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  1. Strat-Slinger

    Tight and lose

    I also suggest raising the action a touch... it doesn't have to be drastic... just an 8th turn on each saddle screw will help "tighten" the feel... as far as string guages... 9's can play pretty nice and have a decent feel... I've been on all spectrums of string guages and action specs... I...
  2. Strat-Slinger

    High End Bag - Superlative Blues Rock Fusion

    Hey, you... jump on to my cloud...
  3. Strat-Slinger

    One of them gems you always find on a Stones album

    Indeed... Stones albums always have a diamond in the rough somewhere...
  4. Strat-Slinger

    What are you listening to right now?
  5. Strat-Slinger

    High End Bag - Superlative Blues Rock Fusion

    Thanks Floyd! Happy you like it Stone! Much-O Appreciate the proverbial "Thumb of Approval" AndyTones! Thanks, happy you're digging it Rene!
  6. Strat-Slinger

    add a question

    Why not more?... 🤔
  7. Strat-Slinger

    There is a reason we have Memorial Day

    Maximum Respect... 🇺🇸
  8. Strat-Slinger

    High End Bag - Superlative Blues Rock Fusion

    Papa's got a brand new...
  9. Strat-Slinger

    I got married today!

    Enjoy the adventure...
  10. Strat-Slinger

    add a question

    Is that potato salad or lasagna on a stick?...
  11. Strat-Slinger

    26 Years Married today.

  12. Strat-Slinger

    Tina Turner RIP

    R.I.P. Tina Turner... You always kicked ass
  13. Strat-Slinger

    This must be one of the worst relic jobs I’ve seen

    Indeed.... that is a AAA+ crap relic... in spades..♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️
  14. Strat-Slinger

    Bone nut upgrade for MIM Player Strat - Size? Options?

    I have no issues with the synthetic bone nuts... they sound just fine to me and they are durable... however, I have done a couple of nut replacements on two of my strats and I went with the Tusq nuts. They're decent.... FWIW... if you're not having a problem with the synthetic bone nut there's...