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    Storage Unit Find?

    It might be just me, but I'm keen on the Ibanez GRX within the haul. I know where you're coming from and I would've said the exact same thing, however I'm surprised to see that weenies are more related to dog treats on our end.
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    Any Wiring Diagram for Specified Configuration?

    Yeah, I guess so. It wouldn't be hard to implement a phase switch with DPDT controls; wire the neck pickup to the DPDT before the rest of the circuitry. There are other diagrams out there in google that go into full detail on reverse phasing.
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    freeway switch mod for HSS guitar

    Yes there is. In saying that, I'm not confident enough to decipher this Freeway switch. Having read this thread regarding the operation, this is even a worse switch to work on with and not intuitive at all. OP acts as the main common, but GD acts as the other common pole in four of the five...
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    So what's on your workbench now.

    Cleaning off as much surface gunk off the tuning heads on my '80s Greco SE450 I did the best I could with Brasso, a Dremel, cotton tips, and rags. Now I need to figure out how to fix the skunk stripe and fret scalloping job the previous owner did. TBC.
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    I don't use SSS nearly as often as HSH, HSS (mostly used), HH, or HHH. However, if you're trying to make the minimalist route, then yes go ahead will the move.
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    NGD 2009 Bullet Strat partscaster with tele pickups

    I wanted to see the big deal with teles. Since I dislike the shape (with the exception of the Fernandes TEJ model), I went and got some parts over time to build an S-type with tele pickups. Features: Wilkinson MIK tuners (they're spares from an old axe) Lido seafoam green ST-body Wilkinson...
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    Squire Bullet Strat HSH upgrade

    Given that the OP mentioned having a Bullet Strat, the body thickness is likely to be 40mm which will make it difficult to cram a superswitch without routing inside the cavity. I've learnt the hard way with one of my 40mm thickness bodies.
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    Squire Bullet Strat HSH upgrade

    16mm and 25mm potentiometer sizes will fit. Just don't pick long-shaft 18mm pots just to be on the safe side. Given that Asian-built Squiers generally stick with metric gear from experience, I'd be more inclined to recommend pots that have an M7 or M8 metric thread shaft. Bourns pots tend to...
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    freeway switch mod for HSS guitar

    Can't help you here; I don't have enough understanding of Freeway switches with how little documentation there is out there, and I think they're horrid overall. I'm far more familiar with 4P5T "superswitches".
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    When do you start modding a new guitar?

    The moment it enters my bedroom. I don't buy my guitars new (I blame stagnant wages within the past decade); they're either 2nd hand after determining whether the guitar overall feels good in my hands when playing, or they come in bits and pieces needing to be assembled together. Sound is not a...
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    NGD 90's Fernandes SFR-50 MIJ superstrat... is it better than the PRS Silver Sky?

    Some progress made. The Fernandes VH-4 OEM humbucker needed some love. I gave it a short-legged nickel baseplate, 4-wire coversion, and a cover that I had lying around. Finished off the wiring now that I have acquired two VH-7 rail pickups. Series connection with split coils in both...
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    Any Wiring Diagram for Specified Configuration?

    I tried to do this but every time I managed to get the neck and middle in series with a 500k pot, it made position 2 useless/dead spot. I got every other criteria done though (happy to be corrected, however): I might be imagining things, but i do believe with this diagram that you can turn...
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    Any Wiring Diagram for Specified Configuration?

    I made something very similar to what you want for a project I will do in the near future. Not exact, but close. I will need to tweak it in the next couple of days to see what needs to be modified. Not stupid, enjoy your time here. As a word of experience, it does take a fair bit of research...
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    Maiden ( not the Iron variety ) partscaster voyage begins

    +1 on the Wilkinson VS100 bridge You've piqued my curiosity, and I now need to know the lore on this.
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    NGD 90's Fernandes SFR-50 MIJ superstrat... is it better than the PRS Silver Sky?

    This 24 fret superstrat is just... slick. But it's not a Paul Reed Smith, if you know what I mean 😏. Features: Fernandes DF-1 Dog Fighter humbucker Fernandes DF-S Dog Fighter single coils Gotoh SG381 tuners LOXX strap locks Fernandes S-1100 guitar strap cam-lever terminal blocks treble bleeds...
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    "Modern" split-shaft tuners.

    Dude (or dudette)... I wasn't even replying against you. Not sure why I was even considered with your post. 🤦‍♂️
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    Maiden ( not the Iron variety ) partscaster voyage begins

    A 4P5T or 2P5T switch (can't tell by the bird's eye view) with a push-pull pot and HH pickguard; now I'm curious about what wiring you have in mind.
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    2 Knob HSS Partscaster

    I looked into this switch and I personally think it's all too fiddly, mainly due to the DIP switch assembly. The pot is misleading in making you believe that it's a stacked pot when in actuality it's a glorified 500k push-pull DPDT pot with DIP switches to achieve pot value changes. The thing...
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    Dumb Wiring Question for HSS Strat w/1 Vol and 1 Tone Knob

    Totally doable. I prefer using 500K for the volume in all HSS/HSH setups I do. Basically you want a master tone, but want to use a stacked 250K/500K pot with the 250K pot only going to the single coils and the 500K pot going to the bridge humbucker. Keeping in mind that as a master tone, if the...
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    What is a solid, versatile, quality bridge humbucker?

    DiMarzio Super Distortion. An all-rounder nice thick and crunchy tone to my ears. If you happen to stumble across a Seymour Duncan "Nokie Edwards" Custom Shop 2nd hand, give that a whirl. That may be a bit too niche and uncommon though. The thing is, though, that pickup selection can be a hit...
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    Unmolested vs. Molested '64 Strat

    And then there is the general public, who see the term used to discuss more sensitive topics involving crimes against other individuals. I would've preferred "bone-stock", "factory", or "original".
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    About Gilmour wiring

    The wire is doing nothing. It's soldered on to the lug where the neck coil hot lead should go, but at the moment it's just a loose wire. It's hard to tell when the picture doesn't show all the soldered connections but judging by the sole pic alone, everything else looks okay.
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    Question : Volume

    I'm also a 7 to 10 with volume. 0 if I have dual independent volume controls and need to do machine gun staccatos like Randy Rhoads.
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    Tell Me About My Squier!

    2nd this as well. If you keep changing things around, it'll become a ship of Theseus situation. The only thing I may suggest swapping, depending on whether you like an overdriven sound for crunchier rock tones, is a bridge humbucker swap (Dimarzio Super Distortion is a common classic choice)...
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    Uh Oh.. Phillip Sayce playing a Silver Sky

    I swear, that other thread needs to be locked. It's ridiculous to see it open for spamming, pushing other threads further down.