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    Why own more than one strat?

    Easy enough answer, different pickups for different tones. HB in the bridge vs single coil. Twangy 50s pups vs scooped 69 pups. I have a Strat for Hendrix and a Strat with a HB and Floyd rose for EVH and more overdriven tones.
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    Custom Shop 69 pups

    I have them installed neck is a great sound the bridge however is missing something to my ears
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    Custom Shop 69 pups

    Hello all. I currently own a Player series and would like to upgrade the pups. I got trigger happy and already bought a loaded 69 pickgaurd but haven’t opened. I’ve been getting mixed review with no real good vids on YouTube. I play through a John frusciante / Hendrix inspired pedal board into...