. aepoc

    Talk to me about Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s

    So as some of you know, I have a 2021 Fender Custom Shop Strat that came with hand-wound Texas Special pickups. They seem a bit on the shrill side, and I don't think I'm too happy with them. I've been thinking of swapping them out with some Custom Shop Fat 50s, and would love to hear your take...
  14. JOE007

    Another 90’s CS pickup identification

    Hello my friends, I found these pickups On Facebook Market, at first the seller think It was fat 50s, but after I have in my hands think, I think they are Texas Special. Can anybody help me? Neck 6.1k Bridge 7.6k The Middle pickup doesn't work, is RWRP. Thank you and greetings from Argentina
  15. Funkuncle

    Sometimes Custom Shop naming makes no sense.

    So I just looked on Ebay and saw a "Custom Shop '62 NOS". In the official spec sheet it lists these details: It has a '51 U-shaped neck profile. It has a 12 inch fret board radius. Compound radius. Texas Special pickups. '60 Body style (okay, so close at least) '60 Neck Style. 6105 frets What...
  16. folkplayer

    MJT vs. Fender Custom Shop

    What are the qualitative differences between a well-assembled and relic'd MJT Strat and a guitar from the Fender Custom Shop? I'm talking about an MJT body cut to vintage spec by Wildwood and perhaps an Allparts neck finished in nitro with an accurate relic job. Both with hand-wound pickups and...
  17. thislittleamp

    Thin Line Tele Build Pickup Suggestions?

    Hi, So I built this tele the other week and chose to go with some off brand hot pickups I had gotten from eBay a while back, nothing too special sound pretty chimey but Im looking for something fuller with a rounder tone if that makes sense, I do a lot of looping and layering and work as a...
  18. pabloluka

    Fender Stratocaster Pro Custom Shop help

    Hey there, greetings from Argentina! I'm currently looking to buy a new Fender Stratocaster. This one caught my eye. Fender Stratocaster Pro Custom Shop Flamed Maple Neck Reverse Headstock Red Hot Strat pup Abigail Ybarra Body: The seller told me that the traveller floor says "exotic...
  19. MCZX

    Fender Custom Shop & Masterbuilt Trem Bridge Assembly

    Hey! I can't seem to find a clear answer to my question anywhere. Does the CS and Masterbuilt or even AVRI'62 have different Trem than other Fender Stratocaster's? Building my dream Partcaster, a '63 in every details Olympic white Strat and i'm looking at Fender Vintage Trem. I already have...
  20. J

    Pickups for a wenge Strat - sugesstions needed!

    Hi! I'm building a new Partscaster - wenge body, roasted maple neck with pau ferro fingerboard (I think, I didn't quite decided yet which neck to get) and as I've never played a wenge bodied guitar I'm a bit lost choosing pickups. I really like deep sounding strats (wenge should help with that...
  21. S

    What's the difference, really?

    Hi, Looking for a Strat, as always, to replace the Fullerton 57 reissue I lost sometime back. I am wondering what is the actual difference between the following two models that are currently available...
  22. markpilip

    NGD: '59 Custom Shop Relic

    I got weak looking at sunburst custom shop guitars recently and was able to get a good price on this one. Looks a 2020 build of a 2019-year '59 Relic. The build sheet is interesting because it asks for to relic between relic and heavy relic. Came out looking pretty good to me, and not overly...
  23. roosh

    Legit check: Pre-owned Custom Shop Strat

    Hi. It's my first time looking into pre-owned guitars and I'm fairly new to Strats as well, so I would really appreciate any help I can get. I found a used Custom Shop "Wildwood 10" Strat (around 3.5k USD), but since I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to these things, I wanted to make sure...
  24. markpilip

    Pickups/Specs in '03 Custom Shop 1960 NOS?

    I just picked up a 2003 Custom Shop 1960 NOS in seafoam green. I know it's got a 7.25 radius board and vintage frets. It plays great, even with low action, which I might need to raise a little. Wondering if anybody knows what pickups it came with, as they are weaker than those in my CS...
  25. L

    Help with identifying pickups on a Custom Shop Heavy Relic

    hi everyone, I’ve had this guitar for about 9 years and always loved the sound of it, it is genuinely the ultimate strat in looks, tone & feel (apart from the heavy relicing, I’m not normally a fan but it sounded too good) Can anyone tell me what pickups they would have used in this? when I...