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  1. cpk313

    PRESS RELEASED 4 - 12 - 23 CuNiFe Pickups

    Kinda of a diffused sound compared to a A5
  2. cpk313

    Brother’s wife did a Pete Townshend act on his Stratocaster

    Well I'd be in jail if a girlfriend did that to me....
  3. cpk313

    Fender 1986 replacement neck

    And that is a heck of an expenditure to fake a neck only to have it be used as a reason the neck maybe fake.
  4. cpk313

    About Twisted Bridge pickup

    ^T H I S^ Seriously, I had a few different sets of pickups in my tele including a Twisted/Broadcaster set and the Nocasters in my guitar are where it's at. I really loved the TwT/B set and the Nocaster's are better. The neck is a big change for the better, it has some grunt now, some life of...
  5. cpk313

    Fender 1986 replacement neck

    I don't think it's a sticker, it looks like a metal inlay
  6. cpk313

    Strat Quack. Amps……

    ^This^ Even if you are getting decent quack, no tone on the middle pup will increase the fowl howl.
  7. cpk313

    Tell me about your CS 51 Nocaster pickups

    I just switched from a CS Twisted Tele neck and Broadcaster bridge to the Nocasters and I am digging the No's much more so. My partscaster has a korina body and a rosewood neck so it is not typical and I have the neck at 2mm e, 3mm E and the bridge 3mm e, 4mm E. The bridge is loud but all 3...
  8. cpk313

    Anyone have experience with OX4 Humbuckers?

    Low winds are going to be brighter generally and A5 magnets will have more treble energy typically then other alnico bar magnets. So for your bridge it might help to have a pickup in the 8.5k range, with a cover, and either A2 or A3 magnet. Also the value of your tone and volume pots for the...
  9. cpk313

    Tadeo taper custom build issue

    I can say that the Allparts tele neck I have came with a really smooth transition from neck to headstock. I remember it being one of the differences that really stuck out when I compared it to the Baja neck I had at the time.
  10. cpk313

    How long does it take for Klein to ship out a pickup?

    I ordered a set of Epic 61's on Aug 1st, was notified of shipping on the 22nd and got them on the 25th. I've never had a response to any emails sent but the pickups always sound amazing.
  11. cpk313

    NPD - Klein Epic 65’s

    No idea, I've never had the Fenders
  12. cpk313

    NPD - Klein Epic 65’s

    Since I can't edit the above post I feel I need to offer a correction. The Klein Epic 69's I have are in a guitar that I did not personally cut the nut and it isn't a commercial build. When I got the guitar the nut was cut too high and I took it down but I could have taken it down more. After a...
  13. cpk313

    NPD - Klein Epic 65’s

    I have two set's of Klein's. One is awesome the other is not. The first set I bought was the Epic 57's about 2 years ago and they are great, the guitar they are in is a Fender partscaster, EJ body, CS neck and it is really an awesome sounding 57-ish style strat. The other set I have is the Epic...
  14. cpk313

    DIY Kits

    I have been looking at PGK for a while now and may pull the trigger. I just emailed them about some kits they have in stock though I don't need another project but for $313 it is hard to resist....
  15. cpk313

    Building a Custom Shop Level Strat - is this possible?

    I have your bass's stratocaster sister at the house, she says Hi Muzikraft neck, V profile, dark Indian RW, riftsawn. 2 pcs. Swamp Ash Warmoth body (was 3lbs 14oz so pretty light) the grain was really pretty and in hindsight I probably should have gone blonde instead of Olympic white. The...
  16. cpk313

    Preparing for my first build

    I put my telecaster together from parts and if you know what you want I would highly recommend sourcing every part. The benefit is obvious, you get to pick exactly what goes into your guitar. You will know if you are getting a 7lb guitar or a 10lbs guitar, and you can choose how high of a...
  17. cpk313

    Polishing frets?

    That's my finishing move. It's the only way I can get them really smooth.
  18. cpk313

    What kind of oil for all rosewood neck?

    ^This^ Great advice and exactly what I use. Nut oils can go rancid, mineral oil won't and has a very subtle/no smell. One bottle will last a life time.
  19. cpk313

    Does this tremolo arm angle look normal?

    Contrary to other's observations, or lack of, the trem is not decked but the two pivot screws are adjusted a little too high and the claw is screwed in too much/or someone added a spring without adjusting the claw, hence your back slanted bridge. It's floating but it's not really how it is...
  20. cpk313

    Should I buy a shimmed guitar?

    I'd be less worried about a shim and more worried that the guy said he needed one to get 'extremely low' action when the action is anything but. 6/64 at the 12th is higher then I'd want any of my guitars. Typically action is measured at the 17th so you are looking at more like 7/64, maybe 8/64...
  21. cpk313

    On the fence...

    After many different sets of humbuckers I tried a Burstbucker 1 & 3 in my SG and I am very happy with the results. You know, just to sidetrack you a little...
  22. cpk313

    Does this CS Strat look legit?

    I think that assuming that neck plate is original to that guitar is most likely a mistake. You can easily buy real CS neck plates. I bought a CS neck to put on my EJ body and it has the CS logo on the back of the head stock and the RELIC on the underside of the heel.
  23. cpk313

    Does this CS Strat look legit?

    Looks like the guy had a Custom Shop ink stamp made and stamped the neck and neck pocket and now its a Custom Shop. I have never seen that type of stamp on a custom shop.