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  1. Telecaster88

    I know nothing about clean tone

    Rolling off the guitar's volume can also sweeten the tone when playing hot pickups clean. A compressor might help you get the strength and sustain you're used to getting via distortion.
  2. Telecaster88

    Driving East to West on Colfax at sundown.

    My band Felt Pilotes played the Bluebird with Brethren Fast one night long ago. Small world.
  3. Telecaster88

    Best brand of capo for a Stratocaster?

    I go with Shubb capos, because you can adjust the pressure. Good luck!
  4. Telecaster88

    What’s Your “Always On” Pedal?

    I bought a backup Catalinbread Topanga and 5F6 last year in one of their b-stock sales... Those pedals have become an integral part of my sound... Only pedals I've ever bought backups for. Dyna Comp Deluxe was a mind blower. First time I plugged it in, all settings at noon... I finally heard...
  5. Telecaster88

    What’s Your “Always On” Pedal?

    Dyna Comp Deluxe... I play single coils, quietly, and the compressor sparks everything up beautifully. Catalinbread Formula 5F6... I use it as a tone shaper rather than an OD (I play clean), and it's exactly the sound I always wanted. Catalinbread Topanga... My main amp is a 1975 SF Champ...
  6. Telecaster88

    What’s your most revered reverb?

    Another vote here for the Topanga. I always just used the built in reverb in my Fender amps... When I picked up a Reverb-less SF Champ a few years ago I needed to get a pedal to use with it, and the Topanga nails a Fender spring reverb perfectly. I also have an RV6. Lotta fun sounds in there...
  7. Telecaster88

    You can only choose one!

    Get them both and send the Blizzard Pearl to me.
  8. Telecaster88

    21 fret or 22 fret?

    21, 22, 24... Doesn't matter to me. I have guitars with all three. I rarely play up there anyhow.
  9. Telecaster88


    It's very possible that without Flipper I wouldn't have become an artist. They were the first band that I heard and loved where I thought "I could do that..." Not in a put down way, but in a sincere, encouraging way: "I can do it... I can play music, write songs, be in a band..." Looking back...
  10. Telecaster88

    The Gibson SG Owners Club!

    2018 "Bankruptcy Special," bought used but mint at GC for a song. The mini-humbuckers are so sweet with the guitar volume rolled back. Really woody/natural, chimey cleans. I'm a lifelong Tele player... this is my only Gibson.
  11. Telecaster88

    TBX stock on ‘93 American Standard?

    Had a question rumbling around my brain recently, and might as well ask it here. On the TBX Strats, did both tone knobs have TBX pots, or just one, and if just one, which one? Thanks! (I have a '99 AS Strat with the no load pot, and an '88 AS Tele with the TBX, which I really dig.)
  12. Telecaster88

    What has been your amplifier journey?

    Gorilla GG-20 Peavey Backstage Plus Fender Pro-185 (Quit playing for 20 years due to health problems :() Vox Mini-3 2G Fender SCX2 Fender Champ (SF, 1975) I also have a Vox AV60 that is a great amp, but a little large for my current needs. Got it for a song, though, and will keep it "just in...
  13. Telecaster88

    John Lydon for Eurovision?

    One way of being a punk is maintaining a pure sense of integrity through thick and thin, another way is demolishing expectations and "rules" at every turn. Both approaches have their place.
  14. Telecaster88

    Somebody Please Buy This Strat!

    If I ever get another Strat, I hope it's Midnight Wine. What a great color.
  15. Telecaster88

    Yet another Show Your Pedalboard thread

    Dyna Comp Deluxe > Catalinbread Formula 5F6 > MXR Analog Chorus > Carbon Copy Deluxe > Catalinbread Topanga > Boss TR-2
  16. Telecaster88

    Why do you like Stratocasters ?

    I like the variety I get from the pickup combos, and the way the strings feel so loosey goosey on a floating bridge. (I'm mainly a Tele player.) Also like the comfort/contours.
  17. Telecaster88

    Andertons Music and DHL.

    I buy records from Bear Family in Germany all the time. They are usually on my doorstep within a week of ordering. DHL doesn't mess around!
  18. Telecaster88

    Do you actually not like positions 2 and 4??

    Yeah, one of the things I like about the Strat is that when recording, between those five settings, there's almost always one that works well in the context of a particular song. I don't care which one it is, as long as it works. And a lot of time the one that works is surprising.
  19. Telecaster88

    Do you actually not like positions 2 and 4??

    I use em all. I like position 2 for chimey arpeggios with a little extra zap. Position 4 sounds great to me for punchy, clean rhythm playing.
  20. Telecaster88

    Wilko Johnson RIP

    Rest in Peace
  21. Telecaster88

    What are your "Desert Island" pedals?

    If the amp has reverb: Dyna Comp Deluxe MXR Analog Chorus Carbon Copy Deluxe Boss TR-2 I'f the amp doesn't have reverb, substitute a Topanga for the Carbon Copy. Runners up: Catalinbread Formula 5F6 Mojo Hand Mister-O
  22. Telecaster88

    Just stripped the paint off my MIM strat

    Beautiful! I love a natural body with rw board.
  23. Telecaster88

    Feel Good Music

    Two that always leave me feeling uplifted: Sly and the Family Stone, Horace Silver.
  24. Telecaster88

    Two days ago 75 and sunshine

    I spoke three hours too soon.