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  1. guitarface

    Where is the line between genuine/original and partscasters?

    Neck or body swap. Easy question.
  2. guitarface

    Killer deals you missed out on

    Microsoft stock in 1989.
  3. guitarface


    Some people like pedals. Some people don’t. What a world.
  4. guitarface

    The laziness never ceases...

    Lazy? Maybe. Stupid? Definitely.
  5. guitarface

    Is it OK to hang set-neck guitar on the wall hook?

    Norman seems to think so.
  6. guitarface

    Way off topic -- Anyone play GOLF? What's in your bag? (i.e. like the "show us your Strat" posts on the main forum)

    I’m down to going to the driving range once a year on Father’s Day. But I have a ping anser putter, a bunch of Cleveland wedges, ping eye2 irons (I swear, there has been little improvement since), some Adam’s hybrids and fairway woods, and a call away razr fit driver that I got fitted for back...
  7. guitarface

    Please Help: I don’t get it - ….Rory Gallagher??

    Oh great, another one of these stupid ****in’ threads.
  8. guitarface

    Middle pickup, the red-headed step-child of the Strat world?

    I like it. I use it as a “normal” setting. The bridge sounds like the bridge, the neck the neck. The quack positions sounds like the quack positions. When I want something not noticeable, I use the middle.
  9. guitarface

    Regular or Noiseless for hard rock/metal

    You ain’t missing anything.
  10. guitarface

    Is is normal for a tube amp to make a minor low frequency hum as the volume goes up?

    I’m going to go with yes, that is completely normal. Don’t think I’ve ever had anything that has absolutely zero background noise.
  11. guitarface

    Guitar playing styles or techniques that you don't care for...

    I’ve ever been much of a fan of jazz guitar. I recognize that it takes skill, but I like saxophone in my jazz. Although I listened to some Wes Montgomery recently and I liked that. But still, if there’s a jazz group where guitar is the main melodic instrument, no thanks.
  12. guitarface

    Alternating between a Strat and Tele

    I think it’s a great idea. But they need to match.
  13. guitarface

    Selling a Tele and, look at this message…

    Ask if the typewriter is good for beginners.
  14. guitarface

    The Strat with the most Twang

    What’s with all the dang tonewood posts lately?
  15. guitarface

    My favorite guitar solo

    At least for today.
  16. guitarface

    Volume knob - does it affect sound?

    How about removing the strings? What would that do?
  17. guitarface

    John Mayer! Double-neck Martin!

    Did he play stairway?
  18. guitarface

    Hotrails and cool rails experiences? Anyone?

    Lukewarm. Just kidding.
  19. guitarface

    Which pop stars deserve a blue plaque in their honour?

    We’ll all qualify on that score one day.
  20. guitarface

    What improved your playing/skills the most?

    Triads and recording myself.