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  1. BuckNekkid

    Happy birthday EC .

    Happy birthday, Slowhand. May you enjoy many more! A recent (six days ago?) interview:
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    No one goes to the four better than Joe! More JW love.

    I don't think he's crazy. I prefer to think he's "uninhibited." The best guitar setup video I ever saw was Joe doing a Les Paul.
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    Michael Landau "Coma" Stratocaster

    Surprisingly, no one has yet commented on the "new" Limited Edition Masterbuilt Michael Landau Coma Stratocaster Relic (whew, why do these names have to be so long?). According to Fender, "Custom Shop Masterbuilder Todd Krause and Michael partnered to build a limited run of this prized...
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    What is your favorite Psychedelic Song?

    The Jeff Beck tribute issue of Guitar Player makes an argument for the Yardbirds being the first "psychedelic" band, with their Beck-inspired "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" and their submission for the first-ever psychedelic song, "Shapes of Things."
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    One of my absolute favorite bands from the Sixties

    Only on a guitar forum would Savoy Brown get any love. I was in high school visiting a friend one afternoon, and he had Blue Matter on the turntable (this was the same friend who introduced me to Telecasters!). Soon after, I began buying Savoy Brown albums when they first came out: A Step...
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    What is your favorite Psychedelic Song?

    What you can't do on CD: I have the Moby Grape Wow album (the cover alone, reminiscent of a painting by Salvador Dalí, is certainly psychedelic!) and the last track on the first side (at least on my copy), "Just Like Gene Autry: A Foxtrot," is playable only at 78rpm. For years, I had to stop...
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    What is your favorite Psychedelic Song?

    I would submit that this skirts the idea of "psychedelic" music, but at the time, it was in the first wave of "new" music in the 1960s. Max Frost and the Troopers was a fictional group (long before Spinal Tap). They were a creation from a movie that was so bad it's become a cult classic: Wild...
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    What is your favorite Psychedelic Song?

    WHAT?!?? You made me pull out my copy to check, since this statement amazed me. And you are correct -- partially. Jeff Baxter appeared on the THIRD Ultimate Spinach album. The original lineup on this album/track was Ian Bruce-Douglas, Barbara Hudson, Keith Lahteinen, Richard Nese and...
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    What is your favorite Psychedelic Song?

    I'm giving thumbs-up and love responses to nine out of ten postings here because "psychedelic" music was an entire genre once upon a time. I have an entire collection of vinyl LPs that fit the category (btw, thank you for including the Buffy St.-Marie "God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot" - that song...
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    Let’s See Your Latest Guitar Acquisition👇

    Well, I just posted on a NGD thread, but I took some updated pix yesterday.
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    "10 For 15" Strats

    In answer to one of your questions:
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    I'm disappointed in the output of the phone pics, so with a little better lighting and background, I took these. They are much more representative of the true look.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    You may not think this guitar related, but I do. I got tired of walking into my guitar room and having to guess which guitar was in which case. Gotta love those G&G tweed cases, but when you have a number of them, a guessing game isn't always what I want. So, I decided to tag each case. I...
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    Are You Paying For A Name, Or...?

    I think this is the appropriate place to put this, but if not, please move it accordingly. I have a serious, advanced case of GAS, and as a result have added more gear to my collection than I'd planned. Some nice gits, but a few of them didn't come with a HSC, and while gig bags are good for...
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    Well, you never know. Maybe next time...
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    I own a number of guitars, both acoustic and electric. The short answer (IMHO) is, "Yes, if it's acoustic, not necessarily if it's electric." I just take my acoustic guitar experience and choose to let a guitar "settle" or "acclimate" before I put it through its paces.
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    People want specs. OK, so here's what I know: Alder body (7lb. 15oz.). One-piece maple neck, U profile. Fender black bobbin USA 57/62 pickups featuring staggered, beveled alnico magnets and cloth-covered leads, lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .890” deep at the 1st fret and .995” at...
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    What's up with Reverb?

    Some parts of Reverb appear broken presently, but I'm able to navigate other parts easily.
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    Well, just so y'all don't think I was pulling a fast one, here's what was inside the box. I had to give it the "overnight rest" treatment, but now that it's out of the box... It's a 2019 Fender Hybrid '50s Stratocaster FSR Sherwood Green w/ USA Pickups, Japan MIJ
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    NGD (was NBD)!

    In this case, the "B" stands for "Box." Yes, a box arrived, but I have to let it settle. As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part." Come back tomorrow for the big reveal...
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    Software recommendation

    So, you're a glutton for punishment, is that it? Or you're stupid rich and have money burning a hole in your pocket? For the price (free!) nothing beats Garageband on a Mac. Believe me, as a Mac user since 1984, I've tried a lot of different solutions and none of them comes close to doing...
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    What was the #1 song on the day you were born? FWIW: USA - Tony Bennett, Because of You. UK/Australia - Nat "King" Cole - Too Young
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    Not looking good for GC.

    Wait. I'm confused. This thread is new today, but there is nothing on the news wire, Business Insider, MarketWatch or other business/financial source reporting this turn of events. Everything points back to 2020. In fact, the latest news I came across was a report that GC was exiting...
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    My Dad sure could use some...

    Prayers for your dad. Something similar happened to my dad. He suffered an edema on his brain, which caused internal bleeding. The docs had to drill holes in his skull to relieve the bleeding and pressure. He lived until 92. This happened seven or so years prior.
  25. BuckNekkid

    Fender’s New Retail Store. Anyone Going?

    Given that Fender Japan's guitars often display quality workmanship better than those of Fender USA, this might be a harbinger that Fender is looking even more offshore for builds.