1. Breadman

    Squier Bullet Odd Serial Number

    Hey everybody, first time posting on the site. I've been looking out for an Arctic White Squier Stratocaster on the second hand market and will probably end up with a bullet until I can afford a classic vibe etc. Arctic white body, maple fretboard and H/S/S pickup config would have been first...
  2. A

    Help me identify this guitar - Is this a Squier Affinity?

    I recently purchased a second-hand squier affinity as said in the advert, but I have some doubts about whether it is an Affinity or Bullet, the fender official serial registration returns an Affinity in the same color (product number: 0310700505), but different pickguard and most importantly its...
  3. B

    Squier Strat - 2021 Bullet Build with Nighthawk p'up (CII ICS Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2021 Bullet Strat neck. This became the second guitar I owned (which infected me with GAS). I built this as a standard SSS Strat late 2021, but as time went on I started getting crazy ideas. I tried combining two different selector switch setups (the...
  4. HighwayStar106

    NGD - MIK Squier Bullet

    Now that shops are open again, I thought I'd finally try and get my hands on some sort of maple fretboard Strat, preferably in black as I'm a huge Clapton fan. I'd heard that one local shop had recently got a few new guitars in, so I went to check them out, but sadly there was only one maple...
  5. 1

    EMGs in a Bullet strat?

    Well, i have been for long overthinking if i should blind order or not the hardtail Bullet strat... Once i pulled teh trigger, i have to say i am super happy with it and it is an amazing and genuine strat for the amazingly small amount of money...! I actually love the stock sound...and almost no...
  6. illmcchickens

    I have the first ever produced 1986 squire e series bullet with a 000001 serial,

    Thinking about selling this but don’t know how to price it
  7. bdrcaster

    Should I swap my Player Series strat with a MIA Fender Bullet?

    Hi, I just needed a second opinion on this trade. I would have to add 150 Canadian Dollars on top of my player series for the trade. FYI, I got them used for 590 Canadian dollars This is not the actual guitar, but it looks identical. I'm guilty of liking odd guitars just for the sake of being...
  8. JoelZephead

    Help identifying a Squier Strat

    Greetings everyone, so, I already own a Squier Affinity guitar (I prefer Les Pauls but wanted a cheap Strat for that funk tone), thing is I was just browsing the Marketplace and saw an Olympic White strat with a tortoise pickguard for cheap, that being one of my favorite color combinations for...
  9. FrieAsABird

    Belated NGD- Second attempt!

    Hey Folks, I tried posting this thread already but it crashed my browser, so again: Found this on a local selling market used and saw it advertised only a few km from my house so I Messaged the guy: He acted kinda funny and by the second message, he called me by my first name, which I never use...
  10. C

    Can anyone identify this squire bullet by fender

    Hi everyone I’m new here had this guitar for a while now got given it for free by my friend who had it for years and had got it from a charity shop somewhere. I have never seen any photos of a Strat that looks like this one! It has a 9 hole pick guard?! Varnished neck and headstock and an e9...
  11. MartinoTJ

    NUGD...I am finally done with this one...Hopefully

    I finally finished modifying my Squier Bullet Strat. 2 lipstick Alnico 5 1 HB Gold Foil Alnico 5 Blender wiring with 50's tone wiring CTS 250K Pots Orange Drop 0.047 nF tone cap Tinted neck Not bad at kida of a 60's Surfy vibe.
  12. vid1900

    PSA: Squier LE Bullet Telecasters $120 /free ship MF - Red Sparkle

    Instead of buying cheap guitars full of heartbreak on Ebay, get this Full Thickness, String Through Body in Red Sparkle from MF. Great gift for the kids, or for those gigs at the strip bar in the bad part of town...
  13. sssstratsss

    Original Instagram/Youtube videos

    I've decided I'm going to try to start doing more videos of random music I try to make. I'll start posting them here to maybe get some feedback or whatever. I'm not very good at mixing, but maybe one of you could give me pointers. Here I'm using a Squire bullet with guitar fetish pups &...
  14. Squier Bullet Stratocaster with mods...

    Squier Bullet Stratocaster with mods...

    Black pearloid/w/b/w pickguard. An Emerald Lace Sensor in the neck position, a Silver in the middle and a Red Dually in the Bridge with a mini-toggle coil tap switch. Fender no-load tone control on neck sensor. Fender TBX tone control on bridge sensor.
  15. S

    Squire Fender Bullet Strat ICS Serial number

    Dear Friends, I could appreciate if you could please assist me regarding this guitar which i am having difficulties finding out information about it. Squire Fender Bullet Stratocaster Serial Number: ICS14073444 Crafted in Indonesia. What is this color? (Pinky red) What wood is the body? What...
  16. Hiblet

    Anyone know a Scratchplate / Pickguard for a Bullet 2017 HH

    The 2017 Bullet hardtail strats are looking like a good start point for a project. I have some old humbuckers kicking around, and would like to put them in a Strat. For that I am going to need a cheap scratchplate or pickguard that will have HH holes, and will match the Squier's screw...
  17. S

    Upgrading Bullet with MIM pickups

    Hello guys! I recently bought a COB bullet second hand and was considering upgrading it. While searcing online I came across a very cheap set of 93 MIM Fender pickups. They are so cheap in fact that I am suspicious about them. Could you guys confirm if they are real MIM pickups? Do you think...
  18. RyanDangerMcCall

    Vox vs Bullet Coil Cable

    I couldn't decide on the VOX or Bullet coil cable. So I bought both and did my own review. The Bullet is brighter and clearer. The VOX is darker and seems to sounded gainer. Both are cool and sound great. Maybe this can help someone who, like me, couldn't decide which one to get. I'm using a...
  19. P

    Newbie Bullet Strat Daphne Blue Question

    I picked up a Bullet Strat by Squier. Can’t seem to find date or where it was made. I believe it’s an older model with a maple fretboard. I’m a newbie in the electric world. Would appreciate information and perhaps approximate value. Plays well. Everything works. Just a few little dings here...
  20. Iazarus

    Please help me identify my Squier Strat

    Hi, I have won an eBay auction for a Squier Strat and would appreciate any help in identifying which model it is! I have attached photos. The serial number is CA03051010, from which I have worked out that it was made in China in 2003? I was wondering if perhaps this was a guitar from a starter...
  21. T

    Hardtail to Tune O Matic on a Squier Bullet Mustang.

    Hi all, so as I'm sure most of you are aware of the new Squier Bullet Mustangs. I'd love to get one, upgrade it to the bone and make a badass little guitar out of it :D. However, I'd want to put a Tune O Matic on it, instead of the hardtail, the way Fender does on some of their models. I would...
  22. jotaelegete

    Greetings from Perú

    Hey guys! I've been reading you for a couple of months now, lots of useful information. I am a novice, almost a year playing (mainly blues and classic rock). My first guitar was a very cheap Squier Bullet Strat, but I sold her after learn chords (too basic). I recently bought her replacement...
  23. jancha99

    Fender Bullet Stratocaster 1981s

    Hey Guys! I'm Jan from Germany and i'm the owner of a vintage Fender Bullet Guitar, Serial Number is E127543, i don't play the Guitar anymore so i'm thinking of giving it away so it gets played again!My (half-)Granddad once gave me that instrument, he says it's bought in the US, also Made in...
  24. Hal Nico

    Finger Boogie

    Rock Boogie Guitar.Channeling my inner Boogie from my old guitar heroes e.g Alvin Lee,Rory Gallagher,Johnny Winter,SRV,Chuck Berry and so on..... Thanks to Guitnotes on Youtube for the backing,
  25. E

    Just got a Fender Bullet

    Hello everyone :) I recently bought a used Fender Squire Bullet with a Crate GX-65 amp. Everything seemed great when i bought it, but now my amp makes a buzzing sound all the time, and makes a crackling sound when i tap the strings. Do any of you know why this is happening, and how to fix it...