1. A

    Help me identify this guitar - Is this a Squier Affinity?

    I recently purchased a second-hand squier affinity as said in the advert, but I have some doubts about whether it is an Affinity or Bullet, the fender official serial registration returns an Affinity in the same color (product number: 0310700505), but different pickguard and most importantly its...
  2. L

    Custom or just plain tacky?

    Olympic White 2023 China made Affinity Strat fitted with staggered Fender locking tuners allowing string tree bypass, decked bridge via 2 extra (3 factory/2 old, 5 total) soft old springs, well seated neck, genuine fender 5 way switch with tone pot 2 modded to control bridge pickup only, Ernie...
  3. B

    Squier Strat - 2005 Affinity Build with P90s "Noventa" (CII IC Serial)

    This is a partscaster I built from a 2005 Affinity Strat neck. I found the neck at a music store, then went away with getting my own "Noventa" Strat going. Features: Gotoh SG381 tuners alder surf green ST-body Wilkinson WOV08 tremolo with roller saddles Alegree P90s (budget A5 grade) WD Music...
  4. leispat

    20 year guitar hiatus: Budget guitar build

    I used to play guitar 20 years ago and finally decided to get back into playing. I purchased a new Squire Affinity for $150 and a Bugera V5 amp. My plans so far are to install a Alnico V loaded pickguard from eBay I got for $35 Tusq xl string trees for $15 New strings from D’Addario...
  5. lodestonejoe

    New [2021] Affinity Strat Experience/Review and Questions!

    Hello! Brand new account here, but I've been a member over at TDPRI for 18+ years! Worked in the music retail industry for a long time, know my way around guitars, but I've always had Strat-avoidance because my first guitars were horrible Strat copies. Having a mid-life crisis and decided to buy...
  6. Davono

    Hotrails? From China? He is a fool they said. He is mad. They all laughed. Well who is laughing now?

    So I sold my mex a few months back to finance some things. And I got the itch and bought a cheap, mint 2008 Indo Squier affinity with a lovely natural flame on the neck. Bought for €75. Then put Chinese hotrails from musiclily. All pics below. Came out great. Zero hum. I thought I would be...
  7. Curtgonzales

    Squier strat by fender affinity Indonesia 2008 body wood

    Hi all, I'm new here, I have found a squier strat by fender affinity Indonesia 2008 small headstock and I want to know if the body is Alder, poplar or agathis, because I have found some info about the Indonesian affinity special that comes with a pack, and Im not sure about the body wood, would...
  8. G

    Partscaster Affinity with Dimarzio BC Pickups

    I tried to keep this as inexpensive as possible. The body is a cheap late 90's Affinity Strat that I got for $50 including the bridge, tremolo, strap buttons, neck plate, and jack plate. The neck is a Northern Redfish neck. The frets are a bit rough, but quite frankly, I like this neck more than...
  9. estebannn

    weird squier affinity

    hey so i wanted to buy this squier affinity but it seems kinda weird to me, the guy said that he changed the volume and tone controls and he covered the pickups, the tuners are weird, in the back it has a serial number but no “s/n” before it, and if you search the code in the fender sn...
  10. JoelZephead

    Help identifying a Squier Strat

    Greetings everyone, so, I already own a Squier Affinity guitar (I prefer Les Pauls but wanted a cheap Strat for that funk tone), thing is I was just browsing the Marketplace and saw an Olympic White strat with a tortoise pickguard for cheap, that being one of my favorite color combinations for...
  11. E

    Squire Affinity pots identification |>S<|

    Can someone help me identify the pots in my squire affinity Strat? They have a symbol stamped on the base that look like this: |>S<| What looks like a letter S with two triangular shapes coming out of the centre of the S. Thank you!
  12. S

    Issue with 5 way tone selector

    Hello everyone, I hope all of you are safe. I am learning guitar, AND FOR THAT PURPOSE, I have brought a Squier by fender affinity series stratocaster. When I got the guitar, It was working very fine. After a week I noticed that when I change the pickups with the 5 way tone selector, for...
  13. O

    Is this Squier fake?

    Hey guys, im a newbie to guitar and just got my first Electric guitar yesterday. Its a Squier affinity stratocaster in beautiful surf green, Made in Indonesia. After coming home I found out that the logo in the headstock says “Stratocaster” after the Squier logo. Where as all the images i saw in...
  14. gofmusic

    Interesting Telecaster Comparison

  15. ArmandoSpiffy

    2000 Indonesian Strat Parts

    Hello! Brand new here. I've had my Navy Blue 2000 Affinity Squier Strat (Indonesian) for 19 years, and for the past 15, it has mostly been in my old closet at my parent's house. Back when I bought it, there weren't many resources online so I'm super pumped to find this forum now that I got back...
  16. HighwayStar106

    New Affinity Neck For My Partscaster

    The Legend neck I had on this body was buzzing all over the place, even through the amp. So rather than pay more than the neck was worth for a fret level, I figured I'd just buy another neck which had better frets. Since the body is a Squier, I thought it'd make sense to put a Squier neck on it...
  17. northernbrit

    Ron Thorn picks out 3 Squiers

    Very interesting opinions expressed by a Custom Shop Principle Master Builder as he picks out an Affinity, a Contemporary and a CV. Its not what you'd expect.
  18. pizzaesteban


    Hello Everyone, I'm new in the site but I wanted to ask the community. So recently I was surfing the webs because I kinda want to get a squier strat, and I fell in love with one specifically. The title says: "Fender Squier Affinity 1997 Natural wood" So yes, this guitar looks very particular...
  19. T

    Difference between pickups? And Squiers vs Fenders?

    What are the differences of the guitar pickups on a Squier Affinity, bullet, Squier Standard, Fender MIM, USA? Why do I read so many people say they are swapping out their single coil pickups with either ceramic, alnico, hot rails, Fender, or other? I dont like humbuckers. I tried swapping out...
  20. Iazarus

    Please help me identify my Squier Strat

    Hi, I have won an eBay auction for a Squier Strat and would appreciate any help in identifying which model it is! I have attached photos. The serial number is CA03051010, from which I have worked out that it was made in China in 2003? I was wondering if perhaps this was a guitar from a starter...
  21. M

    Affinity vs. Bullet

    Alright, so I just found this site as I jave recently been 'getting into guitars.' I'm still in the early stages of learning but I'd like a nicer guitar than the completely unbranded strat-type guitar that I currently have. OK, so to my question. Is the Affinity that much better than the...
  22. veehotel

    Affinity kit or Sterling SUB bass?

    Hi everybody, I would like to start playing bass.. I've been looking into the precision bass affinity kit and the Sterling SUB ray4 bass. To be honest, I don't want to spend a big ammount of money into something new that might or might not continue in my life later. So, I just wanted to hear...
  23. sirjeremy

    GFS Crunchy Rails

    Hey guys. Just got to try out my modded Affinity Strat in the studio with a lone GFS Crunchy Rails in the bridge. I've read some pretty decent things about GFS pickups in general (for the price, anyway), and I was going to get an Invader but figured I'd give this a shot for half the price (plus...
  24. northernbrit

    'Garden Shed Worn' Duo Sonic..

    Now there's always been 'road worn', and 'reliced', but I will now forward the new category of 'garden shed worn'. Only applies if guitar has genuine garden soil on it.
  25. jeffh

    1997 Squier Stratocaster neck info needed

    Hey folks I bought this neck last night on impulse thinking that it would fit my '05 Affinity. Would anyone be able to help me identify it? I searched the internet but nothing really turned up.

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