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  1. Bluestrat83

    Fender American Professional Stratocaster Thoughts

    I’ve owned many American Standard Strats and I must say that I like the pro neck better. Never liked the first mod pups the proII pups sound better to my ears in videos at least. The neck was a great improvement IMO
  2. Bluestrat83

    A "Normal" Number of Strats?

    One maple one rosewood
  3. Bluestrat83

    Is there anything you aspire to, musically?

    I’m at peace with what I can do on guitar and with everything I can’t but of course I still work to improve myself.
  4. Bluestrat83

    AV series 2012-17.. best reissues ever?

    I loved my av59 but as far as a tool for a working musician my 59 could do the job but nothing super special. It had a 3 piece body. I scored a set of CS pups handwired for that guitar and that changed the whole thing and put the guitar in a different ballpark. I refretted the guitar with...
  5. Bluestrat83

    AV series 2012-17.. best reissues ever?

    I had a ‘59 and used to play a ‘56 from a friend all the time. Great guitars but I tried one of the new ‘61 in fiesta red and don’t see any difference to me is really close to the ‘59
  6. Bluestrat83

    95 MIM Strat

    Nice! HNGD!
  7. Bluestrat83

    NGD (Standard Strat)

    Hey guys! Yesterday I got a new MIM standard strat from 2016. This is the third black strat in a row for me! I needed a maple board strat in my arsenal since I changed my beloved MIA standard recently and other guitars in other to get CS. Crime and theft rates are really high in my country so I...
  8. Bluestrat83

    Sweetwater GT11 Stratocaster

    Do you have the chance to try a few more of the same model? One of them should stand out! I’ve been checking out those models and the specs look good to me!
  9. Bluestrat83

    IF you were going Custom Shop...

    That’s true to some extend in my experience. I’ve had many CS that are in the same league than AV. Usually the not the distressed CS NOS or closet classics are like that, after trying them I asked myself if they are worth the extra money. Usually the low tier CS fall has n this category in my...
  10. Bluestrat83

    IF you were going Custom Shop...

    Teambuilt or regular custom shop. The masterbuilt is nice but nothing out of the league of the other custom shops, usually is only cosmetic details.
  11. Bluestrat83

    Why own more than one strat?

    1. Rosewood 2. Maple 3. Superstrat
  12. Bluestrat83

    Help me out with this Japanese squier!

    South America is tough man, high theft rates so there’s some situations that I would like to avoid bringing the most expensive stuff. Not saying that the CS is going to be a closet queen, I’m still gigging and taking it to some rehearsals in the safe neighborhoods but I need another strat to...
  13. Bluestrat83

    Help me out with this Japanese squier!

    We use US dollars as an official currency (really long story lol) we have more inflation but US asking prices always serve me as a starting points (specially in the used market). A CV sells here for around $600.
  14. Bluestrat83

    Help me out with this Japanese squier!

    I recently bought a Custom shop 63 reissue strat and I’m currently looking for a cheaper model to hang around rehearsals and some gigs. I have a friend who is also a guitar dealer that is offering this late 80’s squier strat. He is selling it around $500/600. Is this a good model? Is the price...
  15. Bluestrat83

    Good delay pedal recommendations?

    Been using that delay combo for years!
  16. Bluestrat83

    Can We Ban All Talk of PRS "Silver Sky's" In 2023?

    I don’t own any silver sky but like the ones I’ve tried and also enjoyed threads about them so I’ll be against banning them! :)
  17. Bluestrat83

    Another Show Us Your Pedal Board Thread

    It’s been a while since I posted my pedalboard here and since I recently got the plethora X3 here is the latest iteration:
  18. Bluestrat83

    Could we be entering a "bad era" for Fender products?

    Check out Top 20 most sold guitars on reverb and you’ll see fender and squier taking almost 75% of the market. I know not everybody buys at reverb but I’m sure this is a trend everywhere and I doubt this would happen if fender is seriously dropping the bal in QC. Fender is stronger than ever...
  19. Bluestrat83

    Extremely HNGD.....

    HNGD those fiesta red are tempting me. They just look spectacular congrats!
  20. Bluestrat83

    American Pro Strat Question

    Imo deep C of the pros feels a little bit bigger than American standards. Almost like a medium.
  21. Bluestrat83

    NGD CS 64

    Looks amazing and I bet it sounds amazing tooo HNGD!
  22. Bluestrat83

    Question on American vintage 2 strat neck

    I understand that silver sky now comes in a slimmer profile (I think they did this the last couple of years). I tried both. The first ones were similar to '57 profiles I've tried from custom shop, chunky in my opinion but I like those profiles. A couple of weeks ago a student brought one of the...
  23. Bluestrat83

    Blew up a great deal into a good deal

    Nice thing to do for that family! You got that nice amp too congrats!
  24. Bluestrat83

    NGD - Mocha Ultra

    Nice, HNGD! Is that a roasted maple neck??

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