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  1. knh555

    I owe @Stratman323 a heartfelt apology

    I poke around on other forums and this is about the only one I see this sort of self-correction. For that alone, I'm very happy to be here and see your apology. Your contrition comes off as genuine whatever the original offense, which I did not witness. That's what I, and I believe many others...
  2. knh555

    I owe @Stratman323 a heartfelt apology

    Now there's a post you don't see on most forums. An apology. A real one. Thank you for making my day.
  3. knh555

    I need, ok want, a travel practice amp that.....

    Yamaha THR30ii if it's small enough for you. Battery powered and takes wireless from the guitar as well if you want to go completely cordless.
  4. knh555


    It's hard to tell from the pics, but I think that cat's a fake.
  5. knh555

    Posting Soundcloud Link Poll

    I was joking. :whistling:
  6. knh555

    Posting Soundcloud Link Poll

    That's why you're only allowed to post one song each. :whistling:
  7. knh555

    Why do some "tech's" do this to the bridge saddles.

    Actually, I really do.
  8. knh555

    One hack dye job...comin up.

    Play wearing these and you should be fine.
  9. knh555

    Lola finally makes friends with Bailey

    We were visiting my parents in Maryland and Lola, who’s nearly five, was being pestered constantly by her much younger cousin. Clearly, she’s made peace with the fact the young guy, who’s seven pounds heavier, is OK.
  10. knh555

    Lola finally makes friends with Bailey

    Our field Springer Lola finally accepts Bailey as a friend. She seemed annoyed by him for some time.
  11. knh555

    Why do some "tech's" do this to the bridge saddles.

    I use a concave slide instead.
  12. knh555

    When do you start modding a new guitar?

    If you wait, you’re not modifying a new guitar.
  13. knh555

    Not something you see every day in the heart of Va. Beach

    That’s a goat doing chicken yoga.
  14. knh555

    One-liners in lyrics

    “It's no better to be safe than sorry” - a-ha, Take On Me
  15. knh555

    Seller writes a book instead of just telling me nut width

    He clearly wants you to move on and look at one of those thousands of other great guitars out there.
  16. knh555


    They’re just catching up
  17. knh555

    One word song title transference

    Down to the Waterline - Dire Straits
  18. knh555

    Best upgrade you can make to a strat

    Best upgrade to improve how it sounds is to improve the nut playing the damn thing. :whistling:
  19. knh555

    I want one of these Jeep thingies

    I like the looks of these more. But yeah, $50k is too much.
  20. knh555

    Travelcaster...good idea or fail?

    I just took the neck off this when I went overseas. I got to play a real guitar that I actually like. It packed in my large duffle just fine, padded among my clothing.
  21. knh555

    Kids today can’t jump rope?

    But isn't that the point? Not everything has to be a necessary life skill. Is playing guitar a necessary skill? I guess they have TikTok now.
  22. knh555

    New Gibson CEO?

    Note my violin and viola cases all fully suspend the instrument and neck with a fair bit of ability to absorb impact before it reaches the instrument. Of course there are strong enough impacts that would get through all that, but decent modern cases themselves are better engineered to protect...
  23. knh555

    New Gibson CEO?

    It's amazing all those more fragile instruments like violins and their bows being used for decades, even centuries, without issue. Yes, some break, but it's not the standard complaint. Maybe many guitarists often don't take care of their instruments in the way those instruments require.