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  1. ido1957

    Would this be a good idea?.

    I have three Strats all refretted now with SS Medium Jumbo. 7.25, 9.5, 9.5-14 compound. It's personal preference but I like the bigger frets and having the same size across all of them.
  2. ido1957

    Anyone play more "structured" songs in bands/jam groups?

    I prefer songs with some structure (assuming more complicated than a three chord blues shuffle). Like Bonnie's Raitt's "Working on a Love Letter" or "Thing Called Love" and if I do play a blues song, the solo has to be a bit of a challenge. Nice to have a steady group to play/jam with, but if...
  3. ido1957

    A "Normal" Number of Strats?

    My old 78 - sentimental and used in the livingroom to practice acoustically. Elite - main guitar EC - tuned to Db as needed and sometimes run standard if I want "that sound" Funny I survived with just my 78 for a long time, but it's nice to have a backup of some kind. And I don't have to...
  4. ido1957

    Boss ME 80 anyone? I have feature questions.

    I have one collecting dust right now mainly because I bought a Katana. I "think" you can download patches but I'm not 100% sure. Pedal order is fixed AFAIK. I'll doubt I'll sell it because I can plug it into any amp if I need to.
  5. ido1957

    Good Deal on a Clapton Stratocaster

    Red Flag #1 - The "Blackie" on the headstock is only on black EC Strats. Red Flag #2 - The case is not the one normally included with this model. Red Flag #3 - The year of the EC in this listing is 2014 per the serial #. If this is supposed to be brand new the serial # is wrong. Mismatched...
  6. ido1957

    When do you start modding a new guitar?

    Rarely. Frets and nut by a tech when needed. Usually after years of playing.
  7. ido1957

    Multi-Effects Pedal

  8. ido1957

    Question : Volume

    Yeah 7-10 on volume on my Elite. EC is a different beast though and I'll run a few different settings involving the volume and the boost depending on what I need for any specific tune.
  9. ido1957

    How's your timing/tempo and sense of humour?

    Great performance! I have a friend who is a symphony violinist. I sent him the link ;)
  10. ido1957

    Do you ever see yourself totally abandoning your tube amp ?

    Yep - sold my JCM900 and use a Katana for everything.
  11. ido1957

    Best brand of capo for a Stratocaster?

    I retune when I put on a capo and retune after I take it off. I use one for maybe one song a night so I sometimes bring a second Strat and leave it on the stand with a capo on, tuned, and then grab it for the one song. Capos are great tools but I've always had to retune when using one.
  12. ido1957

    What's the psychology behind the joy of playing an instrument?

    Most guys start off doing it for the chicks and want to be a rock star. Unless your parents enrolled you in lessons, that's a whole different aspect. Then reality kicks in and you reach a crossroads where you decide whether you REALLY want to put in the work required to play well, or it's just...
  13. ido1957

    Best upgrade you can make to a strat

    I installed SS frets when the frets needed to be replaced. You can call it an upgrade I guess, or just regular maintenance. SS frets are available on some models anyway.
  14. ido1957

    Fender Champion 100 2x12…thoughts?

    @3bolt79 - have you considered the 2 X 12 amps that Katana offer? Not as cheap but lots of good reviews here and elsewhere.
  15. ido1957

    I've quit drinking alcohol

    Sober since Nov 2017, but was never a big drinker to begin with. Don't miss it.
  16. ido1957

    Is GAS a curable disease?

    Retire - sure cure when you have less disposable income.
  17. ido1957

    We need to talk about John Sebastian and the Lovin Spoonful

    After Mama Cass passed, we saw Sebastian with the remaining members of the Mamas and the Papas in the CBC studio, free tickets for the taking, great great show.
  18. ido1957

    Please Help: I don’t get it - ….Rory Gallagher??

    I've heard the name but have never heard him play live or on record. Why? Marketing IMHO
  19. ido1957

    A short tribute to Gordon Lightfoot's best song!

    I got my first Gordon Lightfoot albums in 1966. Most people only know "Edmund Fitzgerald", but IMHO his body of work is extensive and profound, well written and produced.
  20. ido1957

    Congrats on the President's Cup Win, Boston

    Classic underdog victory. Now let's see Seattle do the same.
  21. ido1957

    Roadhog Instrument Cables ?

    Ever heard of these? I picked a 20 footer yesterday, to replace a Planet Waves cable which was crackling at the input jack. The sales guy fiddled with my guitar and said the jack was ok so I bought a new cable. There's actually still some crackle even with the new cable so I'm guessing the jack...
  22. ido1957

    what would you buy if you can choose between these two

    A guy I played with had a Hendrix Strat. Tuning was a PIA because they tuned "backwards" because of the placement of the tuners. Had a good sound though.
  23. ido1957

    Older, happily (or unhappily) married people, what advice do you have for 26 year old me?

    No. The before would refer to the period when you are together prior to marriage. Boyfriend/Girlfriend, engaged etc.
  24. ido1957

    Thoghts about 70ies Strat

    Looks legit.
  25. ido1957

    Are we too set with a single amp?

    I've owned maybe 4 amps in my life. I stick with the one I buy until it dies or gets too heavy to lug around.