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  1. fender blender

    NGD Home Build Partscaster

    Seems you should have to grow your own trees too..then get the pieces of wood.. I mean just to keep in the spirit of the thing..ahem
  2. fender blender

    Strat kit with a dash of neck twist

    Somebody got an "A" in woodshop..*wink
  3. fender blender

    Is this going to be a problem? (headstock content)

    Glue and clamp..then..set it aside as a spare..I doubt you'll be happy keeping will eat at you..causing psychology can't unsee it..staring at you..mocking you.. me personally I'd torch it..and dance around the flames...oh yes I would..
  4. fender blender

    At what price would you tolerate QC issues on a new Am Pro II strat?

    That 2mm crack will become 3mm or more with time.. I've got a dozen strats in various flavors with no issues..regardless of price.. I'd return it..
  5. fender blender

    Fret leveling as part of a "set up"?

    I'm following this thread..with email
  6. fender blender

    Fender American Vintage II leak

    Dual humbuckers on a tele is blasphemy.....sigh
  7. fender blender

    Custom shop guitar cases.

    Murphy Lab relic cases..oh no..
  8. fender blender

    Eric Clapton signature versus Custom Shop

    I recently heard that 54 strat..possibly Buddy Holly's that's now in Australia..whew..that's some good tones...his other 54 is excellent my ear.. nothing new comes close to that original tone...
  9. fender blender

    Look for some advice on Nitro finished guitars.

    The latest poll shows 51% to 49%
  10. fender blender

    Sand the neck or the pocket?

    No offense intended..but even with that excellent busy body I can't unsee that neck gap.. I'm a bit OCD though..*wink
  11. fender blender


    Fuzz face blue mini..or nothing..
  12. fender blender

    Identifying early 90's Fender builders

    Wife/Daughter...too bad they're not standing by the...
  13. fender blender

    Help identifying my strat

    How much for the dog?
  14. fender blender

    WONKY Screws?'s possible your polishing rag is defective... I have to leave you now..they need my help on another thread..something about vibrato issues.. I just know I can help..
  15. fender blender

    WONKY Screws?

    It's so obvious.. there's nothing wrong with the's the guitar that's wonky...keep the screw..replace everything else..btw.. I have an online degree in superduper master luthiermanship...
  16. fender blender

    WONKY Screws?

    I suspect you've become OCD about your OCD being a full or part-time condition.. I suggest less caffeine and more guitar playing...*wink
  17. fender blender

    Eras of American Standard Strat

    I guess it depends on what you consider "delved" type sound to be
  18. fender blender

    1962 Fender Stratocaster Mint & Original

    Curious what the ballpark offers have been so far?..
  19. fender blender

    For those of you who are tonewood deniers...

    Did somebody say Sassafras?
  20. fender blender

    Pedal pick

    Happy Birthday! Dunlop FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Pedal $119.00 New
  21. fender blender

    New guitar with scratched pickups? Help please

    I hope that Tele didnt cause a rash on your buckle..ahem
  22. fender blender


    A neighbor told me that in the 50s..they used sticks of dynamite for the 4th..blowing up rocks and stuff in Idaho..
  23. fender blender

    Anyone remember these comic book ads?

    They used to sell a build your own laser kit also..neighbor kid built one..used it to burn a hole in another neighbors tire on their station wagon..big fun!!