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  1. tonedesign

    Nitro guitar cleaner/polisher

    I build custom guitars and I hand dye them, finish them in oil and thne several coats of carnauba buffed out. The carnauba gives the wood a fantastic luster, and an occasional mild buff with a microfiber cloth gets them clean and shiny.
  2. tonedesign

    Bridge saddles too high

    Neck heel depth, neck pocket and body depth. and neck relief are all factors in how high saddles need to be. Also, many models use different height saddle screws. I usually use longer screws on the inner strings and shorter screw on the outer strings to prevent too much of the screws sticking...
  3. tonedesign

    Stratocaster sounds muddy

    This is why a treble bleed circuit is so helpful. Signal takes the path of least resistance, so when you back off the volume control the signal can push throught the tone pot if you have it at 10, causing some inevitable high end loss. The treble bleed connects the input and output prongs on...
  4. tonedesign

    Should i use fretboard oil on dry fretboard 2 days after applying lemon oil, because of a dry fretboard on my Strat Player Plus HSS

    Rubbing a small amount of carnauba wax on a bare wood fretboard and then buffing it out after about 15 minutes really provides a nice luster mto dried out fretbooards. Also, if using lemon oil be careful to not let it stay on the finished back of the neck, as the solvent in it can damage the paint.
  5. tonedesign

    Perfect Amp That Can Do Everything Perfectly

    It is a criminally underrated amp.
  6. tonedesign

    Perfect Amp That Can Do Everything Perfectly

    My Peavey Classic MH 20 is pretty much good to great at all those tones.
  7. tonedesign

    Mysterious Strat copy - can you help?

    My guess would be Lotus or Aspen.
  8. tonedesign

    One Amp, Forever

    No, but with the MH's 1, 5 and 20 watt settings, it's a multiverse of sounds.
  9. tonedesign

    One Amp, Forever

    My Peavey Classic 20 MH. I have 3 different Peavey classic cabs to go with it: a 112e, a 115e and a 410e, and it's really like owning several amps with the cab variations.
  10. tonedesign

    NAD - Peavey Classic 30 USA

    I have a Classic 30 head, a Classic 20 MH head, a Classic 20 combo power chassis mounted in a revamp head cab, a Classic 112E cab, a Classic 115E cab and a Classic 410E cab. Suffice to say I am a fan.
  11. tonedesign

    Pedals That Make Strat Pup Sound Like P90s

    The tapped Schecter Monstertones are a great drop in option if you can find a loaded assembly (expect to pay 500-600 bucks). Tapped they have that lovely strat sheen, full winding they have a legit P90 tone. I have a set in my main partscaster (Schecter body and electronics, Warmoth reverse...
  12. tonedesign

    Aliexpress single coils recommendation

    There is a seller on ebay that goes by the handle "Masa pickups" that sells those as well as V60 clones, and several other types of handwound vintage style pickups and the quality is really good!!
  13. tonedesign

    Fender neck or high at heel

    This This is the way. If the screws thread through the body, this can happen. Screws should slide through the body.
  14. tonedesign

    Need advice on how to get this neck to fit.

    This is the way.
  15. tonedesign

    What wood is the body of my 85 MIJ squire?

    From my understanding, most solid color bodies were basswood, and sunbursts were mostly alder.
  16. tonedesign

    Clapton Mid Boost Upgrade

    Easier way to it is to get your hands on a Deluxe Powerhouse Strat, replace the pickups and clip the additional resistors to raise the boost from 12db to 25db (although the 12db is more thansufficient imo).
  17. tonedesign

    People are crazy

    Well it's magic, so you should be able to use it to make 45K euro appear.
  18. tonedesign

    So what's on your workbench now.

    Just finished building these 3 offset style guitars - a SuperSonic, a Telemaster and a Mustang. I'll be listing them on my Reverb shop soon.
  19. tonedesign

    Gonna buy a Les Paul soon need some advice

    Scott St Dennis is a magician!! He does all the fretwork on the necks for my custom builds.
  20. tonedesign

    Get rid of this rattling sound on the G

    Is the saddle spring loose?
  21. tonedesign

    Christmas Gifts

    I take you were very nice and not at all naughty this year!!
  22. tonedesign

    Gonna buy a Les Paul soon need some advice

    A little known sub-brand of the ESP Edwards line is the Grassroots line which are made in Korea and China for the Japanese market. They can be found on ebay in the 400-500 dollar range and are well made...
  23. tonedesign

    Fender System II Tremolo tuning help

    Now you know the reason there was a System 3 trem.