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  1. busyangel1

    Headstock quandary

    So I bought two 60’s style unfinished Fender necks from fender in 1983 one maple fretboard and one rosewood slab when they used to sell to luthiers. So one is stamped gastelum who was Fenders premier neck shaper. They came minus decals and a blank bone nut but with small metal insert disks...
  2. busyangel1

    Any negatives to buying a used tube amp ?

    Depends on who you are dealing with. I’ve bought two amps in public places. I bought a new Blues Jr that was never used from a Bassist who bought it for a relative to learn guitar on and he was moving cross country. Best $200 I ever spent. Then I bought a package deal but had to drive pretty...
  3. busyangel1

    Bought a new Player Strat on eBay. Could it be a fake?

    The Fender Japanese only market is full of colors and models we don’t usually see here. No one would counterfeit a Mexican Strat. Any shop with that rating is 99.9% legit. Making a fake player would be like counterfeiting 1 dollar bills. Of course your serial number should also tell the story...
  4. busyangel1

    Help Me Cope!

    Buy the water slide decal for it. BTW I own several NOS official Fender Necks that were sold unfinished with the water slide in an envelope and no nut slots cut. Warmoth and Mighty Mite also both sell official “Licensed by Fender” necks in 21 or 22 fret versions rosewood and maple fretboards...
  5. busyangel1

    Clapton Mid Boost Upgrade

    I ordered that kit and asked my local luthier to install it. It requires a 1/4 “ rectangular route under the pick guard to house the PCB flush to the body and a cutout where the springs are for the battery. If it’s a hard tail you will need a battery compartment made. The pots and controls come...
  6. busyangel1

    Classic Vibe '60s, 45 days later

    Jeez don’t be telling Fender it’s worth more then they’re selling it for. Their prices are high enough. Glad you’re enjoying the fit and finish and quickly addressed the few small issues you came across. I bought a used squire Jaguar 3/4 scale bass for a song and loved the neck and weight. I...
  7. busyangel1

    Played my first vintage Strat today, a 59 refinish

    Having played since 1967 , I’ve played a half dozen early pre CBS Strats. A 56’ , a 57’ , a 59’ and a couple 62’s. The 57’ is my favorite. It’s light and has a thin neck just like I like em’. Of course being around this long when we all bought our instruments they were just used ….not vintage...
  8. busyangel1

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    I have the Blackstar HT5 and they are great for home practice amps but don’t do well getting banged around. Also my distortion channel failed after one year becoming so noisy it’s unusable. On the other hand the clean channel is a great pedal platform. Mine is paired with a Panama one 12 cab...
  9. busyangel1

    Replacement Pots for CIJ Strat

    Fender Sells them through Amazon. You can put two nuts on them (one below and one above) to adjust how high they protrude. Some MIJ and MIM have different size volume and tone knobs so you may have to order a set of those as well. I put CTS on my squire and had to get new V&T knobs.
  10. busyangel1

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    So you may want to try a Vox valvetronic. Sounds like a tube head because it has a 12AX 7 preamp tube with front panel switchable bias. Also has some great digital efx including reverb , delay , chorus , and vibrato which you can stack different ways into the 5 presets. Nice and light. I found...
  11. busyangel1

    Cry Baby bottom plate

    Dunlop sells them on eBay as a kit $20 comes with the feet . You may have to settle for one with the built in battery compartment bottom if you have a vintage one. Much more convenient! Good luck.
  12. busyangel1

    Need help - possible 79 Strat

    Definitely an early micro tilt neck adjustment disk. They changed to the smaller T type in 1980 I believe.
  13. busyangel1

    Society has dictated you only get four pedals.

    My MXR distortion + , Tumnus deluxe, Boss CE-2 Chorus Ensemble, and Digitech Obscura Altered delay. That is my jam board on a. Pedal train Nano. My studio 4 board would be the same except for an Eventide H-9 Max in place of my Boss chorus.
  14. busyangel1

    NGD! New Strat Build finished!...more or less...

    I have a 59 Gibson Melody Maker that was customized by master luthier John Zeidler. He put in Allen Bradley solid shaft pots and I never realized that until I did a small mod. Anyway he must have carefully sanded out the nibs and put a drop of silicone or fish glue on them. They worked...
  15. busyangel1

    Gen 4 noiseless pups making hum noise.

    The one lug is grounded but it’s a messy weld. I’m going to clean her up. Maybe a little bit of solder is touching between or it’s a cold solder joint to ground. Actually all of the cloth wiring and pup wiring to the 5 way is clean. It is the volume pot that’s messy. I’ll give it another going...
  16. busyangel1

    Gen 4 noiseless pups making hum noise.

    So Yes …. Scott , that has happened before once where the prewired input on a body was reversed and I never checked. And yes this one was reversed as well Thanks !!! …. However it’s still noisy as i turn the volume… it’s quiet at full volume but a bit buzzy as I change the volume from 0 to 8...
  17. busyangel1

    Gen 4 noiseless pups making hum noise.

    Th Thanks , I’ll check it out again using this diagram. The original input wiring was slightly unorthodox. I’ll let you know if it cleans up. If it doesn’t I know I have a damaged component. On the plus side I have plenty of CTS pots and Fender switches. Thanks again , I couldn’t find this one.
  18. busyangel1

    Squier Pro Tone Stratocaster

    Martin guitars made a great “Strat” under the model name Stinger (SWG)with all schecter hardware but was frowned upon because of the plywood body. The tone of this guitar rivals some and actually beats my 1990 Strat Plus. I restored it during lockdown and what a great surprise it turned out to be.
  19. busyangel1

    Gen 4 noiseless pups making hum noise.

    Sooo! I bought a loaded pick guard from someone who claimed they were upgrading to Radio shop pups. Seemed legit. So when it arrived I saw the soldering was a bit messy but looked ok. Little did I know that the Gen 4 noiseless pups are 3/4” deeper than any other Strat pups. They don’t mention...
  20. busyangel1

    Picked up a Dookie

    What version of a distortion plus is it.... the battery only Script version is my absolute favorite especially on humbuckers. The newer ones are made different.... I literally have dozens of pedals for fuzz, overdrive, distortion, and compression /sustain.... Glad you love your new pedal...
  21. busyangel1

    The difference is quite noticeable........American Vintage Re-Issues

    I"m partial to rosewood fretboards and love the feel of the 62 reissue necks so that's my choice (without playing it...
  22. busyangel1

    Swapping bodies on a custom shop Strat.

    Money wise it makes sense but I didn’t pay retail and ultimately I get to make my own options for my own use and of course will pass along my old Strat and one of the CS ones. It was an unusual opportunity and of course I inherited some of the original owners mad obsession to mix and match. 😊
  23. busyangel1

    Swapping bodies on a custom shop Strat.

    Yes they did sell the hang tags and COA’s along with the neck plates and tremolo hardware. Necks in one lot , Bodies in another, and docs and hardware in a third and finally a few loaded pickgaurds…. Also period correct CTS pots and switches. It was a dream come true.