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  1. retrobob

    Sticky neck

    Sometimes it's not the neck causing the stickiness, but the oils and moisture on your hands.
  2. retrobob

    A Goodbye from CigBurn

    RIP Thoughts and prayers for family and friends
  3. retrobob

    A Goodbye from CigBurn

    Thoughts and prayers
  4. retrobob

    Need suggestions on pickups please!!!!!

    Here's a pickup that make that thing sound much better!
  5. retrobob

    I need a name.

  6. retrobob

    I need a name.

    Cracked Heads
  7. retrobob

    I need a name.

    Dad's of O O-Dads DaddyOs OD DO
  8. retrobob

    Using headphone O/P to mixer I/P

    Go from your headphone output to your mixers line input (not mic) adjust the channel gain to remove clipping and you'll be fine.
  9. retrobob

    Stainless Steel Frets on a Vintage Strat?

    I have multiple Fender Strats of the same model (same pickups, same controls/switches, same tuners, same necks, same bodies, same rosewood fretboards (except one is maple), they are virtually identical except for colors for a total of 12. 4 of these have SS frets, the others are nickel. I use...
  10. retrobob

    Guitar wont stay in tune

    Changing string gauge changes tension, as you already noticed by having to tighten the tremolo spring claw to compensate for the increased string pull (tension). While the nut may be binding, it is just one factor to consider. String gauge changes also effect a lot more; tension changes the...
  11. retrobob

    Potentiometer value too low?

    Careful with compressed air, too much air pressure can bend/damage the wiper arm inside the pot changing its value or ruining it altogether. I have never found it necessary to use compressed air in a potentiometer.
  12. retrobob

    Wanted Need a couple 12AX7 tubes
  13. retrobob

    Making a fretless strat...

    I've done this for basses and guitars, it's not hard to do and comes out great. Glue it in, trim the ends and sand it with a radius block, done...
  14. retrobob

    how to ground partially shielded pickguard

    Do the ohm meter test I explained; Use your ohm meter and test between ground and each pole on the pickup. Does one or more poles read ohms to ground? If so, you have one or more pole pieces shorting to the pickup's windings, if the resistance is high (5K ohm or similar) the pole piece is...
  15. retrobob

    how to ground partially shielded pickguard

    I think I understand what you're saying, correct me if I'm wrong; At one point you reversed the polarity (phase) of the neck pick and now it buzzes loudly until you touch the pickup while touching the pickguard shielding. If I remember your situation correctly you reversed the neck pickup to get...
  16. retrobob

    how to ground partially shielded pickguard

    Your bridge pickup has a braided shielding/ground cover over the wire, I can't see where you attach it to ground?
  17. retrobob

    Well son, as we age, we become wiser and wider.

    You get to my age and your exercise is checking-in for the next surgery, my lifting now is the toilet seat. Going in next week for a neck operation, later in the year the back gets it, I keep this up and I'll be bionic...
  18. retrobob

    Well son, as we age, we become wiser and wider.

    I'm back UP to what I was weighing when I was 30, except back then it was muscle, not so much now LOL.
  19. retrobob

    how to ground partially shielded pickguard

    It appears in the picture that the black wire going to the jack is attached to the center lug on the volume control and the white wire to right outside lug. Usually the white wire goes to the center lug and the black is ground, did you wire the jack correctly for this wiring arrangement...
  20. retrobob

    What's the best way to address this solder job?

    Soldering to a new tremolo claw
  21. retrobob

    Grounding a tele bridge.

    If you're worried about the ground wire moving as you install the bridge, you do one of three things; 1). Use a small piece of tape to hold the ground wire to the bridge where it sits on top of the body 2). Loop the bare end of the ground wire so it sits under one of the bridge screws 3). Place...
  22. retrobob

    Any negatives to buying a used tube amp ?

    I'm hoping you meant the BIAS pot, not the volume. While anything can happen to anything, generally speaking tube amps are relatively simple circuits with the tubes usually being the weakest link as they wear out. YES tubes wear out. Most used tube amps suffer from week to worn out tube(s). If...
  23. retrobob

    Speaking of coyotes..

    Coyotes don't seem to like my kitty cat? In fact I haven't seen any coyotes lately
  24. retrobob

    Speaking of coyotes..

    Coyotes smoke Peyote
  25. retrobob

    Why did Fender do this?

    It is done to adjust the intonation on the strings so it plays in tune.