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    The Living End

    I lived in Melbourne from 2004-2007, and I remember their former drummer Travis working in one of the local music stores. Good times. We covered "All Torn Down" in the cover band I played drums in back then too. They've got some banging tracks.
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    Going to buy a Squier CV 70s strat

    Because the CV guitars are excellent modding platforms. I bought my 70s CV as a mod project as well. Currently I've replaced the tremolo, pickguard and bridge pickup. Next step is a new wiring harness, and possibly a zero fret nut.
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    Another "Show Us Your Strats" Thread

    My Classic Vibe 70s strat for mods and experiments. Currently equipped with a Telecaster bridge pickup, and the trem has been replaced with a Wilkinson. Next up, who knows? Some sort of blender circuit maybe? I might throw in a zero fret nut I've got lying around as well, just to see if the...
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    Most Tele Sounding Strat!

    My now modded Strat. Sounds really cool, even with a cheap Wilkinson pickup. 10/10, would mod again.
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    [Solved] Replaced the bridge pickup. Tone control stopped working on the neck pickup, but still works for middle pickup. Just... how?

    Thanks for the pointers. Turns out I had bent one of the connectors on the neck tone control so it was shorting, either against the outside of the pot or against the other connector. I bent them all apart and everything seems to work again.
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    Why Is Everything That Tastes Good Is Crappy For You

    Basically, when we were running around the savannahs and plains as hunter/gatherer people, we needed to stuff our faces with as much dense energy sources as we could find. Plants are hard to digest and not too rich in easily accessible energy. Sugar and fat were hard to come by, but are...
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    [Solved] Replaced the bridge pickup. Tone control stopped working on the neck pickup, but still works for middle pickup. Just... how?

    Ok so first things first: I have basically no soldering skills, and I don't know how to read a connection diagram. However, I figured I'd be able to at least replace a single pickup - Just snip off two wires and attach two new wires in the exact same places. Right? I've got a Classic Vibe 70s...
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    Squire classic vibe body’s and fender necks

    My old partso Tele. Fender Player neck a CV thinline body. Zero issues.
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    Adding reverb to vocals

    If you're not using all your sends and returns, I would think you could put a reverb unit in a Send/Return loop of your mixer as an alternative solution. Then you can control per channel how much signal is being sent to the reverb unit.
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    When did you decide to get a Fender?

    I've owned a few Fenders over the years. A Precision bass, a couple of Telecasters and a couple of Strats. Currently down to just a strat. First and foremost: I wanted those tones. Now, there are hundreds of basses and guitars that can offer tones that are indistinguishable from a Fender, but I...
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    Most Tele Sounding Strat!

    Yep, and it sounds pretty good. Currently doing this to my Classic Vibe Strat, as soon as my new pickup arrives.
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    Show us your Basses

    My main gigging bass: Lakland Skyline 55-02 (35" 5-string) My fretless: Sire P5 (34" 5-string) My "just for fun" (and backup for my main): Ibanez SRMD205 (32" 5-string)
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    Going from HSS to SSS

    I'm in the process of converting my HSS to SSS, but with a Tele bridge pickup. The Strat bridge pickup doesn't do anything for me, but I really like the snap of a Tele. Hoping to capture some of that, even without the bridge plate.
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    Sorry Stupid Question… DI pedalboard to mixer..?

    IR will be essential to get a smooth tone, but you will probably miss the compression and playing feel of an amp. If you can, I would definitely look into getting a small modeler to place at the end of your chain, not just an IR loader. If you can't afford the big boys like the Strymon Iridium...
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    If you could only own one guitar, and it was a Strat, would it be a SSS or HSS?

    I *do* only own one guitar, and it's an HSS Strat. I'm toying with the idea of throwing a Tele bridge pickup in there, but if I had to choose between a humbucker or a Strat bridge pickup, I would definitely go HSS
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    Line 6 HX-Effects...? This thing seems awesome...

    Longtime HX Effects and HX Stomp user here. Both are stellar units. The HX Effects is definitely the one that's most like a physical pedalboard, with super simple parameter editing and footswitch setup. Highly recommended!
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    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    I had a Hartke HD500 for a while. Perfectly decent tone, but didn't deliver on its promise to my mind. It was 250w (500w peak), but the two 10" speakers started bottoming out once the volume knob passed halfway. Definitely not usable in a band context, especially since it didn't have support...
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    Classic Vibe Owners Club

    Hey all! Just bought myself a CV 70s HSS, and I'm really impressed with how well it plays. The single coils are nice and glassy, and really responsive. However, the humbucker was a bit dull, so I'm looking into some options. The obvious solution would be to try a different humbucker, but maybe...
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    First time modding a guitar myself - New bridge and accessories on my 2015 Am Std

    I do see your point. It's the curse of being a classic - Can't change an obviously outdated design without getting crap for it. Having a guitar that's so readily moddable makes it fun to make it personal too though. With so many replacement parts available everywhere, you can quite easily...
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    First time modding a guitar myself - New bridge and accessories on my 2015 Am Std

    I've never been a big guitar modder; my biggest mod was replacing the pickups in my old Telecaster (which I paid for someone else to do). But now that I finally have a Strat it's pretty much mandatory to get into modding, right? I bought a Sienna Sunburst 2015 American Standard Shawbucker a...
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    Your Boards Through the Ages

    Not going to list every iteration of my boards, becuse over the past few years there have been far too many, but here are the highlights. In 1998 or so I put together my first pedalboard, back in the days when Boss completely dominated the pedal market. Take special note of the Metal-Zone going...
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    Replace screw-in trem block with drop-in trem block - Possible? (Am Std Strat)

    Thanks everyone for replying! It seems like the Callaham block might be a good fit for my requirements, but at the same time it might just be half a solution to a bigger problem. In the end I found a used Gotoh 510 trem which should be arriving soon, so hopefully that will turn out to be a good...
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    Replace screw-in trem block with drop-in trem block - Possible? (Am Std Strat)

    Yeah, I've found plenty of replacement bridge assemblies. It's just weird that noone offers just a block :)