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  1. nifnof70

    LIFE Magazine 27 June 1969

    This was a year and three months before I was born. It hits home—Just kids, really that answered the call and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Salute.
  2. nifnof70

    why you havent seen Kenny G lately

    Miles: I know exactly where to put my trumpet mute…
  3. nifnof70

    Johnny Depp Tele Cell Phone

    He hasn't Heard.
  4. nifnof70

    Went to my first MLB game in 18 years

    For me, being at a Ballgame is a lot different than watching it on television. How did it seem with the new pitch count timer? I don't know if it makes any difference being there but definitely does watching it on TV.
  5. nifnof70

    Epiphone Does It Again

    I like them--especially for the fact they are hundreds less then their American Cousin!
  6. nifnof70

    E.C. (He's still got it!)

    It's nice to see and hear EC doing his thing. He sounds inspired (as he should) for the Jeff Beck Tribute.
  7. nifnof70

    If we didn’t have pets

    You have a lot going on there! Hang in there. Hopefully, things will fall into place and settle down with all having a speedy recovery.
  8. nifnof70

    Easy come, easy go

    I thought it might be a COLA adjustment or something to that nature. Now with me it will probably be the opposite. They will probably find an error in missed meal forms I claimed back during Desert Shield and have to pay up…lol!
  9. nifnof70

    Easy come, easy go

    Wow! What were the circumstances and how long ago did you retire? I know my first year (post retirement from the AF) we got slammed on taxes, which we didn't see coming!
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    This day in music history (5/20)

    This info was shared from 1920 - May 20 The Canadian Marconi Company, station XWA (Experimental Wireless Apparatus) in Montreal, Canada, gave what it would later claim to be the first scheduled radio broadcast in North America. Its call letters were changed to CFCF on...
  11. nifnof70

    Do you ever see yourself totally abandoning your tube amp ?

    No. I'll always have a liking for Tube amp and old (tube) radios. But nowadays, I gig mostly with a Roland Blues Cube due to its light weight and the sound is comparable to a tube amp.
  12. nifnof70


    First... It's a bold endeavor to tackle any Chey Baker song--Especially if trying to pull off the vocals and trumpet. He split notes and sang straight with little/no vibrato, hard to cheat (Chet) any of his stuff. With that, you did a commendable job. Chet was a rather interesting fellow...
  13. nifnof70

    It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

    This immediately made me think of the movie "A few Good Men" with Jack Nicholson's line--"I'm a fair guy...."
  14. nifnof70

    What's the psychology behind the joy of playing an instrument?

    It's fun It' satisfying It's one one the few things that set us apart/bring us together on this planet.
  15. nifnof70

    Post your coolest looking/meaning Album covers

    Now THAT aid a collection!
  16. nifnof70

    Post your coolest looking/meaning Album covers

    I’d like to have a couple of these!
  17. nifnof70

    Post your coolest looking/meaning Album covers

    I had that one--Awesome and possibly my fav!
  18. nifnof70

    Post your coolest looking/meaning Album covers

    Record Albums. Back in the day, I had a decent amount of records from the 60's to the late 80's. At that time, most album covers played a big part in the artist/bands marketing, vision with the late 60's to 70's being the zenith, There were a few exceptions but for many that remember...
  19. nifnof70

    Is America's addiction to true crime genre a sign of approaching end times?

    Some of the latest Tik Toks I've seen kids viewing makes this stuff look like a Spielberg Production.
  20. nifnof70

    Worst amusement park experience

    Oh yes! I had to look that one up to see which one it was. We rode that one, too and I agree that one is a beast--0-70 in two seconds! There was an older wooden one we were on that had a malfunction going halfway up the initial drop. We were stuck for about 20 minutes so guess we got our...
  21. nifnof70

    Worst amusement park experience

    At Hershey Park, PA The Candymonium Roller Coaster Definitely the fastest one I’ve ever experienced. The pre ride announcements/signs said to remove any loose items on person before riding so put my sunglasses in my pocket (mistake). The retainer bar that holds you in crushed them—lenses...
  22. nifnof70

    Disaster Movies in the 70s

    Agreed! These 70’s era disaster flicks are classic! I vaguely remember watching it as a kid and didn’t realize the all star cast.