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  1. JamesE

    Only One Woman

    Takes me back! I loved that song - and in those days I could sing it, too! Thanks for the memories. I wasn't aware that he'd gone on to great things with Rainbow, etc.
  2. JamesE

    i love trash

    Roger the cabin boy! (Ooh, er!)
  3. JamesE

    Is it just me?

    The internet has taken a line from "Desiderata" and turned it into its "raison d'etre". "Listen to all people, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story." If you buy something new by post and it isn't what you expected - send it back under the "money-back guarantee" which is required...
  4. JamesE

    i love trash

    My childhood, too! It was years before I understood why my father laughed when Captain Pugwash called for Seaman Staines!
  5. JamesE

    JOYO JP-5 rechargeable pedal power…

    Groovy! How long can it last when you're playing and it's powering your pedals?
  6. JamesE

    You give me fever...

    Thanks! I looked at some of the other HB guitars at Thomann, and some have the "Harley Benton" script in the middle of the headstock, while the others have the "two triangles" like mine. I didn't like the triangles, as they looked rather shabby IMHO, so I wrote to Thomann and asked for a "Harley...
  7. JamesE

    You give me fever...

    ... modification fever! Okay, it's small, but I liked the idea of a see-through scratchplate. On top of that, I didn't like the waterslide on the headstock, so I covered it with stick-backed plastic (copyright Blue Peter).
  8. JamesE

    Harley Benton just for a change..........

    I had the same problem with the fret ends - a little bit rough. Easily cured with a small file. You can't expect "handmade" at this price, can you?
  9. JamesE

    It's amazing Fender can even sell guitars anymore.....

    I wasn't aiming at the gender debate, as that's too political. I just wanted to say I think guitars are sexy, and found that image lying around on the internet. Maybe there's a more "inclusive" image somewhere.
  10. JamesE

    The interval that mustn't be named. 😆

    Yeah, everything's got to be bigger in the USA! ;)
  11. JamesE

    A.I. Rewrite Of “Sympathy for the Devil”

    I like the first line, but then again, even A.I. couldn't touch it. Maybe A.I. should change the first line to, "Wake up, you human losers".
  12. JamesE

    The interval that mustn't be named. 😆

    To quote the wonderful trumpeter Owen Bryce, "There are no wrong notes in Jazz. If you play a wrong note, play it again!"
  13. JamesE

    Back-Jack whaaa??

  14. JamesE

    Back-Jack whaaa??

    I wasn't aware of that! I can't see the jack socket in the photo.
  15. JamesE

    It's amazing Fender can even sell guitars anymore.....

    Maybe this symbol says a lot about why we like guitars, and I don't think they'll be disappearing anytime soon:
  16. JamesE

    why you havent seen Kenny G lately

    Wayne's World! Wayne's World!
  17. JamesE

    Back-Jack whaaa??

    I'd never noticed that before, but here's a photo of the Mosrite guitar featured on the back of "Walk don't run Vol.2" - there is no jack visible on the front of the guitar! Maybe it's a standard feature on Mosrite guitars?
  18. JamesE

    Wah Wah talk; discuss….

    Morley! Almost as much chrome as a Harley - but not as heavy.
  19. JamesE

    point dume, malibu

    Thank you! I saw the film on TV in the last Millennium, knowing absolutely nothing about it - so the ending was fantastic for me. No doubt a great moment for the first cinema audiences, too.
  20. JamesE

    Epiphone Does It Again

    "Inspired by Gibson" isn't that the "Raison d'etre" of Epiphone?
  21. JamesE

    Craigslist Concrete Pics

    I agree - when I'm selling something I want it to look its best. Likewise when buying, I want to see that the item has been looked after. A guitar standing on concrete, leaning on a car AND with a "repairman's friend" next to it is a definite no-no! Mind you, if the guitar was on top of a...
  22. JamesE

    What's the psychology behind the joy of playing an instrument?

    It takes me to another world.
  23. JamesE

    Play Every Day?

    I had a teacher who told me to practise one scale, bot major and minor, for five minutes every day. That covers twelve days. For two days play chromatics, then start again. If only I'd done as he told me, maybe I'd be a topic on this forum, not just a member!
  24. JamesE

    If you could...

    Jimi Hendrix Experience! (If only Noel Redding had wanted a quieter life.)