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  1. Friendofthedevil

    Squier bullet 1 (MIJ) SQ vs E5

    So does anyone know what, if anything, is different about the squier bullet 1 MIJ with the SQ vs the E5 serial numbers? My understanding is the SQs were made from 83-84 (maybe early 85) and the E5 designate 1985. But other than that we're there any changes? Body wood? Neck shape and radius...
  2. Friendofthedevil

    80s Squier MIJ bullet 1 (SQ serial number) fret size?

    st desirable models outside of the very expensive JV ones). How would the neck and frets on these compare to early 2000s Fender vintage frets? Or just any info you can share on this It would be one of this model

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