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  1. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I may have to go that route. Could be pricey though. Thanks.
  2. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    Yeah Most I’ve seen are custom shop.
  3. Canadian_Fender

    Can’t find daphne blue

    I’m itching to get an American strat in daphne blue with a rosewood board. It’s looking like this is a difficult find. Anybody know if the upcoming offerings will include daphne blue? I can’t do MOD shop either because they don’t ship to Canada.
  4. Canadian_Fender

    Upgraded the ol girl today with some new tuners

    I did the same with my American Standard. I really like the Classic Gear. They look great and they are 18:1 gear ratio instead of the standard 14:1, I think.
  5. Canadian_Fender

    Ugh I am gassing for a 15-20 watt tube head

    Just to throw another into the mix. I've been incredibly happy with my Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40. They do make a 36 watt, and a TubeMeister 20 watt Deluxe. Built in attenuator, and RedBox DI. Very nice cleans, and can do hard rock/metal. Comes with EL84 tubes and 12AX7.
  6. Canadian_Fender

    Godin Radiator?

    I’ve owned a few Godin guitars in the past. They are made in Canada and assembled in the US. Very good quality for a good price. The radiator, if I remember correctly had a top that was basically like a big pickguard. I worked at a store that sold Godin. They were one of the better quality...
  7. Canadian_Fender

    Cleaning grimy fretboard.

    I’ve used the Dunlop Lem-oil on Ebony. I just used it very lightly and didn’t leave it on the board to soak. The Ebony board is still as good as it was new.
  8. Canadian_Fender

    What's worst?

    Most of the time I can’t understand the lyrics or I don’t pay enough attention to know what they actually are. I mostly like the instrument parts better
  9. Canadian_Fender

    Help.... PA Speaker not working

    Can you get to the speaker wires to make sure nothing is disconnected? Are you able to rule out all the other equipment by testing on a different speaker or something?
  10. Canadian_Fender

    Amp experiences........

    Not sure if it's overkill or not, but have you checked out the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister stuff? There's a 20Watt (which has built-in attenuator to drop to low wattage, and a really good DI out so you can use no speaker load and go direct to interface.) There's also smaller ones, but not...
  11. Canadian_Fender

    Into the DAW

    I usually just google “YouTube to mp3” then use one of those. Then you can just drag the song to your timeline I think. Or import via menu. You may need .wav, I can’t remember.
  12. Canadian_Fender

    Gibson headstocks

    I meant headstock angle.
  13. Canadian_Fender

    Gibson headstocks

    ....and fix the neck angle. PRS got it right!
  14. Canadian_Fender

    Pickup combo recommendations?

    Definitely check out Bare Knuckle for their selection of single coils. Oh and maybe a little 59 in the neck? JB and 59 always work well.
  15. Canadian_Fender

    Danish Pete likes my loop!

    Awesome! That’s a great compliment to know a player as incredible as Pete enjoyed it. One of my fav players that I enjoy listening to his playing very much.
  16. Canadian_Fender

    What first drew you to Fender?

    The neck and headstock at first. Then I realllllly enjoyed the pleasing tones of those single coils through a tube amp.
  17. Canadian_Fender

    Gassing for this shirt right now

    And not just chics. Be careful if you wear that to a rodeo.
  18. Canadian_Fender

    Is it just me....

    I signed up for it just after it was invented. Then, I think about a year later, I got rid of it and never looked back. I was tired of reading the posts about what somebody was doing every few seconds.
  19. Canadian_Fender

    Revamped AmPro line?

    I had no idea that’s the reason why they changed that part of the logo. I learned something new today, thanks! :)
  20. Canadian_Fender

    Is it just me....

    Like the North vs the South? It’s funny, even in Canada (and probably around the world) American politics is talked about daily like a hot topic.
  21. Canadian_Fender

    Gassing for this shirt right now

    This shirt (if it works)
  22. Canadian_Fender

    Is it just me....

    if they Unfriend you in real life, then yes. If it’s just Facebook, then probably yes, but social media is just a made up virtual way of life that people take too seriously.
  23. Canadian_Fender

    Do new Fender Strats come with a case??

    I think only American Stuff comes with cases or bags. I’m probably wrong though.