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  1. Norrin Radd

    Neck recommendations for new partscaster build

    I’ve got a handful of Mighty Mite necks. No issues here. Yup. They needed fretwork when I got them, but so do most Warmoths and Allparts. My Musikrafts, however, have all been perfect upon receiving them. YMMV
  2. Norrin Radd

    PG Choice for PC build.

    That does look good - nice!
  3. Norrin Radd

    PG Choice for PC build.

    Looks best with the tort from the 1st batch of photos! Add some cream covers/knobs.
  4. Norrin Radd

    Truss rod worry

    I’ll just say it - there’s something wrong here! Take it to a reputable tech, get it fixed properly and enjoy it afterwards. Too many weird things happening- especially if it’s going the opposite direction conventional wisdom tells us it should with the humidity changes. I’ve had guitars that...
  5. Norrin Radd

    P90s Partscaster ‘who cares’ body relic

    Love this! That is spectacular- nice work! That relicing looks better than a lot of “professional“ jobs I’ve seen.
  6. Norrin Radd

    Rate my Partscaster Build (£285)

    I hated it with the black pick guard. Now I love it. Nice work! 👍
  7. Norrin Radd

    So what's on your workbench now.

    That looks awesome! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the body?
  8. Norrin Radd

    Lubing nuts

    Not sure response was proof read...
  9. Norrin Radd

    "Don't Use Metal Picks"

    First, put in 3 more springs and deck the trem. If your tuning issues go away, you’ve at least located the issue. The metal pick explanation seems very suspect to me. If it IS the springs, try 2 fresh ones. With only 2 they are splitting a LOT of tension and would likely lose their...
  10. Norrin Radd


    What gauge is your E string? How about some pics directly above and below the bushing?
  11. Norrin Radd

    Faded sonic blue rattle can.

    IMO, faded Sonic Blue needs to have more green in it - like the nitro yellowed. These above are more Daphne looking, IMO.
  12. Norrin Radd

    Teaching My Son to Level, Recrown and Polish frets...

    I like this more than I should - nice work!
  13. Norrin Radd

    Teaching My Son to Level, Recrown and Polish frets...

    Link didn’t work. I’d love to see the finished instrument.
  14. Norrin Radd

    The Decapacaster

    Can you give more details about how you made the neck headless?
  15. Norrin Radd

    Tool advice for dressing/filing fret edges

    Yup. I’ve got one of those. $20 isn’t too bad for a specialty tool like that. Or you could do what I did and buy cheap and realize how bad cheap tools suck and then buy the better tools and waste a bunch of money. :thumbd:
  16. Norrin Radd

    NPD - Basic Strat, but pretty!

    Finally got this thing put together. Still needs a few finishing touches. Pretty sure I’m going to be putting a Callaham tremolo on this one. It’s an MJT body with a Mighty Mite neck and Kinman Scoop pick ups.
  17. Norrin Radd

    Has anyone got pics of a roasted maple Musikraft neck finished with their tinted oil? How dark is it? Or get MJT nitro finish?

    2 of my most favorite neck! Both are Musikraft. One is flame the other birdseye. The amount of figuring really affects the overall color. IME, more figure = darker overall appearance. YMMV
  18. Norrin Radd

    What Body and Neck weights are good starting points?

    You could always try a paulownia body. I have a Tele made from paulownia with Musikraft maple neck. Weighs a bit over 5 lbs. complete. Sounds like a Tele with hints of thinline.
  19. Norrin Radd

    Musikraft neck profile options - advice needed

    A V shape definitely feels different to a C and I wouldn’t get that shape without knowing that you like it. I once bought a used Clapton Strat and got rid of it almost immediately due to the V shape. I learned a valuable lesson about neck shapes that day… Of the other 2 options I’d get the...
  20. Norrin Radd

    Forever tinkering… is the end in sight?

    Yes! The neck was sent MJT and they did all of the finishing and applied to the headstock decal for me - they will do it as long as it is a custom logo and not a Fender. So yes everything is finished in Nitro. And it is a two piece maple neck. So I presume that means it is a maple cap! Unless...
  21. Norrin Radd

    Forever tinkering… is the end in sight?

    So I play mine through a Dr. Z EMS. It’s definitely Marshally! The Stouts are a bit more…robust sounding in tone than traditional Strat pickups. Not necessarily thick like HBs, but a bit darker and thicker than say a set of Texas Specials, The description from his website is bang on with my...
  22. Norrin Radd

    Forever tinkering… is the end in sight?

    What kind of amp do you generally play through?
  23. Norrin Radd

    Forever tinkering… is the end in sight?

    So I’ve been putting together partscasters now for about a decade. I’ve had lots of parts come and go. My very first assembly was a telecaster, which I still have, although it’s gone through several transformations. Over that time I put together a number of telecasters a bunch of Strats and a...
  24. Norrin Radd

    So what's on your workbench now.

    Currently on the bench: (not a Strat - I've already got 2 Strats I put together that I LOVE and don't anticipate building another)
  25. Norrin Radd

    The cost of your DIY partscaster

    The cost is irrelevant. Building partscasters isn’t just about getting specs you want, although that’s part of it. The value truly lies in learning how guitars work and how different parts/specs change that feel. To me the knowledge gained from building partscasters is invaluable. I consider...