7 way switch

  1. G

    Adding 7 way switch mod to HSS American Pro II strat

    Hey y'all, first time poster here. I'm an amateur at soldering and wiring in general so I was wondering if i could get help on a mod for my HSS American Pro II strat. It's got some weird stuff I haven't seen on other 7 way switch mod schematics such as the 250k/500k dual pot, the treble bleeds...
  2. phillipkrieg

    Wiring Help Requested!

    Hello everyone, Total rookie here with some wiring questions. I have a new Fender 57/62 loaded pickguard and I am trying to make a few modifications: Add Gilmour style 7-way switch for Neck (DPDT On-On) Add a switch for 2 two caps and no tone cap on Tone Pot 2 (DPDT On-Off-On) Mods already...
  3. NothingHero

    Humbucker split and 7 way switch (Gilmour switch)

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so i hope I'm doing this right I'm about to do my first rewire and I really wanted to split my humbucker AND do the Gilmour switch. Is this possible? If so does anyone have a diagram or any tips? Sincerely Magnus ;)
  4. W

    7 Way Switch vs. Bridge Pickup Mod

    I luckily was gifted a second Strat so looking to do some mods. Want to make this one as versatile as possible. I've settled on two options after doing some research, and was curious to get this board's opinion on what might be the better option and give the most dynamic possibilities. For...