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  1. jpmist

    Stress crack in neck pocket - Should I be worried?

    I'm thinking the guitar got dropped bouncing the headstock a bit. . . Something had to cause the chip and crack to go as far as it did. I'd guess that simple stress from the neck pressing on a too high corner finish glob would simply make the usual small crack instead of a chip with an added...
  2. jpmist

    Figured woods on MIM strats?

    During my eBay partscaster days I noted several nice flamey MIM necks of that era. Hence my picture <---- I recall also there was a flood of Korean Strat necks that had quite a bit of flame. My hunch is that Fender hadn't realized that nice flamey necks could be a cosmetic upgrade in the...
  3. jpmist

    Question about Neck Radius: 1972 Strat Sunburst Orig

    If you're still curous and want to confirm, just print out the attached pic making sure the "1inch" line comes out 1 inch long. Cut out the excess and place next to your neck
  4. jpmist

    What is the current "Standard" Strat sounding loaded pickguard?

    Have you tried Fender's web site? Just plug in "pickups" in the search bar and you'll get quite a few options with loaded pickguards as well as pickup sets. If those are pricey then eBay will show you quite a few options. There's a vendor called Stratosphere which has a good reputation that...
  5. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    Yikes, don't recall seeing that angle before. I'd definitly find a fix for that as it would feel alien to have that much missing wood on my chest, smoothed or not. The clear epoxy idea floated earlier would be really cool, but what a learning curve that would be. I'd be tempted to simply bandsaw...
  6. jpmist

    Will an American Deluxe neck plate fit on an American Ultra?

    You have your answer but for the heck of it, I took some screen grabs from Fender's web site of the deluxe curved and the normal rectangular plates. Then with a bit of tweeking slid the curved one over the rectangular one and increased the transparency and the 3 screws are exactly in the same...
  7. jpmist

    Yikes! Is this Strat salvageable?

    If that were mine, I could easily live with the crack without even a thought to repair. Y'all notice there are 5 other screws there? Of which you only really need 2 to keep the bridge from flying off? An easy experiment would be to simply deck the trem, leave out the screw where the crack is...
  8. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    More experienced guys than me might weigh in and there's always Youtube, but it can be a quick and easy refinement with a simple flat metal file to round over the corner edge off the top surface of the fretboard. I've used manicure sticks to polish the wood and fret ends after filing to get a...
  9. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    It's a Gluecaster, so touching up the paint subtracts from that, I think. It's a more impressive story if one can see the damage and marvel that it was put together well and still functions like new. I like the idea of leaving the back wood gashes alone as long as it's smoothed down where...
  10. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    That fracture thru the finish in the upper right side of the pic is worrisome. Might indicate the wood is split all along the length of the screw-hole. That suggestion about converting to a contoured heel is worth considering unless you're gonna dowel that crack shut if there is one. I'm...
  11. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    I've often read that you only really need the two outer screws for the trem bridge and have proved that on my own strat. The outer two are snugged down then backed out a half turn or so, depending on how much range you want the trem to have. The inner 4 are basically for looks.
  12. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    Nice, this was the crack that worried me the most, but with a different pic of it, it looks like a more benign corner crack than going the length of the neck. Great job on it. . .
  13. jpmist

    Rebuilding the “Townshend” Stratocaster

    Yeah, I was interested in seeing how it would go and I can't fault you for trying to fix it. It'd be an interesting afternoon project and certainly a learning experience. I figure the bridge area and the neck pocket are the two crucial load bearing points on the body and perhaps if only one had...
  14. jpmist

    90’s MIM loaded pickguard…?

    I love the "what you see is what you get" vibe. Not taking responsibility for anything I'm guessing. At least nail the seller down to "it works" To my amateur eye the front and middle pickups aren't ceramic and the bridge probably is. I haven't shopped loaded pickguards in a while so $75...
  15. jpmist

    Anyone ever own one of those Silver 25th anniversary Strats?

    I might be wrong, but my 79 didn't have reverse wound pickups, so I imagine the 25 anniversery didn't either. I can't imagine a Strat without that quack . . .
  16. jpmist

    This just showed up in my notifications.

    Too far for me, but I'd be all over that as a partscaster base. It looks like a Standard Mex Strat so I'm guessing ceramic pickups. The body color is really nice. . .
  17. jpmist

    Put Together This Amazing Combination.

    Purty, there are times when gold trim works and when it doesn't. Yours definitely does!
  18. jpmist

    1973 Strat.......Trans Blond Refinish

    My question is would you do it? I've never refinished a strat body and from scanning posts here for a few years it's not as easy as it looks. You'll have to sand off all of the finish and existing stain down to clean bare wood, then worry about how to stain it to get the shade you have in...
  19. jpmist

    String wrapping methods on tuning pegs

    I guess I might point out that my technique differs between wound and unwound. I don't feel the need to overlap the wound strings, the vintage tuners lock them pretty well with a 90 degree bend in the string, but the unwound will get an early overlap and 4-6 winds to keep them from slipping.
  20. jpmist

    New Aerodyne Strat

    Yikes! Sweet! For a short time Japan made those with a Thin-line semi-acoustic body that I somehow didn't feel worthy of at the time. I'm still not worthy but that model has always been "The One" that got away . . .
  21. jpmist

    Need help - possible 79 Strat

    Nice link, thanks. Was right about the "cupped" tuner washers and string tree width. Just had to crow a bit, I'm so often wrong . . .:eek:
  22. jpmist

    Need help - possible 79 Strat

    Nice pics, Gridlock, and you kinda reinforce my doubts. Mainly the headstock - your tuner washers are "cupped" not flat as on the OP's. Plus your tuners have the patina one would expect from 40 years as oppose to the like new look. The OP's headstock logo has some curious scuffs that seem...
  23. jpmist

    Need help - possible 79 Strat

    I dunno, just spent 5 minutes comparing your pics to the ones I have of my 79 I sold off. Nothing obvious to me besides what ptb1 pointed out. The Fender logo looks dead on, but a 40 year old guitar shouldn't look so perfectly detailed. No hint of corrosion on the bridge, none under the...
  24. jpmist

    Need your help.

    I ran into this issue with an 8 hole pickguard where the screw nearest the switch had a different placement. Was that your issue? or?
  25. jpmist

    Jimmy Vaughan Strats…

    There's a Vaugh club on this very site! Jimmie Vaughan Owners Club