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    Would would you drop $200 on?

    How’s the neck? I hear amazing things about the 80s squier necks, are the 90s ones amazing too?
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    Korean Squier Strat value

    Actually I came across this guy selling a couple. I'm trying to decide between a 95 gold label VN HSS Strat and an 89 E series Tele. Both $200. Whats the better buy?
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    Would would you drop $200 on?

    As far as value, which do you think would be worth the most?
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    Would would you drop $200 on?

    Found this guy who’s selling a ton of guitars. Has a 95 VN5 HSS gold label squier strat, an 89 E series Squier tele, and a probably fake tele with fender parts. All $200. What would you buy and why?