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  1. AntStrat

    Remember these guys?

    I sure do, they were a big deal when they debuted.
  2. AntStrat

    Happy birthday Mick Ralphs

    HBD Mick
  3. AntStrat

    NGD: '65 Duo Sonic

    That sounds great, congrats👍
  4. AntStrat

    MXR Carbon Copy making horrible noises

    It's a good pedal get a brand new one.
  5. AntStrat

    MXR Carbon Copy making horrible noises

    What bunnyman above said. Does it do this with all three knobs turned down low?
  6. AntStrat

    Happy birthday EC .

    Happy birthday EC
  7. AntStrat


    That's so....wrong having to pay that amount. :(
  8. AntStrat

    Anyone have this guy? Just ordered from

    Wow! That looks really nice, Players are the top of their game.
  9. AntStrat


    That looks great👍
  10. AntStrat

    Some will get it !

    The scarecrow likes digital amps??
  11. AntStrat

    NAD: Amplified Nation

    Nice! HNAD👍
  12. AntStrat

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Tonight!

    He just keeps getting better and better over the years.
  13. AntStrat


    How much for the chair?
  14. AntStrat


    No thoughts no.
  15. AntStrat

    Adventure time with my Dad!

    What an awesome experience to have with your dad!
  16. AntStrat

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    He can't, Tom still has 23 more payments to go.
  17. AntStrat

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    That tiny little this was your tv?? My phone is bigger than that.
  18. AntStrat

    John Fogerty and AC/DC

    The more you think about it the more it makes sense. John did have attitude in his voice.
  19. AntStrat

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's with Pearly Gates.

    Beautiful!!!! Looks like Jimmy Pages #1.
  20. AntStrat

    What was your first car?

    I'm sensing this was the beginning of fiesta red love? 😊