american professional ii

  1. C

    Could someone here help with Double Tap wiring?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and registered just to get an opinion on wiring up a stratocaster. I know nothing, but would greatly appreciate any input on this issue. I recently purchased Fender’s Double Tap humbucker and tried to match the wiring on the American Professional II HSS...
  2. G

    Adding 7 way switch mod to HSS American Pro II strat

    Hey y'all, first time poster here. I'm an amateur at soldering and wiring in general so I was wondering if i could get help on a mod for my HSS American Pro II strat. It's got some weird stuff I haven't seen on other 7 way switch mod schematics such as the 250k/500k dual pot, the treble bleeds...
  3. CharvelFender Guy

    Strat Fan says Hey!

    Greetings all! Was looking for some reviews on the “Show Case” model and it brought me here. There was one thread and I decided to stick around. I recently bought an American Professional II Miami blue (per the wife) and love it, at the same time was eyeballing and putting my hands all over a...
  4. Simulacrum1975

    Bridge saddles for American pro ii

    Hi everyone. My first post. I’m about to order my first strat (I currently have a les paul but mostly have been playing acoustic for the last ten years (started late, I was 35 and glad I decided I wasn’t too old to start!) I went from wanting a MIM player, to really loving the smooth bridge...
  5. L

    Can't decide which pick-guard to choose, which do you prefer? (pictures / poll)

    Hey guys! I recently bought an American Professional 2 strat, and at first I was dead set on changing the PG to parchment instead of tortoise, but after playing it for a while it grew on me and now I don't know. I'm curious what you think; which PG would you choose? Cheers!
  6. L

    How do I remove a push-push knob?

    Hey guys! My question today is whether you remove a push-push knob the same way you remove a normal knob, i.e by carefully dragging it out? I tried applying some force by dragging it out but it was quite stuck which got me worried about how to do it. Here's a video of the...
  7. C

    Am Pro II Fret Height

    Hey everyone, I got the new Am Pro II Strat, but I'm finding the frets to be TOO tall to the point where it affects my slides. I'll usually try sliding forward two frets but my finger gets caught after the first fret. Has anyone else had an issue with this? I rotate playing between my other...