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  1. spyhawk36

    Replacing 2-point bridge mounting inserts and screws

    Drop a small screw inside the threaded insert hole. Use your old threaded anchors and screw them down until the inserts lift out.
  2. spyhawk36

    Will squier affinity strats appreciate in value?

    I think Squier and Fender guitars made with Indian Laurel fingerboards will be less desirable in the years to come. Your MIA Fender might be worth $1,000 today in good shape.
  3. spyhawk36

    Yes or no

    I’m not a fan of it, but if you like it buy it.
  4. spyhawk36

    Best strat colors

    CAR, 3 Tone Sunburst, and Black
  5. spyhawk36

    Replacing 2-point bridge mounting inserts and screws

    I don’t think it matters much what size you buy. As long as the threaded inserts and the threads on the post has the same thread size. How are the knife edges on the stock two point tremolo? For a few bucks more you could buy a whole new tremolo that comes with the inserts and studs. Squier...
  6. spyhawk36

    Crack in finish along wood seam - how concerned should I be?

    I would send it back. Or ask the seller to reimburse half of what you paid for it in return and you keep the guitar if you like it. You will have a hard time selling the guitar with a crack like that.
  7. spyhawk36

    Squier standard 2 point trem misalignment

    Got a few pictures of the front on the guitar closeup?
  8. spyhawk36

    NGD Squier Mini Strat

    I h I have two black mini’s that I also paid $40 each for at different times. I only play one of them. The other one I need to sell but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I just wish the string spacing at the nut was a little bit wider.
  9. spyhawk36

    Nut Filing Question

    I think you should buy the $100 nut files and try it yourself. And buy 2 or 3 extra nuts that fit your guitar if you screw it up the first time. Like everyone said watch YouTube videos to learn the tricks. Buy a nut that’s in the ballpark of your so you don’t have to shape it.
  10. spyhawk36

    Big headstocks - my own observation...

    I have a Squier Standard that I love the looks of the bigger headstock. If the Standard had a all black logo instead of the gold and sliver, I don’t think I would like it as much. But just choosing between the two I like both versions but it depends on the guitar. What I don’t like is a painted...
  11. spyhawk36

    NGD...Fiesta Red Content

    I like you choice was all black on the JB. I have a zebra JB new in the box I never installed yet.
  12. spyhawk36

    NPD - DiMarzio Super Distortion

    The Super Distortion is my all time favorite humbucker. I have one from the late 70’s I will never get rid of. I have a JB new in the box from 2 Christmas ago but I haven’t used it yet. I think it will be too distorted sounding. But one day I’m going to put it in my Kramer Pacer Classic.
  13. spyhawk36

    squier II stratocaster rebuilding

    Looks great Down. How are the necks on those Fender II’s? Chunky, Thin?
  14. spyhawk36

    String gauges

    I’m in my 50’s and I have Arthritis. A few weeks ago I bought some 8-38 gage to make it easier on me. I still haven’t put them on yet.
  15. spyhawk36

    Are you into Sea Food?

    I love seafood. I think crab legs are better than lobster. To me lobster can be rubbery.
  16. spyhawk36

    Squier Decal Replacement

    It used to bother me years ago that about having a Squier logo. But now with American guitar prices so high. I prefer the logo now.
  17. spyhawk36

    CV Sunburst Strat non-matched grain would you return?

    Return it. It's ugly.
  18. spyhawk36

    Vintage Modified 70's

    I'm not sure on the rout but I bet it's single in the neck and for the middle and bridge it will be small swimming pool rout. I like the bigger swimming pool rout myself with all pickups. I want the Squier Standard with a maple board. Candy Apple red. I think they are 229.00 and the guitar has...
  19. spyhawk36

    Squier Strat MIK

    If it was mine I would replace the tuners with vintage style. Then the pickups. I would use the same bridge but block it. Nice guitar.
  20. spyhawk36

    Vintage Modified 70's

    I love the looks of that Squier Black on Black with maple. Is it a 21 or 22 fret? I can't remember. Do you think you will mod it in anyway?
  21. spyhawk36

    Changing tuners help

    thank you. Very well explaining the process to me. I might get the vintage style tuners from Guitar Fetish.
  22. spyhawk36

    Changing tuners help

    it doesn't look bad. Thanks for the picture and the info
  23. spyhawk36

    Changing tuners help

    thank you
  24. spyhawk36

    Changing tuners help

    Have an older squier. I want to replace the tuners but I don't want to leave holes in the neck. Is there any tuners out there that will replace these. And what do you call the tuners I have now? Will bintage style tuners cover up the holes?
  25. spyhawk36

    Squier Standard

    I'm only 5 foot 6 and I have smaller hands. I don't think the narrow nut will be a problem for me.