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    Anyone else waiting on a backordered guitar?

    Waiting for backordered everything these days...
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    Steve Lacy 'People Pleaser' Signature Strat

    I had an Electra MPC. They were actually pretty cool. I currently use the Electra distortion circuit from those MPC models. I use the EQD Special Cranker, but it's essentially that circuit and is also essentially a fuzz. I believe Mythos also makes a version of that old Electra circuit. I...
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    Fake MIM strat?

    That was really throwing me off. Looks like the print may even be too big. A bad scan, maybe
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    Fake MIM strat?

    Bridge pickup has been replaced, the other two with ceramic magnets look right. Something about the position of the headstock decal doesn't look right. It looks high (too close to the tuners) and they don't normally extend past the 5th tuner like that. Just initial impressions and there are...
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    Neck Pocket Finish Cracks

    Local store has a Boxer Series MIJ tele right now. I found two of these on it. It's brand new and they instantly said they'd let it go for $200 off. I didn't jump... yet.
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    Can you identify this Strat?

    The experts while comment soon. I don't know much, but under the hood looks messy to me. I think E4 serials were used in early Fender American Standards in 1986 (leftover decals). The block saddles look right, but past that I don't know.
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    Strat and distortion

    Agreed. I think fuzz is best with strat single coils.
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    Best HH Strat?

    I have to third the San Dimas Pro-Mod (or the So Cal, the difference being pickguard and the pups, I think). The wiring is excellent on those. Pull up on the tone and it's outside coils 3 way like a tele, push down on the knob and it's hum/inside coils together/hum. The inside coils together...
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    SHS configuration?

    You should check out the Wayne Kramer Stratocaster. In an interview I heard recently, he said that he put a middle humbucker in his strat so that he could switch to it and get a little more umph during solos.
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    How can you not like First Act??

    I've been casually keeping an eye out for the Westerberg model. Being a Mats fan and someone who likes to mod guitars.
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    Rub through relics

    Thanks for all the replies. And some very nice guitar pics.
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    Rub through relics

    I’m just curious. I’m not making any kind of statement. And I know there are plenty of threads about the validity of relics. This is just a question. For those of you here who have had a guitar for 30 or so years, has the finish actually rubbed through to the wood anywhere?
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    Older, happily (or unhappily) married people, what advice do you have for 26 year old me?

    Why my first marriage ended (in a generalized statement): I did not make her feel like she was the most special person in my life. Why my second marriage is fantastic: Every day, in a big way or a very small way, I make her feel like the most special person in my life.
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    Is one of the down sides of lower end strats is the quality control?

    And I will add that I have two Player Strats. They are 90% exactly like my late 2000s American Standards. Wood is the same, I like the Player necks better as they are a bit thicker, pickups are nearly identical, bridge is the same. Only the fret size and yes, one of them had a nut that was...
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    Is one of the down sides of lower end strats is the quality control?

    I think Fender's quality control gets a lot of bad comments for things that are definitely out of their control. These guitars leave the factory and go to big stores with big rooms with one thermostat and, in the case of my local GC, absolutely no consideration of humidity. We have winter...
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    NGD: I finished my Partscaster!

    Nice guitars. This is where I've been heading towards. But I'm liking Bloomdoom and 1050s finishes as a pairing. Enjoy that guitar!
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    L Looks great. I can't speak for SEs in general as I've only had this one, but it's a nice body overall.
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    It's the bridge. And it's VERY minor. Again, this is a me problem. But I know how to fix it. Both necks needed to be kinked hard toward treble. The bridge does not fall center with the guard. It's an easy fix for me, if I choose to do it. I may just leave it as is. It plays nicely with...
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    Squier Strat with Fender sticker

    That should say the back of the neck is glossy, but not the back of the headstock.
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    Squier Strat with Fender sticker

    Just for more agreement, although it seems you have gotten the answer, you can see gloss on the back of the neck, but not the back of the neck. It may have been sanded. Some SEs had stickers on the back so this may not have been necessary other than the fact that the front of the headstock has...
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    I've actually got the SE neck still. It's actually a really nice rosewood board. I've begun sanding it and will do a light oil finish on it. And yes, then it will lie around for a while. But it didn't align perfectly either. The body was not drilled with the accuracy I would like.
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    It's as kinked toward treble as possible. The truth is it plays okay, I'm just OCD. And I need stuff to do when my wife goes to bed early. I've done a lot of tech work over the years. I'm not taking any risks. This will make a great trunk guitar, something to always have with me in case a...
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    And then I'll likely consign it somewhere and lose money on it ;) This is my life.
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    So I had this neck lying around…

    And decided to use it. I think this is the right forum for this as it’s primarily Fender Strat parts. 1997 Tex Mex Special neck with vintage style tuners, Squier SE body, Pure Vintage 65 pickups (neck/middle). I decided on a bit of blasphemy and installed a SD Hotrail in the bridge. CTS...
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    Well crap…NGD

    No forearm contour or tummy route. It's an American Professional II.