1. A

    93-94 CIJ Strat 62' reissue under neck specs question

    Hi everybody, I just bought a 93-94 62 CIJ Strat and it's amazing! The dealer told me that this model has an alder body and American pickups. Is there anyway to know the spec level (low, premium etc.) from the letters that are under the neck? It reads H ST-62 Y. I'm attaching a pic. Thanks!
  2. T

    90s mij body verification

    Hi, I purchased the guitar in the pictures as a 93-95 mij st-54ex strat and I'm hoping someone can help me determine if this is the original body and whether it's alder or basswood. The serial # on the neck is for a 93-94 fujigen guitar but I haven't seen many mij export models in sonic blue...
  3. S

    MIJ (CIJ) Strats, what's the difference?

    Hi, So I am looking to buy my first Strat after spending a lot of time on acoustic guitars. The Strat I really want isn't widely available and the ones I found on Ebay or Reverb are quite expensive. So I settled on MIJ Strats, from what I've read and heard they are good value for money and...
  4. DrewATL

    ‘93 CIJ Stratocaster Question

    Picked up for $600.00 USD any insight into this piece? Lighter than it’s Vintera counterpart, appears to have a thin poly finish, two piece body, zero fret wear and has never been disassembled prior- going through it now: Link to photos below as well-
  5. G

    Stratocaster Creafted in Japan Reissue?

    Hi! I have a Stratocaster CIJ with serial number: O077211 The guy who sold me the Stratocaster says it is a vintage reissue 54 Is it true? Coul you help me to know more about my guitar please? IMG_20210724_201042 by geko_02 posted Dec 9, 2021 at 12:05 PM IMG_20210724_200908 by geko_02 posted...
  6. charlieza

    MIJ H Serial Strat ID

    Hi, new to strats and fenders and all and wanted some help with ID of one i’ve won on ebay. I’m not a fan of purchasing new guitars that’s why i went with second hand and have heard great things about mid-late 80s MIJ strats so i thought why not. Also purchased as it clearly needs work doing and...
  7. L

    N(U)GD CIJ Fender Stratocaster ST62-70TX (Tokai-Gakki)

    So I recall blathering on about the difference or lack thereof between the older MIJ and CIJ Fenders, more specifically the difference I perceived between the Fujigen and Dyna-Gakki Fenders put out during the late 90s. While there weren't much difference in quality, I found that I wound up...
  8. E

    N serial Strat Crafted in Japan?

    Hi. I have a N serial strat, a sunburst one with tx special PUs I heard that N serial without CIJ is manufactured between 1993-1994, but the web said CIJ with N serial comes with 5 digits. I'm a little confused Is my strat a fake one?
  9. LeDuck

    Closed//Need some help regarding a CIJ 57's R series 2004 strat

    Hi, I recently stumbled upon this CIJ strat that is selling for about 700~ in usd but I checked around including the catalogues and couldn't find any strats with that colour at all. It has an ash body so I'd suspect standard American 50s pickups but the see-through white colour and gold...
  10. S

    Upgrading pickups in Japanese lefty

    My CIJ ST62 Strat pickups don't do it for me so I'm upgrading to 57/62s. It currently has the standard Japanese Alnico Vs which feel very low output to me, and pack very little punch. While I'm at it I'm also going to swap the pots and give all the electronics an upgrade. I got all the help I...
  11. isacikgoz

    Need help for a 56-reissue(?) CIJ stratocaster

    Hey all! I want to get some assessments for a guitar that I am about to buy. The guitar is crafted in Japan. The guitar is priced around 875$. My questions are: 1. Does it worth it? 2. Seller says it is a 56 reissue, which I only see there are 54, 57 and 62 reissues for Japanese made guitars...
  12. luisserik

    Stratocaster Hardtail CIJ, need info, A Serial

    Hey! Someone is selling me a 1998 candy apple red Hardtail Fender Stratocaster Crafted in Japan, with A Serial Number. The asking price is 520$. I don’t know if this guitar is real, the seller says it was custom built for somebody back in the day, that is why it’s a hardtail. ¿Can somebody help...
  13. W

    Used ST-57 Good price?

    Found this on Reverb. The listing says it's a 1993 ST-57. It has Abigail Ybarra '69 reissue pickups, and the finish was sanded off the back of the neck at some point. Other than that, it's stock. I tried doing some research on the serial number, but it looks like it's either '93/'94 or it's...
  14. N

    Newbie from Ireland

    How're ye folks, Here's my 1997 Fender Strat ST62 CIJ
  15. N

    What model is this Strat?

    I've recently come across this Strat for sale advertised as a CIJ ST62 reissue. I thought these were a 3 tone sunburst not 2 tone? Does this look like the body and neck are from different guitars? Cheers for any advice.
  16. S

    CIJ '93-'94 ST57-115

    Any information on these strats? I have looked around but cannot find much info. Are they good quality? Does the -115 indicate higher quality model? Poly or Nitro? Any help is appreciated.
  17. S

    Thoughts on New Japanese Midnight Black Factory Special Run Strat (& Tele)!?

    Hi there, Long time casual reader of the site here, posting for the first time. I was wondering what people's thoughts are on Fender's Japanese made FSR Midnight Black with Gold Hardware range? They can be found on the US Fender Store under MIJ but I can't post the link. It is the look...
  18. A

    Fender Stratocaster CIJ 1997 62' Reissue buying advice

    So I'm looking to buy a new Strat and stumbled upon said guitar. A 1997 CIJ 62' Reissue Strat. Haven't yet been able to get a look under the pickguard to see what pickups it has, but the asking price is about 500-550€ including the case (~600$/480GBP). What do you think? Would that guitar be...
  19. G

    is this a legit cij 57ri? Fender strat "O" series

    Hi, can you help me ID if this is a legit CIJ 57ri? just wondering cause there are no markings on the neck pocket and neck heel. the " Crafted in Japan" font is also quite different Thanks
  20. UmpaHimself

    NGD: CIJ '57 Blackie and Neck Question

    As a massive fan of Clapton and 50's Strats I was really excited to pick this one up. It's an '04 ST-57TX which means alder body and Texas Specials (soon to be swapped). I've always heard CIJ era guitars were not as good as MIJ era, but the fit and finish on this guitar is second to none. The...
  21. StratLover66

    NGD!! CIJ '65 Reissue

    Got it pretty cheap and really loving this axe. I love that transitional logo! It should have Custom Shop Texas Specials in it, but I won't know until I restring it. According to the serial # it's a 2006. Fingerboard looks curved on the bottom, like the original '65s. And the binding on the...
  22. L

    Fender CIJ 50s or 60s? genuine? 1997-2000

    Hi!, I am new here and new to Stratocasters. I´ve been playing only telecaster and now I'm in love with Strats = ) Im from Brazil and I don’t speak English very well…sorry. Please, I need some help with one guitar. I’m interested in buying a Fender Strat CIJ, cursive letters, serial O + 6...
  23. E

    stratocaster cij no model/code stamped!

    Hi everyone. I just bought a Fender stratocaster crafted in japan. After 1 hour I decide to dismount everything to look how this jewel was made,and... As soon I took off the neck I found out there is no model stamp printed. Only "D2" and a faded "A" on the neck. On the body "A" and a 3( I've...
  24. Shinbones

    CIJ Strat Identification-help please?

    Hi All, I'm new here and wondering, has anyone seen one of these before? I've just bought one EXACTLY like this here in Australia (though a lot cheaper). Mine was...
  25. danlad

    CIJ '62 Grain Sink

    I have a roughly 10 year old Fender Japan ST62, was a domestic Japanese one with the Texas Specials and alder body that I imported to the UK. Have been thoroughly enjoying playing it for the last decade. There are though distinct areas of the poly sinking into the grain. My question is has this...