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  1. tubejockey

    Telecaster pup selector knob….

    I use hot glue. The simplest way to take it off is to put a drop of isopropyl alcohol on it. A couple seconds later the glue will let go and can be pulled out of the slot in one piece.
  2. tubejockey

    Two P90s and a 3 way switch in a Strat

    I really like a 5-way with a Bill Lawrence wiring on these.
  3. tubejockey

    Tel-Rey Morley PWF Pedal - No Fuzz

    It is possible that your curtain needs a bit of adjusting. It needs to completely block the LDRs in the heel down position and put the LDRs in full light at toe down. If you're sure that part is working then look deeper into the circuit. Don't forget to clean the switches, dribble a little...
  4. tubejockey

    Tel-Rey Morley PWF Pedal - No Fuzz

    Well I would probably start by cleaning the pots and switches, just as a matter of course. Then I would check the power supply voltages. Do the LED indicators work? Look for the voltages on the collectors of Q1, Q3, and Q4.
  5. tubejockey

    Tel-Rey Morley PWF Pedal - No Fuzz

    Most likely culprit with those is the fuzz volume ldr. I can't see it in your photo. Find it and shine a light on it. After that, start taking voltage measurements around the trannies and see if any seem off.
  6. tubejockey

    Love this Marketplace ad

    Well, you got to admit, that is a good-looking can.
  7. tubejockey

    I don't have a diagram around that shows this, but it is pretty straightforward. The S1 switch...

    I don't have a diagram around that shows this, but it is pretty straightforward. The S1 switch is a 4 pole double throw switch. Everything wires up just like a standard Strat diagram, but the coil junction of your humbucker will go to terminal 5 on the S1, and then a ground wire on terminal...
  8. tubejockey

    New Seymour Duncan Hyper Switch

    Pretty cool where this tech is going. Now if they could give me the option of adding virtual caps and resistors at various points in the signal path, I might bite.
  9. tubejockey

    Strat sizzle...or ring...what is it?

    Great way to fatten up a strat pickup: Try a tone cap between 6nF and 10nF. It will be quite subtle from 5 to 10 which will let it stay bright but blunt the ice-pick. From 2 to 5 it will start to darken just a bit. At around 0 to 2 it will shift the resonant peak down and give you the sound...
  10. tubejockey

    Tube warm-up?

    This is from the RCA Radiotron Manual. Notice what happens with low filament voltage (low filament temperature).
  11. tubejockey

    Tube warm-up?

    It is truly incredible how much misinformation there is out there about this subject. Now that guitar amps are about the only consumer products on the market with tubes, modern society no longer has any collective knowledge about how they work. Standby switches are there to prevent cathode...
  12. tubejockey

    The English language

    Some of my latest pet peeves in print: Lose/loose, then/than, chose/choose, etc. We are raising a generation of morons.
  13. tubejockey

    Loose Tremolo Pop In Screw Purchase?

    Figure out the size and go to the hardware store. If you want it to grip a bit, try a nylon set screw.
  14. tubejockey

    Help Me Cope!

    My suggestion-- Put your own name on it. Draw up a professional looking logo with your own name, get a waterslide and some clear coat. Give it a finished look and you'll be more happy with it. Adding the Fender name to it will always feel like fraud.
  15. tubejockey

    Questionable Pickguard Shielding...

    Sounds like it has a film over it. It will work fine as long as you can make a ground connection.
  16. tubejockey

    A shot in the dark before a pickup swap

    How about getting in the pickup database, looking up your pickups and comparing them to some that you do like. Pickups can often be modified if you're adventurous enough. I have swapped covers, swapped magnets, partially unwound pickups, removed wax, swapped polepieces and other heinous and...
  17. tubejockey


    Those Alumitones are interesting. The ones I have heard (Deathbuckers) are very loud and flat sounding. Similar to EMG. I think all alumitone humbuckers are essentially the same design: A two-turn pickup in RWRP configuration with a step-up transformer. The only difference between models is...
  18. tubejockey

    The hum's gettin' me down, boys.

    If you like your pickups, you should keep your pickups. No need to change them out until you have tried all the other options. Like Mbroady said, make sure your body is fully shielded. Take the time to do a good job and make sure it is grounded well. Don't forget to add a shielded wire...
  19. tubejockey

    Input jack driving me bonkers….

    The shield that is soldered on that jack is probably touching the tip of the plug. Shorten it up and resolder.
  20. tubejockey

    Difference between 1 piece / two piece and three piece strat bodies?

    If you can hear a difference, you have better ears than I.
  21. tubejockey

    What modulation effects exist?

    Check out tremolo, vibrato, modulated delay.
  22. tubejockey

    Guitar my kid made.

    Cool. Tell me about the finish on the neck.
  23. tubejockey

    Pot confusion

    You have one new style and one old style. They are electrically identical, same pinout and operation.
  24. tubejockey

    Favorite parts-caster and what parts did you use

    If I'm honest, the answer is "the next one". Built from the leftover parts from "the last one".
  25. tubejockey

    AMP output question

    Has it been modded? Is the volume pot grounded? You might need to try a 12ay7 in the first preamp stage.